Oct 252017

Fats Domino died this morning.

It will get dark earlier tonight…

The true “Mt. Rushmore” of rock and roll would have him on it, next to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

He was before them and with them, but not like them.

Elvis was odd and dangerous, Chuck was mean and greedy, Richard was bi sexual and bold, and Jerry Lee was a felony waiting to happen.

There was no menace to Fats Domino in persona or music, only joy.


He wasn’t trying to scare or seduce you, he just wanted everyone to have a good time.

He was a master of the boogie woogie piano and the incredible rolling beat of his left hand and the huge smile on his face provided all you needed to have one.

There were no big scandals or arrest records, no burnt pianos, no gunshots in the night.

Just joy.

He gave me lots of it.

It will endure the passing of another casket…

  16 Responses to “Antoine (Fats) Domino 1928-2017”

  1. Great listening – total agreement from my generation, Fats’ generation
    glad the Phoenix Preacher notes his passing

  2. Em,

    While my peers were listening to Led Zeppelin or the other music of the day, I was listening to the men I noted above.

    I loved Fats Domino…

  3. Those who claim to be knowledgeable and love rock n roll that have little familiarity with Fats and the whole New Orleans sound are akin to Christians who know little about and don’t study the OT.

    Rest in peace with your Saviour Fat Man.

  4. Jeff…I’ll amen all that…

  5. Well… to be truthful, I loved listening to Fats, but I found Elvis boring and creepy

  6. I like all those guys. Unlike Em, I was a big Elvis fan. Saw him live in Vegas when I was 9 years old…what an experience!!

  7. Michael

    Could we also pass the hat for Sister Rosetta Tharp?

  8. Jeff,

    You just got bonus points.

    Ask any of those guys from Memphis or Macon who they were influenced by and her name is always one of the first…

  9. Captain K, I was about 15 when I saw the Mills Bros. at a Las Vegas dinner club and became a life long fan of that group… “Across the alley from the Alamo, a pinto pony and a Navajo sang a sort of an Indian hidi-ho to the people passing by….” and there was a magic summer evening at the Greek Theater with my future husband listening to Harry Belafonte sing calypso music. ..
    I peeled off when Elvis got “all shook up” … I was too serious, I guess
    (How did a 9 year old get in to see a Las Vegas rock and roll show, btw?)

  10. My wife and I saw Elvis in 1970 or 71 when he began his Las Vegas comeback. He opened the new International Hotel and we we there the 2nd week. That was a big score for a couple if 21 yr old college students.

  11. She was really something, I understand.

  12. Michael

    Thank you, simply thank you… If I could do what he did with his left hand on the piano, I’d die a happy man….

  13. Bob1 and all out there who love gospel


  14. I hope God lets Fats read that. Touching.

  15. Duane, thank you.
    Descended, that was very kind of you and choked me up.

    Part of the attraction of heaven is that I know they built a juke joint out back…there has to be if He prepared a place for me…

  16. I’m sure he has something superior – “a [chord] of three ain’t easily busted”

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