Feb 292016

Phil and I discuss how fast the fruit of the Spirit rots online…

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  4 Responses to “Calvin’s Corner”

  1. Thanks for the conviction.
    And thanks for acknowledging there is a case for anonymity online sometimes. As for me, I have no problem saying publically what I say here: but something that may surprise those who’ve judged me is that I am protecting someone who, though not innocent, is vulnerable.

  2. Thank you for listening!

    We’ve always maintained that there was place for anonymity here…

  3. It’s so true that anger (and I would add fear) has begun to permeate our society. One need only to listen to a news broadcast to hear the kind of crass language and attitudes that seem to be becoming the norm. I agree that as Christians, we are to be different but many times we’re not and it’s because we are succumbing to the spirit of this age. Facebook and other social media, especially Twitter, get downright nasty and one has to watch out because they might be retweeting something someone else said that is not appropriate. I know I have had to really be careful about that and I don’t always get it right. Good broadcast.

  4. Cash,

    Very well said, my friend.
    It’s a problem for me, as well…but we all know that already. 🙂

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