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Participation Required: Tools and Toys 31

Participation Required: Tools and Toys

I’ve worked in electronics and communications for years…and I’m wired to the teeth. Sitting on my desk is an iMac…along with a Windows phone, an Android phone and an iPhone. The phones are sitting...

More Steve 21

More Steve

“Law leads to guilt; guilt leads to struggle; struggle leads to failure; failure leads to more guilt; more guilt leads to antinomianism; antinomianism leads to apostasy; and apostasy leads to anger and hardness of...

The Power Of Weakness 17

The Power Of Weakness

“God’s ways really aren’t our ways. We talk about authority, and Jesus talks about serving. We want to have political power so that we can make things right; he makes us of no account...

Being Cool 16

Being Cool

For the first time in over twenty years I have one of the conveniences of modern life. Air conditioning. For various reasons I never installed it before ,but the smoke from the wildfires and...

Shame and Antipsychotics 39

Shame and Antipsychotics

I commend to your reading the following article. It contains strong language…but sometimes a message needs to be worded with every expression we have. Shame and Antipsychotics

Things I Think 189

Things I Think

1. We demanded cultural transformation before we attempted personal and corporate transformation and now judgment is starting in the house of God at the hands of those we demanded change first. 2. You can...

Links 58


Four year affair, eight month “restoration”…. Are the new neo-Reformed trying to create a new religious right? Christian history biographies for kids… Healing generational divisions… Defining ourselves by what we hate… Carl Trueman nails...

The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf

Reading keeps me moderately sane, though finding time to read sometimes drives me crazy. This is what I’m currently reading or have read recently. Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson¬†¬†Jeff Guinn I’m...