Jun 262017

The Calvary Global Network side of the Calvary Chapel split begins its pastors conference today.

For some, this is a blessing if only for the fact that the barrage of invitations and exhortations to sign up for the conference will mercifully end.

For Brian Brodersen, this conference will show the viability or lack of same of his fledgling version of Calvary Chapel.

For the Calvary Chapel Association, it will undoubtedly provide more fodder for their increasingly vicious opposition to Brodersen.

We’ll be watching as we can and hopefully, we will have some boots on the ground in Costa Mesa reporting back.

Stay tuned…


  33 Responses to “Another Day of Reckoning For Calvary Chapel”

  1. Good for them, I pray that they will be blessed. Unfortunately, I am moving and will not be in attendance.

  2. While the CCA makes me want to hurl, if Brodersen has not purged his own group of all the leaven carried forward from Chuck, it really does not matter what happens next. It will not fly. No side will prosper if they do not identify what went wrong with Calvary Chapel, call the sin what it was and make a conscience effort to never do it again. (One BIG one, would be to kill off the arrogance that made it acceptable for pastors to categorize believers into two classes: the leader elite and the unwashed masses. I could be wrong, but I think it’s called, “repentance”. I may make popcorn, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Was hoping to be there as a vendor, but not ready for prime time yet. Maybe next year. Looking forward to live stream.

  4. Been gone awhile, did I miss anything big?

  5. JJS,

    Not at all. 🙂

    Working on your review…

  6. Brodersen should never open a conference or take the slot right after lunch…

  7. “conscience” in #2 should be “conscious”. Spell check is the devil.

  8. The CC Association guys are not “vicious” at all toward Brodersen. They just aren’t on board with his direction and BB has his own thing going that is different than the Traditional way Chuck did things. Very typical in Christianity as demonstrated by Chuck splitting from Four Square and Brodersen now splitting from Traditional CC. It’s how we got to all the thousands of denominations we have now in Christianity.

    My opinion from direct observation and hearing what is said behind the scenes at the CC Association conference is that it’s more akin to a friendly rivalry and not vicious at all. Kind of like Lutherans and Reformed guys giving each other flack, but at the end of the day the two Groups aren’t that far apart compared to other Groups outside their Tents.

  9. Alex – I guess you haven’t talked to MM then.

  10. The last conference featured Mike Macintosh being as vicious as a snake. The whole split is based on lies and rumors and is a shameful thing in the eyes of God…period.

  11. Col46, I did talk to MM, he’s a good dude, he just has his strong opinions….no different than how we often share strong opinions on here. Mike just disagrees with BB and has his take and perception of how things went down, that’s all. I’ve also heard him say good things about BB.

    I think a lot of the theater gets mistaken for bad blood, and there really isn’t any bad blood there, not in a secular sense.

    I think the split is a mixed bag, there’s truth on both sides and there’s perception. BB certainly did chart his own course and does things different than the Traditionalists, that is true. Is he a bad guy? Not at all and the CC Association guys don’t view him as a bad guy, just a different guy than they are. I think a lot of the drama is just perception. All these guys on both sides spend 99.9999999% of their time worrying about their own ministries and their own flocks and don’t give the politics of CC much thought. It really is loose. Michael you have always said that and I witnessed it first hand. There is no rigid leadership, it’s a bunch of equals and very democratic and a few guys get put out front by the others b/c of they are respected. It’s like that on both sides of the CC split.

  12. Alex,
    We will agree to disagree.
    I think what the CCA boys have done is evil…and I don’t think there’s any other word for it.

  13. Not everyone gets along, not everyone “affiliates” well together. I wouldn’t do well in the more liberal side of CC b/c I’m very conservative. Those who are more into social justice and are more socially liberal will have a harder time in the CC Traditionalist side (in general). Different strokes for different folks. The Lutherans have a conservative and liberal branch. So do many other denominations.

  14. “I think what the CCA boys have done is evil…and I don’t think there’s any other word for it.”

    Disagreed. I didn’t see any of that at the CCA conference.

  15. But, let’s talk about BB and GCN and what they are doing that is good. I think they are doing a lot of good and wish them the best.

  16. I srsly think Brian and GCN are much more effective at reaching a particular Group than the CCA guys. God uses Brian and his Group to reach people that are turned off by conservatism…and vice versa. That’s the real underlying spit IMO.

  17. I, for one, like Brian’s laid back style of just talking and sharing. I think it was a great opener that set the tone for the conference at what churches should be about.

  18. Something isn’t adding up in the narrative here. Alex is saying the BB split off from CCA and the traditionalists. But I thought Costa Mesa owned the name and dove logo. Also, who owns the Bible colleges? It seems CCA is the one that started their own denomination. I’m obviously confused.

  19. We are going to be staring at one another and making up for our crap well into Christ’s millennial reign. God help us.

  20. Steve,

    To the best of my understanding, the. Ccbc in Murietta is a ministry of CCCM and as such, affiliate schools are graciously given the ability to transfer their credits to the Nan campus.

    Except for this new CBai thing. The CCA has decided to make their own Bible college system and us directing people there instead.

    I am open to correction, but that’s my girl I understanding.

  21. Steve @18 – A short version would be this. BB split from CCA. Costa Mesa owns the name and logo and properties in question (for the most part). CCA is continuing on their path, but BB is banning them from using name, logo, or sending people to colleges, not as yet anyway.

    CCA would argue that they are carrying on what CC is supposed to be, from their perspective.

    BB would seem, I can’t quote him, but would seem to not care about carrying a flag or defending a legacy as such, as CCA would care to do. Which is probably why he doesn’t care, currently, about fighting over the name and properties and such.

    I would suspect that when methodologies and emphasis become divergent enough there might be a fight over labels and names. On paper anyway, they theology is the same. It’s the rest that is different enough for there to need to be a parting of ways.

    CCA has already started their own school. I forget what it’s called right now. If I were in the mix, I’d suggest that CCA drop the “Chapel” part of the name. Tons of churches and such are already Calvary whatever. But since they are basically fightling/claiming to be the one true CC group of people, I suspetc that won’t happen unless they are legally forced to.

  22. Correction:

    “Cbai” schools be CBI (Calvary Bible Institute). John Randall’s quasi-logo on a school based out of Diamond Bar (Raul Reis).

    CCA is trying to start their own bible college system while trying to steer them away from cccm affiliated campuses.

  23. Broderson can put a crowd to SLEEP at times.

  24. #23

    They must be taking communion too lightly

  25. Any word on attendance?

  26. JJ,

    It looks light, but I haven’t spoken to anybody yet.

  27. Just like that, a report comes in…
    One of my sources there says it’s down a couple hundred with the most noticeable drop being in the amount of pastors wives.
    It’s a very young group this year…which is probably exactly the group Brian is aiming at…the CCA conference looks like an AARP gathering…

  28. Indeed, if it is really a more younger crowd this time, then it’s exactly what bb hopes for.

  29. Yesterday the crowd was considerably less than in previous years. When I arrived just prior to the first session, both the parking lot and the registration line were much lighter than years past. We’ll see what happens today.

  30. According to Michelle Wright, just over 800 registrants plus another hundred day registrants. There you go:)

  31. What’s considered normal attendance?

  32. I only posted because I wanted people to have the right numbers. Last year the registration was 1450 for all registrants, including day visitors. So, there you go. Once again, these numbers are directly from the registration coordinator of the conferences. I hope this helps! Blessings.

  33. Interesting the various readers of this blog.

    I will liken Brodersen to a contemporary form of Gideon. This new movement is leaner, younger, and I believe healthier.

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