“He Plagiarized My Dad”

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7 Responses

  1. ( |o )====::: says:

    Sad to read that justified outrage is shamed as “in the flesh”.

    In any other culture we simply call out a wife abusing self important plagiarist and let it stand.

    I agree completely, this Saeed guy needs to step away from “ministry” and the public eye, like, by sunset.

  2. Michael says:


    Well said and amen.

  3. Em again says:

    question is… why does he stay propped up by those who could send him on to take care of his real life?

  4. Paige says:

    From Wikipedia

    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder, characterized by grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and little empathy for others.[1] People with the disorder often come across as arrogant, callous, and envious, tend to be exploitative in their interpersonal relationships, and can be excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. As a personality disorder, those with NPD generally have poor insight into their condition and may not acknowledge that their behavior causes problems for others or themselves.

    It is classified as a cluster B personality disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.[2]

    It is estimated that NPD affects between zero and five percent of the population.[1] Males are affected more often than females. First formulated in 1968, NPD was historically called megalomania, and is a form of severe egocentrism.[3]


  5. Alan says:

    @ comment #3…..same reason most things on this planet happen the way they do….$$$$$

  6. Dallas says:

    Paige, this link was pulled out of a Warren Throckmorton post from a few weeks ago, pretty interesting.


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