Sep 152014

thinking_man_ape_wood_3d_sculpture_thinker_think-480x3251. If you’ve been wanting a way to help the people in crisis in Iraq, here you go;

“If you’ve been watching the news coming out of Iraq, and wishing for a way you could help, please consider this. There are more than 1.5 million refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Kurdistan now. In a place with a population of 4.5 million, it’s not hard to imagine the struggle it is to care for everyone who needs help. There are big NGOs moving as quickly as they can to put up tents and bring supplies. But the need is massive. Overwhelming.

A little group of us here have been helping 23 families in a town nearby. We’ve gone to visit twice now with supplies: basic food, a change of underwear for the ladies, balloons for the kids. The money has come from family and friends in Chile and the US (thank you, friends!!!). We will continue to help as we are able. They aren’t getting any other aid yet, they’re just hanging on as best they can. We can’t supply all of their needs, but for these 23 families, we can do something.

If you already give to a relief organization, thank you! Your funds make a difference. If you haven’t given and feel that you’d like to join us, to buy some potatoes and eggs, bread and tea, you can send funds to the website below. If you’re American, you can get a tax receipt. If you’re not American, a virtual hug from me will have to do.

Please keep the people in Iraq in your thoughts (and prayers, if you’re the praying type).”

You can send your help to:

Account designation: Irq-P.008

2. The domestic abuse cases involving NFL players Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson simply expose the deeper truth that spousal and child abuse are interwoven into our culture. Because we saw the video of Rice knocking out his wife and the pictures of what Peterson did to that child, we are enraged. We should be upset…but equally upset about all the abuse we don’t have visual evidence of that takes place all around us. Ask a local law enforcement officer what he spends most of his time dealing with…and what he hates dealing with the most. The answer will be the same…domestic violence.

3. The most shocking part of the dialog, especially involving Peterson, is the number of people who are defending his right to “discipline his child”. That’s not discipline, it’s violence against a defenseless child.

4. The second most shocking thing about the Peterson case is that he is genuinely surprised that he’s in trouble. He was beaten in a similar fashion as a child and comes from a culture that believes such “discipline” is an effective means of child rearing. In reality it simply passes on violence, rage, and anger down through the generations. The scars on that child’s legs will heal much more quickly than the ones on his soul.

5. Peterson acknowledged to police that he “may have gone a little too far”, but he would never “spare the rod’ with his children in the future despite this. The Bible is true…withholding discipline will spoil a child. Discipline doesn’t involve beating children until they bleed. Biblical discipline is loving correction meant to change behavior, not physical violence meant to break a body and a spirit.

6. I’ve heard that some folks want to boycott the NFL over these cases. You’ll have to boycott the rest of life as well, then. This behavior is in our churches, our neighborhoods, and in our homes. Take this as an opportunity to address it wherever it is…especially if you’re involved in it. Get help. Report any suspected abuse. 1-800-4-A-CHILD

7. Two things that trouble me greatly…we’ve become very good at expressing justifiable outrage over injustice, but we are pathetic in finding solutions…and our outrage only lasts until the next thing to be outraged about comes along in the “news” cycle. Thus, nothing ever gets solved, but we’re always in a rage.

8. The difficult truth is that the NFL is simply a reflection of the society that supports it…and it is far and away the most popular sport in this country. It’s a mirror, not a microscope.

9. If you need a break from all of this and want to read a good book with Jesus at the center, my friend Chris Canuel has a collection of six sermons  that lift up Christ and Christ alone. Gazing at Grace is free on Kindle today…and worth a great deal more than that. Pick it up and clear your spiritual palate…because Jesus is the only answer to all of the things that concern us.

10. Finally, I’m taking a few days off of social media to address some pressing personal concerns and hopefully, “get better” in a few ways. I’ll be closing comments on the blog as I need to focus on things elsewhere. Lord willing, I’ll be back in a few days.

Sep 132014

thumbnail.aspxThe intrusion of pain,

the eruption of anger,

the embrace of rage,

and then bewilderment and wonderment and awe.

Our lives in faith are situated among the poets:

The poet talks about, swords to plowshares,

spears to pruning hooks, and unlearning war.

But answered by a shadow poet who bids us,

plowshares to swords,

pruning hooks to spears, be not a weakling! (Joel 3:10)

The poems conflict us, as we are conflicted, sensing and knowing better,

Knowing better, but yielding.

Do not deliver us from the clashing poems that are your word to us.

But give us courage and freedom and faith … 0 Prince of Peace.

Walter Brueggemann. Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth: The Prayers of Walter Brueggemann (p. 77). Kindle Edition.

Sep 122014

angry.thumbnailI had just finished up the work on my last message on “The Beatitudes” and I was feeling holy.

I would speak of being blessed for being persecuted for righteousness sake and warn of getting no blessing for being persecuted for being a jerk.

I would speak of not making messes for Jesus to have to send others to clean up and about how our repentance should be as well known as our sin.

Good stuff.

Completing that task meant I could get some errands finished, including exchanging a screen protector I had purchased.

