Dec 302009

As the mothership is down yet again…

I gave up on New Years resolutions a long time ago.

Having said that, there is something good about taking stock of where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you want to go.

What one thing do you want to change about your walk this year and what will you do to make that one thing happen?

For me, there is a great need to work some discipline into my spiritual disciplines.

I’m not sure what thats going to look like yet…but I know the need is there.

How about you?

Dec 282009

Looks like the site has been redirected. Right now I have no idea what is going on but I’ve sent messages to Michael and to Axed, letting them know what is going on.

Meanwhile, set your browsers here to for updates and conversation. Tell your friends, enemies, strangers, and frenemies 🙂