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According to the prevailing culture, I’m now a “hater” and some new kind of villain called a “homophobe”. I am, they say, a very bad person. They say I want to rob innocent people of their...

XXXIX. Of a Christian man’s Oath 21

XXXIX. Of a Christian man’s Oath

AS we confess that vain and rash swearing is forbidden Christian men by our Lord Jesus Christ, so we judge that Christian religion doth not prohibit but that a man may swear when the...

Participation Required: Ultimate Breakfast! 46

Participation Required: Ultimate Breakfast!

Venti 6 shot peppermint mocha, and a bacon egg cheese “artisan” sandwich, at Starbucks. Bliss. Sorry this is late, I lost track of the days due to work. Yours?

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Barnes & Noble, Nook, in trouble… Inter-faith marriages… Supreme Court victories for gay marriage… Scalias dissent… Reaction from “religious figures” and Hollywood “This gives Christian churches the opportunity to do what Jesus called us...

My Philosophy of Reform 363

My Philosophy of Reform

Why do I encourage dialog with Calvary Chapel pastors? The brand of churches named “Calvary Chapel” isn’t going away. There are going to be good churches with the brand and bad churches with the...

Things I Think 196

Things I Think

1. Those religious leaders who are more worried about financial liability than accountability before God are in danger of gaining the world and losing their souls. The church is commanded to value people over...