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“On April 3, 2014, Bob Coy resigned as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, effective immediately, after confessing to a moral failing in his life which disqualifies him from continuing his leadership role at the church he has led since its founding in 1985. The media ministry of the Active Word that distributes his Bible teachings through radio, television, and digital media has also been suspended.

Pastor Bob will be focusing his full attention on his personal relationship with God and with his family. The governing board of the church is providing counselors and ministers who will help guide him through the process of full repentance, cleansing and restoration.

Trusting in God’s providence, protection, provision and direction, the staff of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale will continue our mission to “make disciples,” through regular services at all campuses and through myriad other ministries the church has established over the years. A team of assistant pastors already on staff will maintain their usual rotating schedule as teaching pastors for all services.”


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  1. This is a good statement. Now LORD bless this church and heal them. Bless these families and heal them. Heal the body. Heal the mind. Restore all your people.

  2. I have not been to this site in quite sometime (If anyone doubts that , I’m sure Michael can verify that, right Michael?) I’d just like to ask a simple question. When, oh when will the sin sniffing and salivating over someones “moral failure”come to an end? I know for sure that I would’t want my own, and hypocrisy exposed for the whole world to see. And neither would you Michael. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I’m a wretched sinful person. And so are you. I don’t give a rip if you allow this past the moderation phase or not! I’m just sick to death of Christians jumping all over each other when they’ve fallen. Michael, my cell phone is if You have anything you’d like to say to me. And I’ll be glad to talk with you via Skype, FaceTime, or in person about my comments if we ever happen to be close enough to each other. I’m just sick of it….Stop already, close this piece of garbage sight down and stop digging up peoples sin, and causing division in the body.

  3. Frank,

    You’re entitled to your opinion.
    I didn’t dig anyones sin up, nor am I rejoicing over it.
    If you don’t like the site, then you have a working mouse that will whisk you away in a click.
    I edited your cell #…that was a silly thing to post.

  4. Michael, you are a FALSE TEACHER. REPENT.

  5. Frank @ 2 “When, oh when will the sin sniffing and salivating over someones “moral failure”come to an end?”

    I didn’t read any salivating, all I read was a stumbled pastor who is seeking reconciliation with his family. All good things. In fact, it was a direct quote from the church’s website.

    “I know for sure that I would’t want my own, and hypocrisy exposed for the whole world to see.”

    I do. I fear the Lord and expect accountability. My vice is lust, especially where I live, please pray for me.

    “Stop already, close this piece of garbage sight down and stop digging up peoples sin, and causing division in the body”

    Exposing sin doesn’t cause division to the body, it causes unity. Unity to Christ. It should unite us to help and pray for our hurting, to remind ourselves to fear the Lord God, and not man. To remind us not to idolize men (senior pastors), and to hold them accountable along with a host of other things.

    Dealing with sin brings healing and turns hearts toward God. This is eternally more important than character, brand, image, PR and a host of other idolatrous things the church does to itself.

  6. Didn’t his brother leave Calvary a few years ago for the same reason?

  7. It would not have hit the press so to speak if he were not the pastor of a mega church. And if it had not affected thousands of Christians who trusted and respected the man. The man’s teachings were disseminated across the land through the usual media, reaching out to many. You can imagine how many lives are now impacted by his moral failure.

    Let not many of you be teachers, my brothers, knowing that we will receive heavier judgment.
    James 3:1

    When a man decides to teach and is elevated over a large congregation it behooves him to expose himself to accountability. All men in Christ will have sinful thoughts and sinful urges come against him constantly by the enemy of our souls. No one is exempt just because they are the head of a large mega church.

    If there is no accountability and the man who is a Christian teacher falls he will face greater judgement and condemnation. The Word of God says so.

    And so it is…and so it shall be.

  8. so he is not leaving CCFTL? his co-pastors are counseling him? that seems odd when they did not see the signs in the first place.

  9. His wife certainly isn’t unattractive.

  10. RiBo, will you be able to confirm one way or the other if Bob stepped down of his own accord or if it was only after a woman came forward? Thanks.

  11. erunner,
    That’s a different Alex…

  12. Thanks Michael, do you have any information concerning that as I believe it’s very germane to the conversation?

  13. Pastor Bob Coy, I am still praying for you and your family & I certainly hope you are a Pastor somewhere as you helped me in my involvement with the Lord. I was there when there were only appx. 20 people at the service at the former funeral home off Commercial Blvd, thank you George Merritt for taking me under your wing, and awaking a new spirit in me. So in conclusion Lord look after the Coy family and I pray Bob is a Pastor in some capacity and that You, Lord, are his main focus !

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