Dec 052017

This week Phil and I discuss the “gift of discernment”…and we need a new name for the podcast.

Any suggestions? Clean ones?


  16 Responses to “Calvin’s Corner”

  1. Cranmer’s Corner….

  2. My favorite column used to be Eutychus and His Kin in CT

    Simple change — Canterbury Corner

  3. Medford Meddlers

  4. Ramsey’s Room…

  5. Unfortunately, my partner in crime is not (yet) an Anglican… 🙂

  6. Rogue Christians… in honor of the river of course.

  7. The most creative name I have come up with so far is: “Rod and Staff.”

    This name would convey a purpose of the podcast to proclaim Law and Gospel.

    However, if you want to transcend Christianity as also discuss secular topics, such as sports, then how about:

    “The Two Cities Podcast” or simply “Two Cities.”

  8. Cappadocia Cafe

  9. “It’s All Good” with Mike and Phil

  10. How about The Phil and Mike Show? Or… Phil at the Mike? or Fission con Fusion? or ? I will stop now… 😁 .. for now….

  11. Curious: Why change the name of the podcast? You’re not disavowing Calvin, are you? 🙂

    “The Podcast Formerly Known as Calvin’s Corner”

  12. “Things We Think.”

  13. How about changing the name to “Hear I Stand.”

  14. I know Henry VIII’s Big Idea …

  15. Maybe “Anglican Angst”? 😉

  16. What about something to appeal to the “hip”, an acronym:

    C2C^2: Calvin To Crammer’s Corner

    An there is an oblique Star Wars Reference too.

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