Aug 232013

mzl.sjrntxkbI was walking away from the computer when I heard the little chime that means I’ve received a “tweet”.

Trey was in a hurry to go skateboarding, but I quickly clicked to see the message anyway.

Hold everything…this was important.

A very well known ministry had sent me a direct message asking me where the blog was, as I had shut it down for a season.

I was very impressed with me.

I was known.

I was important.

I had significance.

I mattered.

Much to Trey’s frustration, I immediately sat back down to answer this direct message with one of my own.

I wrote a tweet with a less than 140 character explanation to my well known inquirers and hit send.

“Message can’t be sent. #wellknownministry doesn’t follow you

So much for me.

I really wasn’t known

I really wasn’t important.

I had no significance to them.

I really didn’t matter after all.

Greatly and needfully humbled, I stood up from the computer and told my boy we could go now…there would be no further delay.

He lit up with the never ending joy and anticipation he feels when he’s going to the skate park.

“Thank you for taking me…I love it when you are with me…I love you”.

I am blessed to be me.

I’m known by who matters.

I’m important to who matters.

I’m significant to who matters.

I really do matter…to who matters.

Make your own application…

Aug 222013

ipad-gr01I’ve worked in electronics and communications for years…and I’m wired to the teeth.

Sitting on my desk is an iMac…along with a Windows phone, an Android phone and an iPhone.

The phones are sitting on top of an iPad mini…next to the Apple TV box.

Then there’s Trey’s desk…

So, Mac or PC?

iPhone, Android, or Windows?


Blessing or curse?


Aug 212013

KeyLife-SteveBrown“Law leads to guilt; guilt leads to struggle; struggle leads to failure; failure leads to more guilt; more guilt leads to antinomianism; antinomianism leads to apostasy; and apostasy leads to anger and hardness of heart.

There is another process, and this process doesn’t begin with law, but with freedom and love.

Let me share it with you.


Love that makes you free leads to guilt. Guilt leads to confession. Confession leads to more forgiveness.Total forgiveness leads to worship. Worship leads to faithfulness.

Do you see it?

Faithfulness is the result of a process that begins with love and freedom. Hardness of heart is the result of a process which begins with the law.”


Brown, Steve (2011-08-23). When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough (Kindle Locations 812-815). Key Life Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Aug 212013

KeyLife-SteveBrown“God’s ways really aren’t our ways. We talk about authority, and Jesus talks about serving. We want to have political power so that we can make things right; he makes us of no account that we might see him make things right. We want to be strong that we can help, and he makes us weak that we might be powerful. We take pride in our accomplishments that we might praise him with our efforts; he allows major failure that people might see him. We bask in our purity that we might bear witness to his dominion; he allows us to sin and shows us the sin that we might bear witness to his grace. We really do think that helplessness is a liability. It may be if you are a soldier, a policeman, or a teacher, but in spiritual matters just the opposite is true.

When you read the Gospels, you find that Jesus never refused help to the helpless, that he never refused forgiveness to the sinners, that he never turned away from the unfit. The people Jesus didn’t seem to care about–no, the people who really “ticked” him off–were the secure, the strong, the pure, and the self-righteous.

God is in the business of taking nobodies and using them in powerful and supernatural ways. So, if you are in a hopeless situation or you are praying for someone in a hopeless situation, is that bad? No, that’s good. It’s God’s opportunity. It is rarely in the hands of a religious media giant or a well-known saint that God performs miracles. It usually happens through the prayers of a child…or something quite like one. Then it is truly a sign and a wonder.”

Steve Brown

Aug 212013

hotcoldFor the first time in over twenty years I have one of the conveniences of modern life.

Air conditioning.

For various reasons I never installed it before ,but the smoke from the wildfires and my shaky health made it necessary.

Now, a little unit in my window keeps the air clean and the temperature a perfect 70 degrees.

It’s always 70 inside even if its 100 outside and it often is.

I find this somewhat disconcerting, to be honest.

