Monthly Archive: November 2013

Things I Think 211

Things I Think

1. Of all the betrayals of trust I’ve endured as a supporter of President Obama, none is more egregious than leaving an American citizen a prisoner of a totalitarian regime. That is inexplicable and...

Open Blogging 63

Open Blogging

It’s all yours today… Some of you have asked how the ACA rollout is doing in Oregon…it isn’t. They did send me an email telling me I’m running out of time to register…I sent...

Read These! 10

Read These!

I interrupt this column to direct your attention to your far right…and my first real ad. Now, then… Jason has an excellent new article up… Sarah does too… Plagiarism runs in the Driscoll family….

Pastor Alan Hawkins: We Cheered…God Help Us, We Did 54

Pastor Alan Hawkins: We Cheered…God Help Us, We Did

November 22, 1963 class was interrupted by the intercom announcement. “President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas and has been pronounced dead.”     The fourth grade classroom in Clinton, Mississippi exploded in gasps,...

Read These! 21

Read These!

Sarah on Advent… A great word from the great Matt Redmond… In case you missed it…Noelle hit a home run in her first at bat… Nobody understands Driscoll and Mars Hill like Wenatchee the...

Participation Required: My Spiritual Gift Is ____ 59

Participation Required: My Spiritual Gift Is ____

We’ve talked a lot about spiritual gifts in the wake of John MacArthurs “Strange Fire” debacle. What we haven’t talked about are our own gifts and the ones we believe God is using in...

Read These! 20

Read These!

Two of my best friends in life have new blog articles out… The Small Rain Heavy for the Vintage Add one more friend and another read… More Than Coping…with a gripping story about schizophrenia....

Crying To Be Heard 28

Crying To Be Heard

Prayer…is frustrating. I’ve written too much on my own frustrations in this area, but I had a minor epiphany of sorts the other day. Oddly enough, the epiphany came through reading the Psalms and...