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Kevin’s Conversations: “Christian” Charlatans 105

Kevin’s Conversations: “Christian” Charlatans

Normally by this time of the week in my writing, I’m refining my article (i.e. trying to make my rough wordy mess at least semi-palatable for the reader) shortly before sending it off to Michael. ...

Manchester 51


My Twitter feed is full of pictures of missing children. These are pictures of children who attended a concert in Manchester, England that was the site of another terrorist attack. They are scattered through...

Linkathon! 12


Satire…25 Christian movies that need to be made… The beauty of Reformed worship… The greatest threat to the church isn’t Islam,it’s us… Is the common cup still relevant today? The hypocrisy of Bible Belt...

Calvin’s Corner 9

Calvin’s Corner

This week…should churches be allowed to speak politically and even endorse candidates? That, plus another musical special from Phil’s friend… Download the mp3 Fallback content goes here.   

“The Church Catholic” : Duane W.H. Arnold, PhD 87

“The Church Catholic” : Duane W.H. Arnold, PhD

The Church Catholic “We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church…” What is the nature of the catholic Church that we confess in the creeds?  What constitutes a catholic tradition?  Indeed, what does...

Prayer & Praise 8

Prayer & Praise

Thou art Jesus, the Son of the Father, Yea, Amen. Thou art He who commandeth the Cherubim and the Seraphim, Yea, Amen. Thou hast existed with the Father in truth always, Yea. Amen. Thou...



(comparative more inexplicable, superlative most inexplicable) Impossible to explain; not easily accounted for. I offer you the dictionary meaning of the word “inexplicable” because it’s utterly inexplicable how I’m even online this morning. Just...