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Jan 182017

Warren Throckmorton reports that a judge in Arkansas has ruled that the lawsuit by former employees of Gospel For Asia can go forward.

So far, all the parties accused have employed the well worn but effective tactic of remaining silent about the matter, thus having the matter lost in the continually changing news cycle.

What this means is that there will be a discovery phase now…and former board members Gayle Erwin, Skip Heitzig, and Damien Kyle will be deposed.

Look for all three to get lawyered up…and keep your eyes open for the depositions they will be forced under law to make…

Oct 262016

wmns_gfaBefore I started writing regularly here, Michael posted an article of mine wherein I expressed my concerns about Gospel for Asia (GFA). 

At that point in time, it had only been a month or two since Warren Throckmorton had been posting about the organization and only a few days since the GFA Diaspora website had been made public.  I had not yet come to any definitive conclusions about GFA, but saw a lot of red flags and was also concerned with the feedback I had received in personal conversation from a GFA executive who is pretty high up in the organization.

I expressed my misgivings because it sure looked like a good possibility that the evangelical church was being taken for a ride, most especially Calvary Chapels, including the very large one I attend.  And this is why I had originally written a form of the article on Facebook to my friends.  Additionally, not only did it look like many Christians were being hoodwinked into who or what they were giving to, but it appeared as if the GFA staff potentially was being abused and who knows what was happening to the poor and destitute in Asia, primarily in India, to whom the donor funds were supposed to be going to help.

After several more months of dogged reporting, mainly by Throckmorton and also some here at this blog, the answers became painfully clear that GFA, along with its convoluted association with Believers Church in India, was a thoroughly corrupt organization that deceived its donors, abused its staff, and forsook much of what it could have been doing for those they were supposed to be serving.  Not that the corruption seeped throughout the whole organization, as many on staff were faithfully serving the Lord.  But the top of the organization, and primarily Grand Imperial Kiss My Ring Poobah His Majesty K.P. Yohannan, were exposed to be exceedingly crooked.

It is now about a year and a half later since these reports first started coming to our awareness.  GFA has undoubtedly lost a good amount of its support.  We know of churches and individuals, myself included, who have pulled their support and stopped giving.  GFA appears to have lost its favored status within Calvary Chapel as a whole, and seemingly the same has occurred in others churches, too.  How much support they still receive is anybody’s guess as that would require GFA to actually release their financials, and release them in a manner that could actually be vetted and trusted.  Good luck with that ever happening.

Things have been mostly quiet on the GFA front for a little while now.  We know of a lawsuit that has been brought forth against GFA on behalf of its donors.  As far as I know, the lawsuit is still proceeding.  We know these types of things do not move quickly, but maybe it will eventually bring some semblance of legal justice upon the organization.  Whether from the suit itself or from criminal investigations and indictments that possibly could be spurred by the findings in the suit.

It seems as if GFA has holed itself up in self-defense.  K.P. Yohannan ostensibly stays in India as much as possible, leaving the U.S. executives to fend for themselves.  There never have been any signs that K.P. and/or GFA are interested in real repentance, reform, or reconciliation.  Their strategic plan to ignore and deflect does not seem to have worked out real well for them.  Yet, the organization still survives.  K.P. still lives the good life in India.  GFA still must have a significant donor base to keep going.  Plus, they have all those millions and millions of dollars in supply that they fatted up on all those previous years. Who knows how much money they generate from all those for-profit businesses that they started in India from donor giving?

At this point, I don’t know much else to do but to wait.  With my limited abilities, resources, and circle of influence, I did what I could to bring awareness to the GFA ruse.  But now, I wait.  We wait.

The best case scenario is for K.P. Yohannan and the other top executives of GFA to repent and seek serious reform and reconciliation.  Get GFA back on track to what they should have been doing all this time, and maybe even were at some point in the distant past.  But all signs and behavior from GFA point to this as being a pipe dream at best.  It sure appears as if this is a very unlikely outcome.

So beyond the best case scenario, I yearn for justice.  Yes, there is a part of me that carnally and gleefully wants to see the weights of justice crush K.P. and GFA.  But I also pine for justice because I desire for things to be made right.  For donors to receive back the money they gave under deception.  For the GFA staff, former and even current, a confirmation that they did, indeed, work and live under abusive conditions and some form of restitution for the ills they suffered under denigrating leadership.  For the poor and destitute in India and other parts of Asia to somehow be compensated with the full help and support they should have received.

