Aug 222014

5d6480146b0dcc0e8b3111aede82a858So…I wasn’t going to write a TGIF this morning.

I’m not feeling well…haven’t felt well for a while.

A long while.

The storms keep rolling through.

I’ve spent more than a year being sick, stressed, and broke and some days the combination takes me out.

That’s not what I want to write about though.


I want to tell you what I’ve learned from more than a year where I’ve been totally dependent on God…a year where every morning I wake up staring into one abyss or another.

This has been more than a year of losing my pride, my dignity, and my cultural “manhood”.

I’ve lost…a lot.

I’ve gained more.

The one thing I’ve never lost is hope…hope that God was in the storm, hope that God would end the storm, hope that God was God even if the storm never ends.

God is the one who has both given and sustained that hope.

God has then blessed that which He has given…as if I had done something pleasing to Him on my own.

The art of living by faith consists of being put at the end of your rope on a continual basis and choosing to let go, believing you will be caught.

You will be.

You’ve heard that He is faithful…I can testify that He is.

You’ve heard He can be trusted…I can testify that He can be.

You’ve heard that He loves you…I can testify that He does.

I am an eye witness to all of the above.

I swear it’s all true.

Your circumstances do not reflect God’s heart toward you.

It could be that the darker they are, the more He loves you.

There are beautiful things that happen in storms…and in storms alone.

Make your own application…

Aug 212014

daddydriscoll21 former Mars Hill pastors have brought formal charges against Mark Driscoll.

The charges present a compelling case that Driscoll is disqualified from the ministry.

The fascinating (and vitally important) thing to note here is that there is no sexual failure here, which is typically the only way to demand removal of rogue pastors.

This is all about the moral failure of abusing pastoral authority and the people of God.

It’s well past time we understood that such is as much of a moral failure as adultery and fornication.

This situation is now at the tipping point…if the reports of declining attendance are true, this new set of charges could bring the organization down.

rdozlerDoveMeanwhile in Calvary Chapel land…

There is a big dust up over an affiliation agreement sent out by Northwest regional Wayne Taylor.

There was confusion over whether it was for existing CC’s to reapply, or for new affiliates.

It was for new affiliates…and according to our crack legal team it’s not worth the paper it was written on.

It simply isn’t written as a legally binding document.

Here’s the reality.

The dove is public domain.

I can fly the dove, you can fly the dove, the Hells Angels can fly the dove if they want to.

The only “authority” the CCA has is to put you on the list of “approved” CC’s.


That doesn’t stop you from being an “unapproved” CC…

There’s more to say, but it will have to wait….

Aug 202014

1426163_10152538970789156_1955504315_aThe word is that Saeed Abedini is being threatened in prison by the same group that recently beheaded American journalist James Foley.

It goes without saying that we all must redouble our efforts to win Saeed’s freedom before he meets a similar fate.


My question this morning is about how we react to Foley’s murder in particular and radical Islam in general..

When I read of it the reaction of my gut and soul was pure rage toward his killers along with great sympathy for his family.

The Bible says to “love your enemy”…even the enemy who would slaughter you.

Whether I like it or not, (and I don’t) that’s a non negotiable.

My heart today is to seek out all of this group and slaughter them before they kill anyone else.

I would approve of my government doing so.

I passionately hate radical Islam and believe it to be not only evil, but supernaturally empowered by the father of evil.

That doesn’t erase that verse…it makes it very difficult to read and harder to obey.

Today, like every Wednesday, we will remember Saeed Abedini.

We do more than just remember, however…we stand with him by using our social media to advocate for his release.

We ask that you change your Facebook profile picture to his and that you “like”  the “Free Saeed” Facebook page and participate in some of the activities that promote his cause.

We ask…that you remember him and his family in prayer…and that you refuse to give up on efforts to secure his release.




Aug 192014

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Aug 182014

thinking-pic1. When…I must ask again,when.. will we learn to stop making judgments on the eternal destiny of deceased celebrities?

Why can we not just mourn with those who mourn and pray that the departed were found by Christ before they left us?


2. Dear fundamentalist Facebookers… when we speak of someone “wrestling with their personal demons” we are usually speaking metaphorically and not of actual imps from hell. Thank you, please make a note of this going forward.

3. I just saw that Mars Hill is down to about 7500 people…who obviously are poorly taught because they care nothing about biblical ethics or standards.

4. I’m extremely weary of the criticism by some over the “relentless” campaign to bring Ergun Caner and Mark Driscoll to repentance. Let me assure you that if either one of those men placed you under “church discipline” they would be “relentless” in demanding yours. Evidently, if a celebrity pastor holds out long enough we’re supposed to grant an unconditional pardon based on endurance, not repentance.

5. Furthermore, please flush the old saw about “letting God handle it” in regard to corrupt pastors. God works through means and the means He usually works with are people acting in obedience to His word. God is handling these situations…and He’s using social media as part of the means to do so. Deal with it.

