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We’ve lost a fair number of readers over the last couple of years because of the perception that I am a political liberal, particularly on the issue of immigration.

My reply to this has been that I believe that my stance on the issue is a biblical one and that if I am to follow Christ according to Scripture and conscience I have no other option.


The following story is a prime example.

In 2009 Emilio Gutierrez Soto and his son Oscar, fled Mexico and applied for legal asylum in the United States.

They did so following every proper legal procedure the system requires.

Gutierrez was a reporter and he reported the truth about corruption in the Mexican Army.

They set about to kill him.

You can read the whole story here as written by the late Charles Bowden.

After many years of following all the legal mandates of the American system, The United States has decided to deny Emilio and his son asylum and is going to deport them both.

They will be killed if they are.

Mexico is the most dangerous place on earth to be an honest journalist.

I think this is a travesty, a perversion of justice and righteousness, and an absolute rejection of the biblical mandate to love your neighbor and care for the sojourner.

This should be an outrage to those who believe in Christian ethics and biblical principals.

This is not a liberal or conservative issue to me, but one of sacred belief and responsibility.

How would you define it?

Here’s the latest update from this morning…

“A few updates on the situation now faced by Emliio Gutierrez Soto and his son, Oscar Gutierrez. They have been transferred from the Sierra Blanca, Texas detention center and are now held in the ICE Processing Center in El Paso. Yesterday, they were handcuffed, shackled and spent hours in a van, first on the 2-3 hour trip from Sierra Blanca to El Paso, then from there to the Otero County Detention Center near Chaparral, NM, and then back to El Paso. They reported that there were no beds available last night and they slept on the cement floor. Emilio has hypertension and other health problems and has no access to his medication. He said that his request to see a doctor was denied. “

God help them both… and us if we smear our hands with their blood.

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  1. “’Cursed is he who distorts the justice due an alien, orphan, and widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’”
    ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭27:19‬ ‭NASB‬‬

    Clearly a biblical issue.

    It is also a political issue; however politics gets messy.

    I DARE anyone to do a word study on the Hebrew word for “alien.” It will rock your world.

    I stand with you, Michael.
    And people WILL SEE the truth. Who want to. In time.

    We hope.

  2. Michael, have you seen the film “Amazing Grace” with Benedict Cumberpatch?

    About the abolition of slavery.

  3. Lord, why? Please! Save now.

  4. JTK,
    Thank you as always.
    I haven’t seen it…but I’ll put it on the list.

  5. CK…thank you my friend.

  6. I’m with you Michael. It IS a biblical stance. I think somewhere in the OT God says He razed Sodom and Gomorrah because they didn’t regard the alien among them (very loose quote…in car right now).

    Besides, what the $&@$&#% is with people so knee-jerk yelling “liberal” every time someone takes this kind of stand? Oh that’s right, liberals are worse than Satan.

    Being a Christian is not a matter of conservative versus liberal.

  7. Jtk, Amazing Grace is a great film!

  8. i read an article written for a publication out of the University of Texas, Austin in Jan of 2011, i believe… Soto had a hearing in which his attorney was not allowed to speak and his evidence backing his claim to fleeing death threats (he lost his home in Chihuahua) was not allowed to be presented – i didn’t know a prosecuting attorney had the right to do that…
    Jtk is right that politics creates these problems… question is, whose politics is behind this?

    praying that these men, if required to leave the U.S., will not end up in Mexico…

    i can see two sides of the coin, however. The world is in upheaval and there is no way for stable nations to absorb the migrations now underway… some, like the example in Michael’s post, could probably be accommodated, but governments are not very good at doing things according to God’s design… Herod killed innocent babies as did the Pharaoh… and, of course, in the eyes of the Pharisees it was necessary for good of all that one innocent “man” should die…

    not trying to justify, just praying that our Lord’s kingdom will come soon (the Lutheran way or the Dispensationalist’s way, no matter) even as i pray for the safety of the innocents now

  9. Michael

    In the 1930s there was a revival of church music in Germany based upon Gregorian Chant. It was something dear to the heart of Bonhoeffer. Yet, when he saw people more interested in music than in the persecution and arrests that were taking place, he preached a sermon in which he said, ““Only he who cries [out] for the Jews may sing Gregorian chant.”

    Our priority must always be the oppressed, the persecuted, “the least of these…”

    Thank you for this.

  10. I will copy my thoughts from Facebook:

    There has been and continues to be much debate as to how we should secure our borders and who we should let in to our country. There are reasonable (and unreasonable) and justifiable (and unjustifiable) contentions on both sides of the debate. The issue is complicated and in many cases things are not nearly as black and white as many want to make them out to be and then fester into outrage.

    However, sometimes there are cases where there is just outright wrong and injustice, and if anything is going to bring us outrage and impetus to bring about righteousness, it would be cases like this one.

  11. Thank you, Duane.

    Thank you as well, Kevin.

    The Mexican migration has been in reverse since 2012…we must have others motivations here.
    Em, the object of the asylum court isn’t justice, it’s blowing through the backlog and getting these people out of here.

  12. I may get blasted by the more conservative ilk here, but I stand with Michael and Kirk on this one.

    Micah 6:8 is all I need to know regarding my stance with this father and son.

    If Christians were more about our Father’s business and less worried about winning debates we might see some traction with issues like this.

