Apr 112018

In a radical twist on the old “touch not God’s anointed” threat to laity, Francis Chan raises the bar on both the threat and biblical distortion.

I guess when you’re on the board of an organization like Gospel for Asia, you need to shut people up where ever you go…

The Scriptures speak of exposing false teachers and corrupt shepherds throughout…because God loves His kids and holds His leaders to higher standards.

Watch this video and see what spiritual manipulation really looks like…then run from it.

Read here about “touching the Lord’s anointed”…if you’re in Christ, you are one of His anointed.



  9 Responses to “Beware of Francis Chan”

  1. This has more to do with his involvement with NAR – New Apostolic Reformation which is apostate and creeping close to satanic, than his involvement with Gospel Asia which has now turned into an eastern religion.

  2. Last time, I defended Chan. This time I won’t he is way off base here.

  3. Celebrity pastor goes of the rails. Go figure. He wrote a couple of cool books, had a big church, and now he’s lost his mind.

    Anyone who says they are God’s anointed to me, gets to see me walk away. I fell into that trap in Calvary Chapel. It took years to dig out.

    One time I asked a friend, “how do you know that SO and SO is God’s anointed.” His reply was “because SO and SO said he was anointed.” Then a bunch of Christianese about “fruit,” and church growth (“Look how much this church has grown, that must be a work of God”).

  4. Uzzah was not carrying the ark, it was on a cart. 😕

  5. I’ve got a huge problem when any pastor says, “God told me that THEY need to be warned . . . .” or any other thing that includes God allegedly telling a pastor “they”. That is absolute arrogance. It reminds me of when Moses said, “Must WE bring you water out of this rock?”. There is no “we”, it is God and the rest of us.

  6. Creepy.

  7. Thank you Michael for posting this. I’m very susceptible to this kind of manipulation and I really appreciate this kind of discernment.

  8. Unity for unity’s sake.

    He really just called himself an apostle by choosing Ananias and Sapphyra. Wow. Don’t fib to Chan.

  9. …comparing himself to…

    autocorrect :-/

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