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  1. Nonnie says:

    From the article about the “sexual quirks of the ottomans:”

    “As long as the (homosexual) relationship lasted, the older man was expected to pine after his young beloved, shower him with expensive clothing and even buy him a house and other presents. The beloved, on the other hand, would behave in a capricious manner, employing various methods of shredding the lover’s emotions and making him uncertain of the continuity of the relationship and its final outcome.
    On a spiritual level
    At the same time that one can interpret Ottoman poems as referring to real people, the lines also refer to the sublime. The beloved was God and the lover was the person who was attempting to achieve unity with God.”

    Now compare that view man and god, to the loving relationship of Christ,our bridegroom and the church as His bride.

  2. Em says:

    Augustine’s shocking beliefs… why is it so hard for Believers to grasp the fallibility of all of us… what is there in us that looks for a perfect “man of God” to spoon feed us, allowing us to just mindlessly follow? i’ve never understood that – ever

    i truly believe that we CAN weigh what is being taught by another Believer, of whatever stature, IF we confess and ask the Holy Spirit to do His job as we study…

    some preachers are fun to listen to, they have a good gift of gab, and it is legitimate to sit back and enjoy… but when it comes to God’s truth (i prefer God’s Word) we all have the gift of discernment available… even tho we may get no further than questioning, we should keep our mouths shut when we listen AND think, not swallowing whatever is being passed around just because we admire the server… IMNSHO

    P.S. a good teacher, honest before God, IS doing some pretty heavy lifting and deserves respect… even, if one can’t swallow his every thought

    just over here enjoying the links, avoiding the fiscal dust-up

  3. Em says:

    men possessing their wives… i’m glad someone finally speaks up on this… i have seen too many men trying to be good husbands by placing themselves under the control of their wives… not to be confused with honoring and cooperation as the reverse is equally bad or worse

  4. Xenia says:

    St. Augustine was right about many things: the salvific nature of the sacraments, the perpetual virginity of the Theotokos, etc. He was, after all, an Orthodox Catholic Christian and these doctrines were believed by everyone in those days. Even Luther retained some Catholicky ideas about St. Mary.

    The Orthodox have mixed opinions about Augustine. He is considered to be a Saint of the Orthodox Church but with an asterisk: “He lived a pious life but there were errors in his theology.” The “errors,” you won’t be surprised to learn, are those dealing with predestination. He has his champions among the Orthodox although you will probably not find too many parish churches that bear his name. On EO discussion forums Augustine is a common topic.

  5. Em says:

    the next culture war makes the case for followers of the Christian faith staying in the fray, but using Albert Schweitzer and the Salvation Army model rather than the Franklin Graham style
    hmmm… he opposing the Church moving inward, circling the wagons and strengthening the Faith now
    seems to me trying to be relevant as society spirals downward hasn’t worked too well… we need to refocus on the Source of salt and light before we can spread it…
    i love the Stars and Stripes, and i believe the Church has accomplished a lot of good under that banner, but they don’t bring me closer to God – now the flag seems to fly over a very alien land – as some here have noted recently

  6. Em says:

    just in case some poor soul tries to read #5, let me try again…
    as i understood the gist of his article… he opposes the Church moving inward, circling the wagons and strengthening the Faith…
    however, it seems to me trying to be relevant as society spirals downward hasn’t worked too well… i think that we need to refocus on the Source of salt and light before we can spread it…

    dunno, tho, do i? 🙂

  7. Rick says:

    If anything, I think recent events point out how unwise it was for the church to try to adapt to the world’s power structures to modify the nation’s behavior. The amount of money wasted, the masses of individuals alientated by the, at times, obnoxious public voices claiming to speak for God and His people.

    What we learn from this, I hope, is to engage at the community level with deeds and love that look like Jesus, rather than looking like one more player in the American political structure.

    I think it was Shane Claiborne that said the church should get smaller and smaller until it takes over the world.

  8. Em says:

    gays and marriage? perhaps, it was the legal divorce laws that was at the root of this – now the courts can decide who gets the dog (or the cat) … and the house and the babies

  9. Em says:

    #7- distilling the Church? … i like that one

  10. Em says:

    hmmm… now it is wine, but the day will come when it is distilled spirits? God is the great Distiller… thank you, Rick for something to think on… hope i’m not on the edge of blasphemy – don’t think so

  11. Em says:

    would the Billy Graham rule have saved Tullian? … well … we haven’t reached the point yet where not being alone with opposite sex doesn’t put a damper on acting out… i never felt demeaned about the ‘open door’ rule… if for no other reason, we have yet to conquer the sin of gossip… all it takes is one weak twit with a bee in their bonnet or an ax to grind to start a rot of innuendo going… that’s the real world
    Tullian is not a man to go behind closed doors with woman safely – and certainly not as a pastor – he didn’t get that?
    old fashioned, and uptight view? i’d say not

  12. Em says:

    Steve Brown making the case for repentance uses his dog as an illustration – a good one – it makes me think of the dog in our house, tho… she’s absolutely obedient when you are there asserting your presence – all bets are off when you aren’t
    maybe, we’d do better at obedience, if our Master was more real to us? dunno, just think off the thots of Steve Brown

    thanks to Michael and Ericl for giving me a way to waste my whole morning… er day

    God keep

  13. Babylon's Dread says:

    Has their been no gloating from prophetess of marriage equality?

  14. Bob says:


    Your comment reminded me of what a Christian brother said to me a couple of days ago.

    Note: Don’t try this at home

    “If you lock you spouse and dog in the trunk of your car, when you open it up what will be the result? Your dog will be happy to see you.”

    What’s the application?

  15. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    the Augustine “shocking beliefs” weren’t shocking, and it seems like they would only be if someone just didn’t know anything about him and assumed he was a Protestant. Then again, I’ve met a couple of Protestants who seemed sure they knew precisely the natural and efficient cause for the origin of the evil will thanks to The Silence of Adam, where Augustine was not so bold.

  16. A Friend says:

    I don’t really care that the gays want to get a government marriage, but I think the issue is useful from a pragmatic political standpoint to rally the conservatives.

    I think it could be a useful issue with the black churches as well.

    I think you’ll see a slow motion secession and decentralization push and I’m happy to be on the conservative side on that war even if I don’t really have a dog in the gay marriage fight.

  17. A Friend says:

    NEVER let a crisis go to waste as they say.

    Pissed off folks make motivated folks make lead-able folks in a battle.

  18. A Friend says:

    Apathy is the enemy of revolution.

    Inflamed passions is the gasoline of the revolution fire….

  19. A Friend says:

    …now we just need some matches and some match lighters 🙂

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