Jul 282015

61h43xNLRoL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_My friend Tony Brussat has authored a new book examining the faith through the lens of the philosophical construct of “qualia”.

It’s a fascinating and challenging way to think about how God creates and sustains the creation.

If you’re interested in how different thinkers think about the faith, this will be of interest to you.

“Faith is not blind. Our faith has been learned by experience since the dawn of time. Experience has taught us that God has always provided for our needs. Our lives, and the lives of our ancestors, all the way back to the very beginning of life, have been filled with God’s qualia. He has always revealed new secrets, new landmarks and pathways through the landscape, to guide us out of danger. Those who notice survive; those who don’t notice, perish. Our faith, like any trait, is carried on in the survivors and on down through the generations.”

To top it all off it was edited by our own EricL and it’s free till Friday.

Click here for a Kindle copy…



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