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  1. Jean says:

    “Pastors launch expletive filled Advent devotional”

    F*** their s***.

  2. London says:

    It’s F**k This S**t. Not their.

    Not keen on the name, but I’ll check it out.
    I’m doing my own advent thing this year, on the “theme” of Peace. Not 100% sure what that will look like but I’m starting with a book by Walter Brueggmann followed by some of the Advent resources put out by Jonny Baker from the UK.
    Also going to be looking for non evangelical resources for creative advent expressions as well as trying to follow as many steps of a “peace” calendar put out by the NGO my friend in Iraq works for.
    One of my favorite times of year.

  3. EricL says:

    I think the article on dealing with sex criminals is an important read for anyone in church leadership. The Wartburg Watch ladies ask some hard questions that every congregation should consider.

  4. Victor says:

    Without going into the mixed messages and definitions in the article on the motivations behind sexual abuse (not to mention conflating molestation with the worse crimes of cannibal serial killers), that this is even discussed as being an issue in churches is very concerning. It’s so much so that I’m loathe ever to let my kids go on a retreat unless I’m there to chaperone, and I’d both expect and welcome being printed and background checks run, just as they were when I did at-risk youth mentoring a decade ago in a secular program.

    I’ve, sadly, had to deal with this in my family. I was told that as a parent, if I knew about something and didn’t report it, I’d be guilty of a crime even though I wasn’t a mandatory reporter. No one of any suspicion should ever be allowed alone with children. Ever. Though there didn’t turn out to be a criminal case (in most cases it never gets that far), as parents, we had to present a safety plan for our young daughter regarding the family member in question in order to satisfy CPS closing the case.

    Not only in my experience (the family rallies around the molester and all sorts of denial and excuse-making ensues), but in other cases I’ve read about, this behavior is typical. I forgive the perp. As the therapist I saw said, “she wasn’t physically damaged as in a severe rape, Nor seems to be serverly traumatized. However, what he did was a felony. It’s also hard to reconcile that she still likes him.” I forgive him, though he denied it. He will, however, never be alone with our daughter, and even physical contact at family parties, say, is limited with clear boundaries. He’ll be on my “watch list” as long as I’m alive.

    We also finished a series of sessions to determine if there was anything like PTSD which required a higher level of therapy. Though our D hadn’t mentioned it in a year, when the T explained was molestation was with no leading questions, our D said “Like what Uncle ‘Billy’ did to me.” I almost burst into tears when the T told us she said that.

    This is shameful all around, should be shameful for the perp (forgiven or not), but most shameful for the enablers who also become guilty if they put such persons) who can also be women, but are mostly male) back into positions where they have access to potential victims.

  5. EricL says:

    Thanks for sharing, Victor. What a terrible thing to go through as a family.

  6. Owen says:

    Good links, good reads. I’m late to the party here, but would like to share a link that came to mind after reading the “God’s not out to get you” link. I have bren thinking a lot about a couple people I have met who have left the church, and thought a lot about their reasons. Wondering what some churches must be doing wrong.
    Here’s the link-anyone have thoughts?

  7. Jean says:

    Owen at #6,

    Great article.

  8. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Owen – thanks for sharing Chad Bird. I love this paragraph – speaking of the gospel;

    “It has nothing to do with whether we drink water or whiskey, watch “I Love Lucy” or porn, read the Bible or the Quran. The Gospel has zero to do with how much we weigh on the Sin Scale. We’re all obese with evil in one form or another. Fat with self-obsession, self-absorption, self-over-everyone-else. Egotism is the religion of us all. Apart from the Gospel, we can all just shut up with our sin comparisons because we’re all in the same sinking ship of condemnation. And no one’s swimming free of it. Not even Michael Phelps.”

  9. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I like this just as much – from the article;

    “The Gospel that proclaims that we are, like it or not, let off scot-free. The attachment of ankle monitors is not part of the post-baptismal rite. You’re washed. You’re forgiven. You’re free. No law condemns you. No celestial finger is wagging at you. You walk in the liberation of the Spirit, Who lives in you, is active in you, and works relentlessly to mute the voices of guilt that still growl inside you.”

  10. victorious says:

    Waiting . . .
    Brian Zahnd’s article on the Advent is so appropriate and a rich refuge to the inflamed soul; whether we are agonizing over the election or the growing fault line within Calvary.

  11. Owen says:


    Yep, I’ll have to look into a little more of Bird, never heard of him before. But I got a lot out of his style of explaining. Reminded me of J.S. Park, actually.

  12. Lurkie Loo says:

    I’m worried for Alex. His site has been down since Tuesday. Praying for a judgement in his favor.

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