Jun 122017

… And now a word from our sponsors. Actually, we can’t give you a word from our sponsors, because we have very few here at the Phoenix Preacher.

A while back, I was talking with Michael about our music project, the two albums we’ve released and our music videos.  I told him that one of our music videos, “Romero”, had almost 150,000 views across all platforms, for which we have thus far had a single check in the amount of $26.48.  When Michael asked about money from the release of the albums, I had to inform him that apart from what my bandmate sells at concerts, we receive almost nothing.  When Michael continued to ask questions about how much it cost to record and produce the music, the cost of making the videos, buying equipment, etc., he finally asked me, “Why do you do it?”  I answered, “For the love of it…”

It is much the same with Phoenix Preacher.  Even with others contributing written pieces from time to time, keeping the site going is an almost full-time job.  There is the composition or soliciting of written material for every day of the week.  Then there is the searching to find relevant articles and links for all of us to enjoy.  The site has to be regularly formatted, the domain name maintained and the server sorted out from time to time.  Moreover, someone has to be the moderator, often dealing with a group of highly opinionated people who post on the threads.  This, of course, does not include the investigative reports that have, from time to time, broken here at the Phoenix Preacher.  Finally, there are the emails and telephone calls to be answered as a result of the material posted here.  This time, I asked Michael, “Why do you do it?”  He answered, “For the love of it…”

While those who regularly post comments here number about 40 or 50, there are thousands every month who take advantage of the material posted here.  It is truly an online community of faith in which theology is discussed, pastoral cares shared and a forum in which each member is valued.

So, now a word from our sponsors… That would be you and me.

Thank you for your help, prayers, care and attention. If you wish to assist financially in maintaining this community, Michael assures me that your gifts will be treasured and much appreciated.

Duane W.H. Arnold

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