    We could be more like the young Catholic priest I read about years ago who decided to actually take in the unwed pregnant young woman. In other words, we need to put our beliefs (not money) where our mouths are.

    By the way Amazing Grace, just an incredible movie. Wilberforce is a man many of us should try to be more like in many ways.

    All of this to say, I need to take my own advice in this mini-rant!

  13. Duane,

    First they came for the Communists…

    We all know the rest.

  14. Thanks OC Dan…sounds like that movie is one I need to watch with T…

  15. #12 Dan

    It is a good film… Wilberforce – too conservative for the progressives, to progressive for the conservatives – the story of many here…

  16. “Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

  17. Michael, my thots posted above were not targeting the Mexican part of this problem… Living in an agricultural part of the nation where hand labor is still required I live with a very large contingent of Latino folks, who, like the rest of the human race, are a mix of good and bad – the good are the best of the best IMV….
    one very troubling fact is that if they cross the Mexican (I assume it’s Mexican) underworld, there is no place in our country that is safe for them….

    Yes, as Christians, we should confront mindless bigotry, especially when it is spewed by our fellow Believers…. that said, on the one hand we protest that this is not a Christian nation and then we expect it to act as if it were… the problem being discussed in this thread is just one of many that one can argue will bring God’s judgment

    I only see one answer to the corruption south of our border and it would be a war… Question is, who is going to fight it? Our nation may be under the radar now, but we’re pretty corrupted ourselves….
    It is good you hold our feet to the fire here…
    However, if we’re not praying, we’re not doing what we’re commanded to do – for our own survival among other reasons

  18. The only factors preventing this country from “absorbing” immigrants of any status who are proven to be non criminal are greed and baseless fear perpetuated by political forces for their own corrupt gain. Period.

  19. Em,

    You are correct that the migration crises continues without any real solutions.
    It’s getting late in the day to find some…

  20. If I ever want a quiet day on the blog…this is how I do it… 🙂

  21. Now I need to see Amazing Grace too.

  22. While I can’t agree with Anne that we can absorb the hordes of migrants on the move world-wide now, I would agree that in a less turbulent time her words hold a great weight of truth… It seems to be the nature of mankind to not welcome the stranger… we reveal our ugly underbelly when, if you’re not “one of us,” you’re a bad person and we don’t want you here. .. and folks like the man and his son who are the subject of concern in Michael’s food for thought today pay the price
    Amen to #19
    I’m not sure what is underway now – it’s almost as if we’re witnessing a new version of the times of the Patriarchs, but this time the migration is on steroids …
    I do take comfort from the truth that our God IS in control of history and history seems to cycle with each one more intense than the last

  23. You have lost readers, because you are an ecumenical false teacher. The only draw this place had, was its “inside information” on Calvary Chapel. Now that Calvary Chapel is also a den of ecumenical false teachers, there’s no reason to visit here more than a few times a month to see what big Calvary pastoral name is currently covered in sinful controversy.

  24. On George, I never would have tho t you, of all the Forefathers would be a gossip monger. . 🙈 🙉🙊
    Michael may have lost readers, I doubt it… but it’s certain that he hasn’t lost thinkers…

  25. All,

    Again, I do recommend the movie “Amazing Grace”! As far as I know, it’s only available on DVD, not Blu-Ray. Streaming? If only to hear John Newton utter those words “All I know is that I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great Savior” – something like that.

    Amen #24!

  26. That wasn’t really George Washington…because he would have had the courage to sign his real name…

  27. Some of my thoughts in this case.

    Asylum seekers should have their claims assessed according to UN rules. No one should be sent back to unreasonable danger.

    Countries should not be obliged to accept all genuine refugees who want to come.

    Therefore, refugees, such as in this case, should be able to be resettled in a safe third country.

  28. #23

    Ecumenical false teacher.

    Ecumenical false teacher.

    Ecumenical false teacher.

    Repeat and rinse!

  29. Is there any recourse that his lawyer can take with Texas congressman and/or Senators? This seems like a very unique case that should be heard by higher ups.

  30. Washington = Bryson?

  31. This place is a breath of fresh air for me, so I’m still around!

  32. Trumping up Jerusalem, killing Oscar and Emilio. We are in full Pharisee mode these days.

  33. Michael, I’m learning to separate your ecumenism and mysticism from what you express as your faith and faithfulness. Just do the job God gave you buddy nothing more nothing less.

  34. descended,

    I’m interested in your accusation that Michael embraces “mysticism.” I can’t recall a single thing Michael has ever written that I would consider mysticism. Could you define what that term means to you?

  35. Josh,

    For all of Bryson’s faults he’s always signed his name when he attacked.
    This guy doesn’t…

  36. I don’t mind being called ecumenical or a mystic.
    I consider both compliments.

  37. With captain kevin @#3. Save now show Your mercy strong!

  38. Jean
    If you consider it an accusation we may have more in common than I thought.

    No offense, Michael

  39. Wonder where George get his stats. I’ve read here daily for over ten years, but rarely feel the need to add a comment. I’m betting that I’m not alone.

    Michael is a wonderfully gifted writer, whose heart grows with age. I guess love tends to make one “ecumenical”.

  40. Jim,

    Thank you as always, my friend.
    If George knew the real numbers he’d be really unhappy…

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