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Jul 292016

rdozlerDoveThe online discernment ministries are just catching up to this story that we wrote about three weeks ago.

“Fed up with false teaching: Calvary Chapel church says “So Long” to the CC Association.”

“A Calvary Chapel pastor who warned of false teachings and apostate movements seeping into the Calvary Chapel organization has been removed from his regional leadership position, and is now removing his local congregation out of the Calvary Chapel Association altogether.”

Let me add a detail here that others haven’t…this pastor is one of the prime examples of Moses Model corruption of character and he hasn’t belonged in a pulpit for decades.

This was well documented here and elsewhere, but the ODM’s didn’t peep…they never reported on the way Dwight Douville treated his (ex) wife, nor the fact that at one time Costa Mesa overruled his board when it tried to discipline him.

I revisit this this matter only to point out some things about these “discernment” ministries.

This list of grievances is a long list of “guilt by association” crimes that never define what the “guilty” are actually “guilty” of.

There are no theological grounds given as to why any of the people mentioned are guilty of “false teaching” or “apostasy”.

The charges are almost entirely based on differences of opinion that fall within the grounds of orthodoxy and differences in methodology or ecclesiology.

Those differences do not in any way constitute grounds for such extreme charges as being “wolves” or “apostate”.

In truth, it’s gross sin to do both in most of these cases, an accusing of the brethren that should bring shame, not repeated sharing of these bombastic articles.

In the meantime, they will cover a real wolf like Douville, K.P. Yohannon, or Skip Heitzig, because all that really matters to these people is their skewed eschatology which they believe gives them a license to slander everyone who doesn’t hold to their interpretations of selected Scriptures.

The leaders of this sect are not so worried about biblical fidelity as they are about losing their power and influence because some of the larger group are willing to think outside Chuck Smith’s teaching tapes and the movements hoary tradition.

I have large theological and methodological differences with Greg Laurie and Rick Warren.

That said, both of these men are brothers, not wolves, and all the differences I have with them are over matters that are still under the umbrella of orthodoxy.

God has used them greatly despite whatever flaws they may have, just as He has used me a little despite mine.

We can discuss and debate those differences without damning each other to the pit.

Well, some of us can…

The Scriptures the ODM’s ignore are the ones about how we will be known for our love…maybe that time will have to wait until these “Bereans” pass from the scene.

Jul 062016

rdozlerDoveFor the last couple of weeks a commenter has been claiming on various threads that Dwight Douville of Calvary Chapel Appleton had left the “movement” in a huff.

He’s right…kind of.

In a letter sent out to various CC pastors, Douville (after listing his grievances) declared that he would no longer be “under the authority” of the Calvary Chapel Association in any way shape or form.

He would, however, still call his church “Calvary Chapel” and pledged fidelity to the “Calvary Chapel Distinctives”and the legacy of the late Chuck Smith.

In other words, he would keep the branding and throw off the supervision of any overseers.

He would have his dove and eat it, too.

The Calvary Chapel Association still lists his church as one of their own on their church locator.

Douville has called their bluff…and a bluff it is.

He knows that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to him.

The reality, (as I’ve written more than once) is that the CCA has no real authority and is nothing more than a shell corporation that was created by some men who wished to control the future of the movement because the founder of the movement left no structure in place.

They created a narrative, (a fable), that this is what Chuck wanted.

According to multiple sources at the time, this was anything but the case.

Douville questions and confronts the CCA over it’s transparency, it’s mission, and it’s authority… and laments as many others have (over different issues) the lack of answers that are forthcoming.

While others want accountability on matters like the Gospel For Asia scandal, the result for the rank and file is the same.

There is no accountability and no answers, save for those on staged Q & A panels.

Douville even asserts that his loss of position in the region is the result of asking questions at all…and he’s probably right.

He obviously though, doesn’t understand the workings of the group at this point as he conflates the CCA and Costa Mesa together.

He must not have noticed that Calvary Chapel now has two websites, one created by Costa Mesa on the West Coast and the CCA site which has been moved to Philadelphia…the home of Joe Focht and Don McClure (now) the leaders of the traditional Calvary mindset.

He must not have noticed that while the Costa Mesa conference was running, emails were sent out by the East Coast contingent as gentle reminders that the California event was no longer the yearly event.

He must not have heard the rumblings of many that they originally affiliated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Chuck Smith…not the group claiming authority now.

The truth is that Calvary Chapel is a fractured remnant of what once was and the idea of unity is being constructed from whole cloth.

The question before the house is why don’t these men admit the split and divide into two different denominations?

My best guess is that it is because Costa Mesa holds the “Calvary Chapel” trademark and most of what are known CC properties.

The traditionalists with the Eastern base don’t want to leave all that behind.

That is why these men did all they could to wrest the mothership away from Brian Brodersen before Smith died.

That is why you see men like Roger Oakland crowing about victory in the Word For Today lawsuit, when all that actually was lost was a motion to dismiss.

(The ODM’s are big fans of Calvary East and loathe Calvary West.)

