Apr 262017

I’m angry.

Very angry.

One of my life long escapes from reality has been comic books.

I learned to read with them and more importantly, I learned values from them.

Captain America was one of my favorites.

Not anymore.

You see, Marvel Comics has decided to rewrite the Captain America mythology and now he’s been a secret Nazi all along.

The character created by two Jewish men to represent “American” values, whose first book cover was of him smiting Hitler…was now a fraud and bad guy from the beginning.

Before this rewrite Cap was ethical, conservative, moral, self sacrificial and decent…he knew right from wrong and did right.

He was trustworthy.

Evidently, such cannot be allowed to endure anymore.

One gets the impression that the corporate owners of this character hate the hero that has made them millions because of the values he represents.

Marvel has been trying to get rid of the fictional Steve Rogers for years, replacing him at various times with other men to fill the suit and even killing him off.

He was resurrected when there was movie money to be made.

Now, to be blunt, I don’t consider myself to be a “patriot”.

I don’t think the “America” that Captain America represents ever existed anymore than the the character did…but oh, how I wish it were so.

Cap has been an enduring cultural symbol of what we could be, what we should all aspire to be.

We need symbols in society that show us a better way.

We don’t need the ones that have served us well defiled beyond recognition…especially in a culture that constantly serves young people perverse symbols of depravity as a constant diet.

Somewhere out there is a lonely kid who is learning to read and learning values from  comic books just like I did.

His values will be different from mine…because without heroes to read about, you won’t aspire to be one yourself.

Maybe that’s the whole point…

  8 Responses to “Hating a Hero”

  1. Hold on…I don’t get it. I KNOW tHey had this big “hoo hah” about the same issue with Cap about this time LAST year, and I thought they settled the issue back then.

    (I had several discussions with fellow “Cap heads” at my old job (Chick-fil-A) and one of them was keeping up with it day-to-day.)

  2. Stephen,

    It’s still playing out in the books…which I will never buy nor read.

  3. Michael, this post? FWIW this old lady thinks that you’ve got exactly right

  4. Thanks, Em.

    I just think we need good role models…and because of the Fall, most of them will have to be fictional. 🙂

  5. That’s like discovering

    Muldur and Scully were really aliens all along, that

    Steve McGarrett was working Wo Fat, that

    Captain Kirk was a Klingon is disguise, that

    Hurley was working for Benjamin Linus, that

    Gandalf was working for Sauron, that

    AXL Pendergast was working for Diogenes!

    Seriously though, that is a sad commentary on today’s culture.

  6. “Seriously though, that is a sad commentary on today’s culture.”

    Well actually it is not our culture — not yet. These people are trying to form a new culture. Don’t let them do it.
    What Michael has done here is the beginning – tell culture this is a lie.

  7. There is always captain marvel….

  8. And Captain Kangaroo….