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  1. [...] Kellers “Generous Justice” and “God So Loved, He Gave”, by Kelly Kapic talk about social justice from a [...]

  2. [...] To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War :By John Gibler [...]

  3. [...] Charles Bowden’s classic “Down By the River” he tells the story of one murder in order to try to explain the the vast numbers of murders in [...]

  4. [...] I’m going to blog through “Generous Justice” by Tim Keller. I’m not smart enough or articulate enough to speak to the issue on my own…Keller [...]

  5. [...] 5. I love reading biographies…I they are the best way to learn history and how God works in peoples lives. The amazing thing about biographies is that you soon learn there is no such thing as a saint on earth….that has to be a declaration by heaven alone, by grace alone because all of us are messed up. I put a bunch of my recent favorites in the Phx P bookstore in their own section. [...]

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