It was the wrong size, though the box said it was specifically for the tablet I bought it for.

We’d be in and out in five minutes.

The customer service agent greeted me and after I explained what I wanted to do, he informed me that I had bought the wrong thing, for the wrong product, in the wrong size.

Not so, I said… showing him the label and the packaging.

He then continued to argue…which made me mad.

He then turned and walked away…which made me explode.

I followed him, cornered him, and nothing from that point on resembled any Beatitude.

The other employees fled my wrath and Trey asked if he could possibly browse another section of the store.

Having no escape route available, the now nervous clerk decided to help after all.

I was relishing my victory when the Lord interrupted my touchdown dance.

He mentioned something I had written about proud jerks making a mess for Jesus that others would have to clean up and if I knew if anyone was available to clean up the one I had just made.

I began to apologize profusely to the clerk, who looked at me as one would look at someone who had just been relieved of demon.

I confessed my pride and ill temper and asked for forgiveness.

There… I repented.

“Your repentance should be as well known as your sin”.

Now I get to apologize to everyone within earshot.

Painful, but better.

Not finished yet…

I get to apologize to Trey for my pathetic example.

Finally done.

Not quite….the sin was against God first.

Now, I’m done.

Except for writing this…

I think I prefer shopping online.

Make your own application…

Sep 112014

CalvinGeneva was governed by city councils, not by John Calvin.

The councils ran the churches as well, with approval authority over everything from the liturgy to church discipline.

The latter was the first bone of contention between Calvin and the councils.

Calvin wanted the churches to have the right to deny the Lords Supper to unrepentant sinners.

The councils refused .

Calvin made a huge issue of this.

The councils threw him out of town.

So ended John Calvins’ first stay in Geneva.

He took refuge in Strasbourg with Martin Bucer…and there learned from a seasoned Reformer the people skills and methods to reform a city.

The Strasbourg years were the happiest for Calvin…but Geneva beseeched him to return and with great reluctance, he did.

His job was to bring reformation the not only the church, but the city and the daily lives of the citizenry.

American evangelicals would have hated it.

Because the church and state were utterly intertwined, sinning was not only a church issue, but often against the law.

Those caught sinning would appear before the “consistory”, which met on a weekly basis.

It was composed of pastors and councilmen and it would prescribe pastoral counseling or punishments meant to lead people to repentance.

Continued open sin and rebellion could lead to jail or expulsion from the city.

The objective was to create a truly “Christian” and reformed city…and to some measure it was successful, though never to the level hoped.

Michael Servetus 02Michael Servetus

Despite their wars with each other, Roman Catholics and Protestants agreed on one thing for twenty some years.

Michael Servetus was a damnable heretic.

Servetus denied both the Trinity and the deity of Christ and he did so loudly, profanely, and often.

He was wanted throughout Europe, not for speaking engagements but for the stake.

Servetus was particularly obsessed with Calvin…they exchanged numerous letters and correspondence that ended when Servetus sent a marked up copy of the Institutes to Calvin showing less than polite disagreement.

He was finally captured by the Roman Catholics in Vienne and was held for trial.

The night before the execution he requested to be taken to the outhouse…which he somehow escaped from.

He went straight to Geneva, where he was recognized and arrested while attending church with Calvin preaching.

The council put him on trial for heresy, with Calvin being the chief witness for the prosecution.

He was found guilty, but his sentencing took a couple of months.

The council wanted the input of the other Swiss Reformed cities and even gave Servetus the option of being sentenced in Geneva or Vienne.

In the interim, Calvin visited Servetus in prison on many occasions in an attempt to bring him the Gospel and to persuade him to recant his heresies, but was rudely rebuffed.

Servetus chose Geneva…and the rest of the Reformed cities demanded his execution lest it become known that they (the Reformed) were soft on heresy and give place to Rome.

Calvin asked that Servetus be executed by beheading (which was considered more merciful than the fire), but his request was denied.

Servetus was executed by the state on Oct 27, 1553, the fire started in a pile of his books at his feet.

While it utterly and justifiably offends our modern sensibilities to read of the execution of a heretic, it is an odd and unfair twist of history that Calvin has borne the weight of this matter for 500 years.

In the 16th century, all of Europe, whether Catholic or Protestant believed heresy was a crime against the state as much as the church.

Calvin had no authority to condemn anyone…he wasn’t even given citizenship until a few years before his death.

The lessons to be learned here have little to do with the character of John Calvin…and much to be learned about the proper relationship between church and state.

Sep 102014

daddydriscollThe statement for 2013 can be read here.

As noted by others who have read this, the church has to keep close to three million dollars on reserve to satisfy the loan requirements of the lenders.

That money can’t be touched for operating expenses.

I’m not a CPA, but it seems that if giving continues to drop, and more importantly, if giving doesn’t return to prior levels, they are in danger of defaulting on some of their debt.

While Warren Throckmorton is reporting that eight of nine signatories of the letter asking Driscoll to step down have been let go, the back story seems to be that more staff are going to leave voluntarily.

