Monthly Archive: February 2016

Things I Think 43

Things I Think

1. It’s been said on these pages that the label “evangelical” has so broad a meaning that it no longer has any real meaning at all. I would now suggest that the label “Christian”...

The Weekend Word 4

The Weekend Word

Hebrews 12:12-21 12 Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, This follows talking about the chastisement The idea is to strengthen ourselves – not our neighbor – not physical frailty.   13 and...

Open Blogging 31

Open Blogging

Before I hand it over for the weekend, I want to highlight these videos available from The Bible Project. These are really well done. Here’s a sample: Good stuff…now it’s all yours….

Loose Ends 182

Loose Ends

Make Your Own Application Vol 3 is on sale… Only .99 of your own personal cents for the Kindle version…       We moderators of the “Free Saeed” Facebook page got a surprise...

Christian Music and Closed Systems 117

Christian Music and Closed Systems

The Linkathon! article on worship created some interesting thoughts…especially this from a very gifted friend. “So, I look up a person that I want to hear our project. The person is at Calvary Chapel...

Kevin H: Let’s Clean Our Own House First 86

Kevin H: Let’s Clean Our Own House First

The Gospel for Asia scandal has been a big story. It’s an issue which had brought about my most active and consistent participation here at the Phoenix Preacher. This story hit home to me...

Linkathon! 101


Jesus is big on forgiveness… Time to boycott worship industry? David Jeremiah gaming the best seller lists… Gothard suit expands… Noah’s Ark park nearing completion… Jack Hibbs endorses Cruz… Brian McClaren rewrites “offensive” hymns…...