Jun 182010

“Thank God It’s Friday”  has evolved for me to “Thank God It’s Over”.

We have lost the vision I had for this site and I’m not going to watch it deteriorate anymore.

I don’t have the time or the emotional and spiritual strength to turn it back to a positive direction.

God is sovereign and He is good…He will waste none of the pain that any of you have experienced.

He will use all things together for your good and His glory.

Our part in that sovereign work is to pick up our cross and follow.

Crosses are heavy, the journey is hard, but home is where we’re headed.

My sincere apologies to those, both friends and others, that are disappointed and upset with my actions over the past week and today.

I followed my God when I started this and I believe I’ve followed Him this week and to this day.

May God richly bless you as you follow Him where He leads in your life… and may you know you are loved.

Jun 172010

I’m teaching through Luke at church…and I continue to be struck by one thing over and over.

Jesus goes away to pray for the night…Jesus comes back in the morning…and the first person He meets is Satan.

Over and over again.

Satan… ravaging people with disease, mental illness, and all manner of afflictions.

Jesus, of course, heals them and everyone is off to the next encounter.

My question is this…what’s changed?

Did the cross “bind” the hosts of hell from this sort of activity…or are we just pretending it’s not happening and relying on modern means to combat spiritual affliction?

We’re watching an entire country to the south of us implode with violence and evil…as if there were no restraint from heaven or earth.

More and more these days I’m aware of a hateful presence in our world and in my life.

Do we need to look again at these passages…or are they just ancient history?

Are we tremendously vulnerable to demonic attack…because we don’t think it exists anymore?

Jun 172010

…most of what I experience and have experienced in the way of help, encouragement, and wisdom in the actual day-by-day believing and praying, loving and hoping, helping and persevering, obeying and sacrificing in the name and for the sake of Jesus comes from people who aren’t considered competent to give it.”

– Eugene Peterson, Leap Over a Wall (emphasis mine)

Jun 172010

O God, most high, most glorious, the thought of Thine infinite serenity cheers me, for I am toiling and moiling, troubled and distressed, but Thou art for ever at perfect peace.

Thy designs cause thee no fear or care of unfulfilment, they stand fast as the eternal hills. Thy power knows no bond, Thy goodness no stint. Thou bringest order out of confusion, and my defeats are Thy victories: The Lord God omnipotent reigneth.

I come to Thee as a sinner with cares and sorrows, to leave every concern entirely to Thee, every sin calling for Christ’s precious blood; revive deep spirituality in my heart; let me live near to the great Shepherd, hear His voice, know its tones, follow its calls. Keep me from deception by causing me to abide in the truth, from harm by helping me to walk in the power of the Spirit. Give me intenser faith in the eternal verities, burning into me by experience the things I know; Let me never be ashamed of the truth of the gospel, that I may bear its reproach, vindicate it, see Jesus as its essence, know in it the power of the Spirit.

Lord, help me, for I am often lukewarm and chill; unbelief mars my confidence, sin makes me forget Thee. Let the weeds that grow in my soul be cut at their roots; grant me to know that I truly live only when I live to Thee, that all else is trifling. Thy presence alone can make me holy, devout, strong and happy. Abide in me, gracious God.

Jun 162010

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Driscoll’s ten things one learns about Jesus from the healing of the centurion’s servant in Luke 7:1-10.

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Download a free PDF of Moulton and Milligan’s Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, courtesy of Jim Hamilton.

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Jun 162010

BD is Alan Hawkins and one of the gifts that God has given me is that Alan is also my friend.

He has contributed his wisdom, his intellect, his humor, and his heart here for a long time.

God has gifted him with large amounts of all the above.

He has challenged us, lifted us, scrapped with us, and loved us.

He is one of our treasures and we celebrate this day and pray for many more to follow.

God bless you my friend.

Jun 132010

What did you teach?

What did you learn?

Did you hear the Gospel?