The Catch-22 for Mars Hill now is that the only one who can reverse the trends is bunkered down in his Seattle mansion for five more weeks by which time the damage might be irreversible.

My best guess is that he returns sooner than expected, while there is still something to return to.

As a matter of fact…I’d bet on it.

Sep 092014

iWatch-options-980x651Yesterday Apple launched it’s newest technology, the Apple Watch.

It was the headline on every news show and it blew up Twitter and Facebook.

Everyone was talking about it.

Most of us haven’t seen one in person.

We haven’t worn one.

It’s not even finished yet and it won’t be available until next year.

Despite this, people are reviewing it and forming opinions about it, based on what  little they have seen and a few demos.

Some folks are excited about it’s potential, some have already rejected it.

None of us can make a valid judgment on it…it’s a work in progress.

We don’t know how this is going to turn out…we are judging prematurely.

We make the same judgments about people…and ourselves.

We judge and are judged…some are excited about foreseen potential, some have been condemned already.

We’re all works in progress and our Creator isn’t finished with us yet.

“For we are his workmanship,”

(Ephesians 2:10 ESV)

The difference is that when God is done with you and me, He promises a perfect product.

Better than even Apple can make.

Just thought I’d remind you…and me.

Make your own application…

Sep 092014

1426163_10152538970789156_1955504315_aToday, like every Wednesday, we will remember Saeed Abedini.

We do more than just remember, however…we stand with him by using our social media to advocate for his release.

We ask that you change your Facebook profile picture to his and that you “like”  the “Free Saeed” Facebook page and participate in some of the activities that promote his cause.

We ask…that you remember him and his family in prayer…and that you refuse to give up on efforts to secure his release.

 There will be a prayer vigil for Saeed’s release on Sept 26.

YouTube Preview Image

There was a measure of controversy over Nagmah appearing on TBN to promote her cause…I have no issue with her spreading the need as far and wide as possible.

Saeed’s life is a rebuke to all the aberrant theology they broadcast.

Sep 092014

timthumb.phpWhy Christians should put down the sword…and politics.

Freedom creates dangerous people…

M. Horton on V. Osteen…

Intervarsity “derecognized” on Cal state campuses…

Chick-fi-A founder dies…

Researchers try to prove (their interpretation) of Genesis…

What Wesley would have said about the homosexuality debate…

Advice to young pastors…

Mega church vs. house church…

The divide over ordaining women…

Christians have always been considered intolerant…

Six signs you’re dealing with a toxic person…

Life under ISIS…

Women breaking the silence…

Yes, Driscoll called women “penis homes”.

The hard work over the long haul on Mars Hill has been done by Wenatchee the Hatchet, whether he gets credited or not.

He was in front of the story on possible closures, covered the closures, and noted the irony in one of the closures.

Sep 082014

thinking_man_ape_wood_3d_sculpture_thinker_think-480x3251. News came over the weekend that Mars Hill is closing three locations and putting a fourth on hold. This news was delivered by Driscoll lieutenant Dave Bruskas, but the decision was certainly made from Driscoll’s opulent bunker as the siege on Seattle continues. The reasons given were shrinking attendance and meager giving but the real reason is that one man was allowed to become and remain an unrepentant tyrant. That won’t make it into a press release.

2. We seem unable to discern the difference between personal charisma and the power of the Holy Spirit. Mussolini could draw a crowd…

3. I’m pondering all the ways that consumerism has corrupted the church, but I’ll need more coffee. For centuries Word and sacrament were delivered capably by anonymous dullards, but that was when people went to church to receive the Word and sacraments.

4. There isn’t ever a good reason to take a picture of yourself naked unless you want your friends, family, and the world to see your assets…because there’s a good chance they all will.

5. There’s a disturbing cultural trend that says private sins and offenses must be paid for publicly and on the job…in that if you say something or do something that offends people then you should also be fired from your job whether or not your job is connected to the offense in any way. This trend will simply leave us with pool of unemployed swine, while the public goes on to the next “offense of the day”…

6. Jesus told us “do not fear’ because He knew that there would be many, many, reasons to be very, very, afraid…

7. I grow more and more convinced that our greatest corporate need in the church is humility. Somewhere along the line we bought the lie that says that if you’re “saved”, you’re “good”. Thus, we’re better than those who are not saved. The Gospel invitation becomes one of inviting people to be as good as we are…and our lives often make our words a lie. The process of sanctification will make you better than you were, but the Gospel message is not that you’re good, but you’re forgiven. The only way you get better is when you confesss that you’re not good….lather, rinse, repeat…

8. I’m never surprised when a Christian sins…I’m shocked when they refuse to repent.

9. The biggest problem with hagiography is that it makes the church an unsafe place to tell the truth about ourselves. Idolatry flourishes and none of us get better because we can’t risk revealing what we really need. Jesus said the truth would set us free…without the truth applied weekly we remain in one prison or another.

10. The biggest tragedy in the Mars Hill mess is that we all have been denied seeing how God would pour out His grace and favor on a truly repentant group of leaders. It will happen someday somewhere, and when it does, the next revival may spring from those who almost disqualified themselves from participating.

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