May 302010

I‘m posting a special prayer thread for those looking for employment.

If you or a loved one needs such specific prayer, let us know.

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  1. Besides myself, I know Papias and Mike Macon are in need of a new job.

  2. praying…
    the Lord knows the answer to this one has been deferred so long that it makes one heartsick and yet…God is a wise provider and a wonderful Father… so Lord Jesus, You know…
    (but a surprise would be nice 😉 )

  3. Holly,

    I think so…thank you for reminding us.

  4. me too please.

  5. I could be looking soon…or sooner than later…I do need wisdom on what to do and how to proceed, and trust God to lead thru a variety of methods.

  6. Praying for all those mentioned. Jehovah Jireh is faithful.

  7. I’ll be praying for all of you and may I ask that you all keep Greece in your prayers as well? Its pretty rough for quite a few here and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.


  8. Phil, wow..I was just thinking the same thing about Greece.

    My dear friend Mark has been out of work for over a year.

  9. Nene Hi!!! So sorry we didn’t get to meet when I was in the states. Next time for sure. Enjoy the E-fest. Wish I could be there. Blessings to all and I will be praying for you all this week for jobs.

  10. Lots of need for employment, wow, can I relate after what I went through. My heart and prayers go out for you all.

  11. DMW

  12. If I haven’t remembered anybody please forgive me and PLEASE sign up…I’m going to keep this in front of us until we’re all employed.
    We’ll watch God work…

  13. I realize you folks don’t know me as I’ve mostly been lurking but work has been slow this year and I am forced to move. (self employed) As of now I have no place to go.

    Prayers would be greatly appreciated.


  14. came2pass, praying
    (no family?)

  15. Thanks Em…no family…

  16. Papias
    Nene’s friend Mark

  17. I am not unemployed, and for that I’m very grateful. Next year, I will only be teaching half-time, partly by choice. As far as my health is concerned, this is a good thing. The obvious con is half-time work = half-time pay. I’m open to other opportunities, should they arise, but trusting the Lord that if not, my family’s needs will be met.

    Praying for all the requests above.

  18. Hi Dusty,
    Hope you’re still there. Saw your last message to me several days after the thread had faded, and was hoping to catch you sometime. Thanks so much for the prayers. School is out now, and it’s time not only to start checking things off the old to-do list, but to work on my health. I’ve gained over 30 pounds in the last year-and-a-half, partly due to medication, partly to new demands of my job, partly due to inactivitiy brought on my pain and fatigue. So I plan to spend a lot of time in the pool this summer. I’m asking the Lord to help me shed the pounds, regain strength, and regain mobility.

    I hope you are doing well. I haven’t been able to keep up with you and all of my PP friends for so long, I feel a bit out of the loop. Blessings to you and Buster.

  19. brought on BY pain…

  20. Hi Captain Kevin,

    I will agree with you in prayer for regained strength, regained mobility and ungained pounds.

    has the pain let up at all yet? Do you know yet what is causing it?

  21. Holly, I posted it on our prayer thread.

  22. Praying for all those seeking employment.

  23. …and for MB’s illness.

  24. “keep throwing up bright red blood. I have the most awful shakes and chills too.”

    That is not a close call.

    I sympathize with the cost issue – I have had to make this call many times with nine children and limited resources.

    But I just asked my daughter who is a nurse and she said go to the ER right away. She said the shakes could come from losing blood.

    Of course this is all up to you but I felt like I needed to say something.

    God bless you in this.

  25. i have a son like Holly – i hope she has long since headed for treatment if she did not receive that healing from the Throne of God (always a possibility) – seems like it should be so simple: i’m sick, i know the Creator of the Universe and beyond…

  26. Dusty,
    It’s not a hard diagnosis, but my rheumatologist is treating me for fibromyalgia. As far as the pain, I have good days and bad. Fatigue is caused by both the fibro and sleep apnea, so I now sleep with a C-pap machine, which I hate, but it does seem to help a little bit. I tell people I’m a 47-year-old man in a 74-year-old body. Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer.

  27. Thank you Dusty. School will be ending on June 18th. I need to work till that date.

    Oh momma Holly…please go to the drs. I really want you to go…may the Lord give you much needed strength and health. Hope this was ok for me to say this.. I just care is all.

    Keven, your 8:16 rings so clear to me. I feel the exact same way. May the Lord heal your body, and provide for your family.

    Well, I do have wonderful news; I told my friend Mark I put him on the prayer list. He reported he was offered a job Fri. He said to tell you all thank you, and if he could stay on the list. This will be the first time outside his original field of employment/starting over/less money. Thanks guys.

    Came2pass, praying for you. and welcome.

  28. Holly, get to the Doctors office, Emergency, what ever is open.

  29. Both I and my husband are looking for work. No one wants to hire 45 year old women who has not had to work for the past six years, and a 51 year old hairdresser/artist/pastor. Times are rough, looking at letting the house go.

  30. Came2pass, where are you located?

  31. Hey guys..could you all pray for me right now? I’m just a bit nervous…2 helicopters above, and police are walking around my street….it’s always something here…ugh. It just makes me so uneasy. Thank you!!!