6. I do not deny that rogue pastors ministries produced fruit. I simply assert that the greatest fruit they could bear would be to teach their people how to repent and receive the grace of God.

7. I think the single most important theological development in my lifetime is N.T. Wrights exposition of the kingdom of God. Nothing else has brought such purpose and refreshment to my faith.

8. I find it to be a truth that when I am most concerned about my external righteousness is when my heart is farthest from God.

9. I find it to be a truth that when I strive to be “somebody” I cease being who I was fearfully and wonderfully created to be.

10. There is little more frustrating than longing to show mercy to someone who doesn’t realize they need it. Long to do so anyway…

Finally, today, I’m teaching through the Beatitudes and came across this gem from Luther quoted by Kent Hughes on “being hungry and thirsty for righteousness”.

‘The command to you is not to crawl into a corner or into the desert, but to run out, if that is where you have been, and to offer your hands and your feet and your whole body, and to wager everything you have and can do.’ What is required, he goes on, is ‘a hunger and thirst for righteousness that can never be curbed or stopped or sated, one that looks for nothing and cares for nothing except the accomplishment and maintenance of the right, despising everything that hinders this end. If you cannot make the world completely pious, then do what you can.’

Do what you can today…


Aug 162014

thumbnail.aspxLight from light

Creation from chaos

Life from death

Joy from sorrow

Hope from despair

Peace from hate

All your gifts, all your love, all your power.


All from your word, fresh from your word, all gifts of your speech.

We give thanks for your world-forming speech.

Thanks as well for our speech back to you, the speech of mothers and fathers who dared to speak in faith and unfaith in trust and in distrust in grateful memory and in high hurt.

We cherish this speech as we trust yours.

Listen this day for the groans and yearnings of your world, listen to our own songs of joy and our own drudges of death, and in the midst of our stammering, speak your clear word of life in the name of your word come flesh.

Walter Brueggemann. Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth: The Prayers of Walter Brueggemann (p. 70). Kindle Edition.

Aug 152014

socal-social-gregGreg Laurie’s Southern California Harvest Crusade starts this evening.

You can watch it live here.

Tonights special guest is Michael Franzese who was a very bad guy who came to Christ…because the badder the guy you can find, the better, I guess.

I have a theory…which is that it’s far easier for really bad people to come to Christ than people who think they’re pretty good already.


I digress..

Just for the record…I like and respect Greg, so this is simply a place to discuss the event.

Do you enjoy crusade evangelism?

Is it biblical?

Will you be watching?

Aug 152014

Screen-shot-2013-12-04-at-7.18.39-PM-620x343It’s been an ugly week for Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill.

First, he gets kicked out of the church network he founded, Acts 29.


His books have been pulled from a chain of 180 stores.

Finally , he has to cancel his big annual conference because all his famous friends think he has cooties now.

This on top of all the other accusations of spiritual and emotional abuse, plagiarism, financial mismanagement, etc, etc.

Some folks think the end is near.

I’m not so sure.

If Mark goes to church this Sunday and the pews are full and the giving is good, then Mark’s only problem is that a lot of people online are upset with him.

That’s a real easy fix.

Don’t go online.

Those of us who have written, researched, exposed, and written again aren’t the ones who keep Driscoll afloat and we aren’t the ones who can bring him to repentance or take him out of the pulpit.

That will be the job of those who pay the bills.

When the reports come out that only 50 people showed up and they each gave a nickel…then he’s done.

Until that happens, he just stays quiet and stays offline…and rebuilds when the cyber fury is exhausted.

I’ve seen this show before…


Aug 142014

AngryTwitter-664x374So I’m on vacation, in the back seat of a car traveling north, checking Twitter on my phone.

Twitter is blowing up over an article concerning the death of Robin Williams… of course, I have to go read this screed for myself.

I did so and it upset me and I composed a two word response to the author on my own Twitter feed.

The two words were not “thank you”.

Well, one of them was “you”.

I hit send… and nothing happened.


We had passed out of cell phone range.

Considering this an act of God’s good providence on my behalf I put down the phone and made some shocking discoveries.

There were other people in the car with me.




Out the window…gorgeous scenery.

Oddly enough, no one was angry.

I found this strangely pleasant. :-)

The anger and sin in me needed a conduit, but God had given a way of escape.

The fellow I was angry with only existed in my iPhone.

He really wasn’t a part of my world or part of what was taking place in my life, at that moment, in that car.

I had to choose whether to be where I was or inside that device.

I had to choose whether to engage with electronics or with flesh and blood, whether to invest that moment in life or in data, whether t0 be present in joy or tweet in sin.

A while later, Trey looked at my phone…”we have service now”.

“That’s too bad”, I said…and shut off the phone.

A few hundred other people sent the Tweet I wanted to send.

I’m the only one who got to spend time being with my family.

I hope none of them missed what I almost did.

Make your own application…

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