I had learned to adapt to the heat….I had fans and lots of ice water and I was sensitive to the changes in temperature throughout the day.

I grew to appreciate a breeze in the day and the falling of the dew at night.

My door was always open to facilitate air flow.

It was easy to empathize with those who worked…or begged… in the heat.

Now,I have no idea how it feels outside from my temperature controlled environment.

It doesn’t matter anymore…it’s 70 in here.

The air is clean and I’m comfortable and life is as it should be… I guess.

I step outside only when I have to.

My door is closed now and when I venture outside I note that it is hot and retreat back inside.

I do not feel either the ravages of the heat or the comfort of the breeze, nor do I note the falling of  dew.

Such things no longer matter…I’m comfortable where I am.

I’m cool.

As with everything I observe, this has become a metaphor to apply to something else.

Bear with me…

In American religion we have pastors and performers both claiming the same title.

Pastors are those who live in the environment as it really is, with all it’s great discomforts and sweat interrupted by an occasional breeze of the Spirit.

Performers isolate themselves in comfort and only come out when necessary…and to ask the pastors how hot it is.

Then, they address them in conferences about the value of air conditioning.

They’re cool.

Make your own application…

Aug 202013

antipsychoticsI commend to your reading the following article.

It contains strong language…but sometimes a message needs to be worded with every expression we have.

Shame and Antipsychotics

Aug 202013

thinking_man_ape_wood_3d_sculpture_thinker_think-480x3251. We demanded cultural transformation before we attempted personal and corporate transformation and now judgment is starting in the house of God at the hands of those we demanded change first.

2. You can assess how much you believe in the grace of God by determining how much you want the person you despise the most to receive it.

3. I smelled fall in the air last night and it saddened me…at a certain age you resist the passing of time and the inevitability of winter.

4. Trey is on a trip with his mom and grandma…I was greatly looking forward to the time for myself and solitude. That lasted about four hours and now I just look forward to him coming home.

5. We rejoice in the truth that no one living is beyond the grace of God…then we read of the serial killer still living and understand that only the death of God’s son could make such grace just.

6. Carl’s Jr has real identity issues…

7. I woke up last week and found that as a male, white, middle aged, conservative Christian I was in the most disliked group in the country. It seems like it happened that fast…

8.Crossway announced a new bible version is coming out. Just what we needed. Not.

9. I’m always asked why God doesn’t deal with abusive clergy…and the main reason is that short of killing them, He can’t wrest them away from those who want to touch the hem of their garments.

10. I have no sense of vision or mission here, other than to be present…present with the people of God with a desire that He show up on the pages occasionally. That…is sufficient.

Aug 192013

links_image1Four year affair, eight month “restoration”….

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One in five non Christians in North America don’t know any Christians

Should pastors rebuke parishioners from the pulpit?

Why we call God ‘Father”

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Disappearing denominations…

A look inside the KKK…

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Aug 082013

Reading keeps me moderately sane, though finding time to read sometimes drives me crazy.

This is what I’m currently reading or have read recently.

51BiIMMLj9L._AA160_Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson  Jeff Guinn

I’m as fascinated by evil people as I am intrigued by saints and this is one evil human being.

Very well written with new material and interesting insights on both Manson and the people that followed him.

Exposing Myths About Christianity: A Guide to Answering 145 Viral Lies and Legends  Jeffrey Burton Russell

So far, a pretty darn good response to skeptics.

The Longing for Home: Reflections at Midlife  Frederick Buechner

Beyond Words Frederick Buechner

Some writers are so profoundly, consistently, good that one need only speak their last names to evoke praise. Buechner.

41qsqYrXf7L._SL125_Weakness Is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength  J. I. Packer

A timely word for me and a great word for those of us who are coming to grips with weaknesses that will never be made strong.

There is great hope given on these pages.

“Fundamentalism” and the Word of God  J. I. Packer

55 years after it’s publication, it’s still as vital a read as ever.

The Book of Common Prayer

My prayer life is on life support…this is a cure if taken regularly.

What’s on your shelf?


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