What or how or when this will all happen, I cannot venture a guess.  I pray that the Lord will see justice done.  I know He will in the next life.  But I pray He also has it to happen in this life.

Some measure of justice has already come as Gospel for Asia has been exposed and has taken some serious hits.  But I pray for justice to come more fully as GFA continues to carry on.  They should be held accountable for what they have already done and I do not want them to continue taking advantage of their donors and doing harm to their staff and potentially those that they are supposed to be serving.

And so I write about GFA once again.  Maybe it will catch the attention of another soul or two who are still donating to GFA because they were unaware of their problems.  Maybe it will cause a soul or two who are still donating to GFA despite knowing of their problems, to reconsider their giving.  Perhaps maybe my writing is just simply my empty lament.

But above all I pray that God makes things right.  That hearts would be healed, both the abused and the abusers.  That the poor and disadvantaged would receive the help due to them and would see Christ.  And that the name of Jesus Christ would not continued to be sullied by a corrupt ministry.

Lord, please hear our prayer.


Aug 092016

programguide“KNKT is a resource of Calvary Albuquerque. We present solid Bible teaching and modern worship. The radio station can be heard in the Albuquerque area at 107.1 FM.”

Evidently, part of what former board member of GFA and current pastor of Calvary Albuquerque Skip Heitzig believes is “solid Bible teaching” is delivered by K.P. Yohannan, embattled head of Gospel For Asia.

Despite all the allegations of financial impropriety, Heitzig is still carrying Yohannan’s “Road to Reality” at 7:00 P.M. nightly.

The program is clearly presented as a “ministry” of Gospel For Asia.

Thus, every weekday evening, the people of Albuquerque are at risk of being possibly defrauded by GFA and Yohannan with the implicit support of Calvary Albuquerque and Heitzig.

Unless Heitzig is donating this radio time out of the goodness of his heart, KNKT is also profiting from putting it’s listeners at an alleged risk.

GFA profits from having a daily program with which to raise funds.

In radio, the general rule is that you don’t broadcast on stations that don’t provide enough income to cover the cost of air time.

Who can hold Heitzig accountable for this?

No one…and that’s the real story.

Mar 172016

logoFor many years I’ve been a subscriber to Dan Woodings Assist News Service.

Loosely associated with Calvary Chapel, the donor supported subscription service sends out news reports on the persecuted church as well as puff pieces on “Christian” celebrities.

Wooding also has a program on Calvary’s KWVE radio in Southern California and a television program on

He describes himself as a “journalist”…and that’s where the problem begins.

The service has been sending out “news releases” from Gospel For Asia that look more like paid advertisements.

There have been no stories about the myriad controversies surrounding the charity.

No, not one.

This is the latest…complete with a short bio of the group and an email address to inquire about setting up a presentation.

I have sent numerous emails to Assist via the “contact me” feature of their website asking if these are paid releases and if so why they are not labeled as such.

This is the latest;

“This is the last of multiple emails I’ve sent inquiring about your relationship with GFA.
I will be running an article on this matter and would like a statement.
The question is this.
Why are you running paid stories as “news” in the light of the fraud and abuse allegations surrounding this organization?
I hope to hear from you soon as to how you justify potentially defrauding your readers.”

Crickets…there has been no response to any of my inquiries.

I do not know if Wooding is paid to post these missives or not.

I do know that (allegedly) there is no way of knowing where money sent to GFA goes.

I do know it’s not journalism to post these pieces without posting coverage of the controversy.

If the allegations against Gospel For Asia are proven true, Wooding is giving his readers just enough information to get robbed.

In these days when it’s so hard to determine what is really “news”, Christians should expect better.

Update: The former head of GFA communications has affirmed that Wooding is paid to post these “reports”.

Feb 112016

wmns_gfaWarren Throckmorton has posted the entire lawsuit that has been filed against Gospel For Asia.

The suit alleges that Gospel For Asia has engaged in fraud and racketeering for the benefit of its directors.

“Soliciting charitable donations to benefit the poorest of the poor while covertly diverting the money to a multi million dollar personal empire is reprehensible; using a Christian organization as a front to attract and exploit the goodwill and generosity of devout Christians is a particularly vile scheme. But that is exactly what K.P. Yohannan and the organization he controls, Gospel For Asia, have been doing for years.”

This is also a class action suit…if it is successful GFA could be forced to reimburse donors before it collapses in a heap of avarice.