Oddly enough, if there was a split, it would be into two pretty large groups.

While attendance was down a bit from last year, the Costa Mesa conference was a success despite the appearance of Skip Heitzig.

The East Coast conference was well attended as well.

Unless the East finds a way to usurp Brodersen and replace him with one of their own, the split will grow larger and the faux celebration of unity will continue to chime.

In the meantime, I expect to see more letters like this one being written…


Apr 262010

I used to be known as the #1 critic of Calvary Chapel and I’m still called an “anti-CC” pastor by some.

The perceived damage I’ve done is nothing compared to what some are attempting today, which is to split the non denominational denom from within.

I tried to deal with facts and documents, these folks with fear and accusations.

I received emails all week about George Bryson’s current witch hunt against anything that smacks of Calvinism within the movement.

Jacob Prasch is taking things up a notch with two recent articles, the contents of which will be a staple as he visits like minded Calvarys to spread the love.

The first is a “Calvary Chapel Alert” where he takes on Skip Heitzig for Leonard Sweets appearance at a worship conference.

The gloves start to come off when after describing the conference Prasch adds “The announcement follows a public financial scandal reaching the secular press at the same church in 2008.”

I remember that…don’t remember ol Jacob supporting the investigation though…

The invective reaches new heights in a second article linked to this one, Who Wants To Be Next”?

First up in the article is the usual toasting of Rick Warren and the “emergent church”.


Then…John Piper.

“One should hardly be surprised that the Calvinistic preacher John Piper has jumped into bed with Rick Warren. With his erroneous Replacement Theology, Piper has always been a teacher of error anyway. While we cannot confirm Mr. Piper’s motives, we should rather be surprised if John Piper had not ventured further into error; he was always misled with his reformed nonsense to begin with and has always misled others on various other points, so it is natural he should introduce his church to more error.”

Then he hits high gear…some samples:

“Why would doctrinally grounded pastors partner with someone like Rick Warren whose dishonest and backtracking antics on the same-sex marriage issue are plainly wrought in hell? Why would they share platforms with a multi-faith advocate who mutilated the scriptural Gospel they claim to believe in? Why would they ignore their own heritage concerning the importance of studying the return of Christ and share a platform or grant public sanction to someone whose endorsement of the Emergent church is conspicuously of Satan? Why would they share a platform with a virtual New Ager like Leonard Sweet unless it was to debate him? Why this sad, sick compromise? How could a preacher ever endorse a vile specimen of blasphemous heresy like The Shack unless he himself is false?”

For those keeping score that was a shot at Piper, Eugene Peterson, Skip Heitzig and Gayle Erwin.

“I have readily defended Chuck Smith publicly from the unjust attacks on him and on his character by Christianity Today magazine, the “Phoenix Preacher” and others. But how can I defend some of those claiming to be Calvary Chapels who no longer by their actions believe or do what Chuck taught?”

I’m honored by the mention…

“Much to his credit Chuck Smith always tossed heretics such as Lonnie Frisbee and John Wimber out of Calvary Chapels and more recently Chuck Smith has rightly (and at considerable personal cost) withstood those introducing Emergent Church practices and beliefs into Calvary Chapels. There are indeed many godly men in Calvary Chapels whose ministry I can endorse without hesitation such as Don McClure, Raul and Xavier Reese, Edmund Coronel, Jack Hibbs, Damian Khyle, Lloyd Pulley, Claude Stauffer, Jim King, Dwight Douville, Bill Gallatin, Daryl Skinner, Greg Jones, Ray Bentley, Mike MacIntosh, Rob Yardley, John Higgins and many others from America, to the Far East, to New Zealand, to Britain and Europe. I sanction the ministry of all of them without hesitation. There are also however, others who leave me confused, leave the church of Jesus misguided, and leave themselves on the wrong road often due to “The Second Sin of David”; it is no longer about Jesus but about the numbers or about something having nothing to do with Jesus.

What do I do when Gayle Irwin cover endorses a heretical specimen of blasphemous trash like The Shack authored by a man who says there is no hell? Following an ugly financial scandal in the newspapers, what do I do when Skip Heitzig invites a teacher of New Age in pseudo-Christian packaging from an extreme axis who most would define as “Emergence’ like Leonard Sweet with worship by a Roman Catholic who adheres to the false Christianity of Rome? Chuck Smith made it clear that he does not want this Emergent influence in Calvary Chapel and he is correct. What do I do when good men of God like Roger Oakland and Paul Smith are marginalized by theocratic politics?”

There is more nonsense in that one paragraph than I have the hands to document.

Heitzig, for all of his numerous faults, is about as “new age” as I am Arminian.

Gayle Irwin teaches people how to know and love Christ and that’s the fundamental difference between him and the ODM’s.

One is all about Jesus…one makes it impossible to see him.

It’s not the Calvinists who want to bring division to your churches, my CC friends.

It’s Bryson and his new found friends in the ODM community that fear losing their power and profits…and fear even more that you will think for yourselves.

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