  32. Whew…the helicopters have left, and the police are down the street. Now I can sleep. (sorry to bump this thread, I just was so nervous!!

  33. As most of you know I lost my health insurance. After hours of working with social workers, even through I am totally disabled I do not qualify for anything. I need a job so I can get health insurance, but since the motorcycle accident I have not been able to be on my feet for more than a few hours at a time. So I need my leg to heal so I can get a job with health insurance. I am 60 with a bad heart. Anyone would be nuts to hire me, but I am good at finding nuts, I just need my right leg back working right so I can actually work.

    In checking around there is a large security company that hires a lot of old timers and I have talked to a few of the guys who work for them and it sound like I can get a job with them but I need to be on my feet from midnight to 8, then be able to care for Debbie when I get home .. as I think about it, I would rather be in heaven, but those are the facts, i need work.

  34. A few requests my three main area of employment
    A private non profit organization that deals with developing mobile apps for people with disabilities, I am dealing now with writing the marketing part of the business plan and have met with several business experts on how to do this over a broad area so that I can help employ folks online and in their homes. It would be like a sales / support role to the local market where people who use our products. The main idea was to develop a new model of customer support. This has not been fully developed so finding financing is tricking. The situation DM is in comes to mind of the type of person I would like to help.

    The second is my own employment, being a teacher is tiring we work double hours never paid overtime and our job is always on the chopping block. Besides we are the lowest form of vermin in the State of California at the moment. I love the job and am very grateful for the work but it is extremely taxing. I am hoping to find a second revenue stream for the program I work for so I can work their for free. It is a long story but I would love to have that honor I consider being a teacher a sacred calling, as stupid as that sounds.

    The third is a rollout that is coming up in July, I will be involved in intense training and work over June as I am starting a work program for being a MS systems engineer, focusing on mobile devices which supports the first and second goal of my plan. I wish I could help all of you, but I am not in that position.

  35. Because of the time difference I am just catching up on these requests and my heart is aching.

    Loving Father, your children are hurting, have needs and are relying upon you. Lord we wait in hope. You are our strength and a very present help in time of trouble, therefore we will not fear, but will wait and trust in You. Comfort and uphold your people as they trust in You.
    We come to You in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

  36. Oh Lord, I thank you that your people want to work. And Lord, as I read your word, I see that they are in concert with you regarding work and wanting to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Even the widows you have provided for, and instructed in your word to not cut the corners of the fields so they could reap there.

    Lord, I pray for provision for these saints, for employment, if that is your will, for business ideas and support if that is your will, for provision for their needs, in every way. Help us, as your people, to be creative and to see a way. Help us to care for one another and to lift one another up, in prayer, in physical provision and in emotional support. Thank you, Lord, for your love for us all.

  37. Amen, Nonnie and Linnea.

    Lord, have mercy on your children.

    I’ll be updating the prayer thread with just the names of people who need employment, including a link to this thread.

  38. Thank you Nene. Praying for you too.

  39. Lord, PLEASE provide for DMW and Debbie’s needs according to Your riches in glory through Christ Jesus. Lord, heal His leg OR provide a job where he wouldn’t have to stand too much. Also, please provide health insurance at a reasonable cost. Please provide for our faithful friend. Amen.

  40. Nene…thanks for the prayer and the welcome.

    jlo…I live in Visalia Ca. (I think Believe might know where that is…ugh…)

    Thanks to all… I’m praying for everyone here.

  41. Praying for you all, praying for you DMW, Debbie, brian.

  42. We are believing the LORD for jobs and better jobs….

  43. Prayers from here as well. sigh, life on planet earth is such a struggle…..but God is good, and somehow we do all make it, day by day, sometimes,just hour by hour…. He is good.
    This life is not our destination.
    Remember, He is the God of all Hope. Romans 15:13

  44. A sort of inside connection it does require lifting and some travel

  45. brian, thanks for the link. 🙂

  46. Joining with Linnea and Nonnie adding an Amen to their prayers

    Mr C is also looking for employment…
    although we are awaiting a response,
    as he has an application in review at the chamber of commerce to change our visa status from visitor to commerce or foreign businessman… so he would be able to start a local business here.
    all doors/offers to re enter the corporate world seem to keep shutting.

  47. Just had a major setback…the electrical system went haywire on the truck…they’ll call me every 300.00…

  48. Praying, Michael.

  49. Michael….so very sorry. I’m hoping you haven’t received many calls from this yet!! Praying that it is resolved and that employment comes quickly on the heels of this setback.

  50. Hello,

    I am in need of employment and am also going through a difficult spiritual struggle. I would appreciate prayer for deliverance and God’s provision. Thank you.

  51. Praying, Kevin.

  52. prayer continues for all in this dry time of testing – Lord Jesus, we need You – we need to be strengthened and see healing and hope above this dark, confusing time

  53. Lord Jesus, I beg you to please assist me so I can be accepted in Congress. Please guide me so I can pass the exams and interviews. Please show me the people I will approach for my application. Thank You Lord for all the blessings You have given me and my children. We give our entire life to You Lord Jesus. We invite You Lord Jesus and we accept You as our Lord, God and Saviour. Amen

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