I would suggest that people read the facts presented in this document, facts that have been presented previously, but stand out when put in this format.

For example, between 2010 and 2013 GFA collected 4.2 million dollars for “Widows and Abandoned Children”.

Only 31,265.00 was actually spent on “widows” and nothing was spent on abandoned children.

That’s just a sample…read the entire suit to get a grip on the extent of the fraud alleged.

If these allegations are true there’s a special place in hell for people like this.

The lawsuit doesn’t address the injustices against the GFA Diaspora…put it all together it it is a sordid and wicked picture of a “Christian” organization.

For reasons I’m not sure of, the board members overseeing this (alleged) cartel are not named in this suit.

One of the constants on that board for years was the presence of Skip Heitzig.

More than a few of the rank and file Calvary Chapel pastors have wanted him to answer some of the questions regarding this debacle, as he is also one of the members of the Calvary Chapel Association “council”.

Leaders…should lead.

Instead, they have been stonewalled in the same manner as donors who have inquired have been.

They are finding out first hand what we’ve been saying for years…autonomy that leads to a complete lack of accountability serves the causes of sin and the aspirations of despots.

The only encouraging point to be made here is that some men are asking questions and seeking the truth in this matter.

We commend them.

Meanwhile, Heitzig has been named one of the speakers at the annual Costa Mesa pastors conference.

I’m not sure if he’s speaking before or after Bob Caldwell…

I’m hoping he’ll teach on how ethics are irrelevant if your church is large enough.

It’s the only subject he’s qualified to address.

In the meantime, while leaders refuse to lead, Gospel For Asia is still spending tens of thousands of dollars advertising their (allegedly) fraudulent programs and inducing more large hearted people to donate to what appears to be one hell of a family business.

The leaders of Christendom whose main calling is to protect the flock sit back in mute silence and watch the slaughter of the lambs while gathering speaking engagements.

I’m sure that at this conference they will rail against the evils of the world and those that hold different doctrines than they do.

They will name all they see as wicked and against Christ…after all the mirrors have been removed from the facility.

Make your own application…

Jan 212016

wmns_gfaThe U.K. Charity commission is now investigating Gospel For Asia.

Sadly, it will take government intervention to finally shut this group down in the United States.

That is, if they choose to take action.

There is another way…a way that would stop GFA in it’s tracks.

If the pastors who had knowledge of the abuses both financial and personal, decided to speak…the funding would dry up and Gospel For Asia would blow away.

There is no question that there are men out there with such knowledge.

They refuse to speak.

Because they refuse to speak, when and if these secular groups take action, evangelicalism will have yet another black eye.

We will not clean up our own messes.

We mock God…God who waits for us to bring truth to the lies and protect His people from avarice and fraud.

While we allow this to happen, Gospel For Asia continues to advertise heavily on social media…undoubtedly new people are being sucked in many times a day.

They buy a platform with donor money and replace those who have heard the truth with those who haven’t.

Someone should warn those folks…they probably work hard for that money.

Yes, somebody should warn them…

Jan 122016

wmns_gfaWarren Throckmorton has both stories of course…

In the latest, K.P Yohannan fired two Canadian board members and now one of them is asking for a government investigation.

In the earlier story, the U.S. governments Office of Personnel Management has banned GFA from participating in the annual Combined Federal Campaign.


That program is something akin to the United Way plan at your employer were donations are automatically taken out of the paycheck and delivered to the charity.

Thankfully, the U.S. Government is doing something to protect it’s workers from fraud…which is more than some churches I could name are willing to do for the congregation.

In a rather disturbing development, both Yohannan and that radical cat, Francis Chan, will be speaking at the Exponential West conference this year on “discipleship”


You can’t stop evangelical frauds, you can only hope to contain them, I guess….



Dec 232015

Warren Throckmorton has the story on GFA possibly losing it’s certification for the Combined Federal Campaign and all the federal employee payroll deductions that go with it.

Christian Charities U.S.A. has decertified the charity and thus, there is no one left to verify where and how the group spends it’s money.

If this becomes reality, I don’t see how losing their tax exempt status can be far behind if donors petition the I.R.S. for an investigation.

Throckmorton also reports that the CBS affiliate in Dallas has released another report.

Dec 222015

wmns_gfaThe Facebook ad shows up in my timeline every day.

It’s a pitch for “Revolution In World Missions”, Gospel For Asia’s time tested marketing tool of choice.