The Canons of Dordt

The Second Main Point of Doctrine

Christ’s Death and Human Redemption Through It

Article 1: The Punishment Which God’s Justice Requires

God is not only supremely merciful, but also supremely just. His justice requires (as he has revealed himself in the Word) that the sins we have committed against his infinite majesty be punished with both temporal and eternal punishments, of soul as well as body. We cannot escape these punishments unless satisfaction is given to God’s justice.

Article 2: The Satisfaction Made by Christ

Since, however, we ourselves cannot give this satisfaction or deliver ourselves from God’s anger, God in his boundless mercy has given us as a guarantee his only begotten Son, who was made to be sin and a curse for us, in our place, on the cross, in order that he might give satisfaction for us.

Article 3: The Infinite Value of Christ’s Death

This death of God’s Son is the only and entirely complete sacrifice and satisfaction for sins; it is of infinite value and worth, more than sufficient to atone for the sins of the whole world.

Article 4: Reasons for This Infinite Value

This death is of such great value and worth for the reason that the person who suffered it is–as was necessary to be our Savior–not only a true and perfectly holy man, but also the only begotten Son of God, of the same eternal and infinite essence with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Another reason is that this death was accompanied by the experience of God’s anger and curse, which we by our sins had fully deserved.

Article 5: The Mandate to Proclaim the Gospel to All

Moreover, it is the promise of the gospel that whoever believes in Christ crucified shall not perish but have eternal life. This promise, together with the command to repent and believe, ought to be announced and declared without differentiation or discrimination to all nations and people, to whom God in his good pleasure sends the gospel.

Article 6: Unbelief Man’s Responsibility

However, that many who have been called through the gospel do not repent or believe in Christ but perish in unbelief is not because the sacrifice of Christ offered on the cross is deficient or insufficient, but because they themselves are at fault.

Article 7: Faith God’s Gift

But all who genuinely believe and are delivered and saved by Christ’s death from their sins and from destruction receive this favor solely from God’s grace–which he owes to no one–given to them in Christ from eternity.

Article 8: The Saving Effectiveness of Christ’s Death

For it was the entirely free plan and very gracious will and intention of God the Father that the enlivening and saving effectiveness of his Son’s costly death should work itself out in all his chosen ones, in order that he might grant justifying faith to them only and thereby lead them without fail to salvation. In other words, it was God’s will that Christ through the blood of the cross (by which he confirmed the new covenant) should effectively redeem from every people, tribe, nation, and language all those and only those who were chosen from eternity to salvation and given to him by the Father; that he should grant them faith (which, like the Holy Spirit’s other saving gifts, he acquired for them by his death); that he should cleanse them by his blood from all their sins, both original and actual, whether committed before or after their coming to faith; that he should faithfully preserve them to the very end; and that he should finally present them to himself, a glorious people, without spot or wrinkle.

Article 9: The Fulfillment of God’s Plan

This plan, arising out of God’s eternal love for his chosen ones, from the beginning of the world to the present time has been powerfully carried out and will also be carried out in the future, the gates of hell seeking vainly to prevail against it. As a result the chosen are gathered into one, all in their own time, and there is always a church of believers founded on Christ’s blood, a church which steadfastly loves, persistently worships, and–here and in all eternity–praises him as her Savior who laid down his life for her on the cross, as a bridegroom for his bride.

Jun 122010

It wasn’t a ‘beautiful’ goal…but Clint Dempsey’s goal – and Robert Green’s mistake – drew the United States into a 1-1 tie Saturday in Rustenburg, South Africa.

And Friday’s opening goal of the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament.

The United States men’s national team tied England today 1-1 in both teams’ World Cup opener (AP story from Sports Illustrated’s website).

I’m sure every one of you have succumbed to the fever 🙂

Seriously…are you interested in the World Cup, or at least in the U.S. team? If so, what are your thoughts on the tournament, and how the U.S. will do? If you don’t care or don’t like soccer, why not?