It claims K.P. Yohannan as it’s author, but we know better about that now.

The ads very existence puts the lie to the claim that “every dollar goes to the field”.

A bunch of dollars have gone to social media hubs to combat the truth about an “allegedly” corrupt organization led by an “allegedly” corrupt man.

When it has popped up in the past, I and other like minded brethren have put up links to this site and to Warren Throckmortons work exposing the charity for what it “allegedly” is.

It popped up again this morning, freshly scrubbed of negative comments and full of praise for the book and the charity.

I have been blocked from commenting, but not from viewing.

Block this, boys.

We’re not afraid of your lawyers or your lies, or your master.

You can out spend us, but you can’t out fight us.

Every day in this country God’s people are being lied to and defrauded in Jesus name.

They are being taken advantage of because they have large hearts and generous spirits.

While the big name pastor/toadys protect GFA, we’ll be here to try to protect those good people of God.

We will not be silenced until justice is done and righteousness has it’s day.

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Texas…

We made much of Gayle Erwins confession and repentance and we should make even more of pastor Bill Gehm of CC Amarillo.

His repentance from supporting GFA from the pulpit was something we would hope others would emulate.

I was shocked to see it for a number of reasons.

Texas is GFA country and there are pastors in Texas who have known of these issues for some time and remained silent.

Gehm’s video is an indictment not only of GFA, but of their refusal to protect their own flocks.

Gehm is also one of Skip Heitzigs assistants as the Calvary Chapel Association regional leader.

Heitzig has remained quiet except for an email he dictated to one of our readers calling into question whether there was a scandal here at all.

Many pastors have reached out to him as a “leader” of the “affiliation” and have so far been stonewalled.

For whatever reason, Gehm seems to understand what “leadership” really means.

So do the handful of Calvary Chapel pastors who have made public statements about Gospel For Asia to protect the people they serve.

So far, the Calvary Chapel Association doesn’t.

That…doesn’t shock me at all…


Dec 032015

wmns_gfaOn March 26, 2015, Gayle Erwin sent a letter to the GFA Diaspora giving them his report on the grievances and concerns that they had brought to public attention.

In that letter, Erwin summarily dismissed those concerns as being “without foundation” and stated that the board considered the matter closed.

This “report” devastated many who were hoping for righteousness and appeared to be nothing more than a callous cover up of the sort we’ve seen too many times.

Yesterday, Dec 2, 2015, over eight months later, Erwin chose to disclose the rest of the story.

In that eight months myself, (along with Warren Throckmorton and others), worked tirelessly to bring light and accountability to this situation.

Now, we have at least partially, achieved that.

All those articles we wrote to that end are now being characterized as “PP attacks”.

The documents released show that (at least in the case of the GFA board actions) that we were right in our perception of that letter.

The documents also show that Erwin was coerced into that letter by K.P. Yohannan and the board.

We had no way of knowing that as neither myself, nor Throckmorton to my knowledge, nor the GFA Diaspora, were told that truth by Gayle Erwin until recent days.

Therefore, I had no option but to deal with the evidence we had and continue to advocate for those who were victims and to try to inform those who may become victims in the future.

That is why we’re here and I make no apology for that.

The documents also show that Gayle Erwin did a heroic and God honoring work in trying to bring a corrupt organization to repentance.

For that, he should be commended and honored.

The documents also show (upon initial inspection) that every concern raised by Warren Throckmorton, myself, and others was grounded in some measure of truth.

I would remind the reader that the veracity of these reports were questioned as late as two weeks ago by former GFA board member Skip Heitzig in an email to an concerned giver.

I would also remind the reader that a charity is a public trust, not a private business.

The public, which has given millions to Gospel For Asia in the last eight months deserved to know then what we know now.

I believe that without the consistent coverage of this issue,(especially by the noble Throckmorton), we still wouldn’t know.

Now, many have asked if I will repent of calling Gayle Erwin a hireling.


I repent of that and ask his forgiveness.

I did not know, nor could I know, that he was coerced into this evil.

The original letter was the work of a hireling, but it was produced under duress.

He chose not to reveal that truth for eight months.

Erwins repentance and revelations of the truth show a godly heart and character that we can only hope will be replicated by everyone involved in this debacle.

We are overjoyed and blessed at what he has done for the Gospel and truth in the last 48 hours.

Now, perhaps we can begin to deal with the issues of corruption in Gospel For Asia that he documented instead of deflecting shame on the messenger…