Juarez, Mexico, & Immigration Issues


Charles Bowden On Juarez:

Primers on the situation;
Down by the River: Drugs, Money, Murder, and Family

This book was seven years in the writing and is the place to begin if you want to understand the situation in Juarez.
Bowden tries to explain the crisis by explaining one murder and he gives us the history of both the U.S. and Mexico in terms of the war on drugs.
It is chilling and sad…you will never look at any of the players the same way after you read this book.

Drug War Zone: Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of El Paso and Juárez

A more scholarly take on the same subject from a Southwest university professor.
The facts remain the same, but this is also a must read for anyone seeking understanding about the drug war and the hellish violence in Mexico.

Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields

The last installment of Bowdens “accidental trilogy” about Juarez.
It is surreal, frightening, and overwhelming in it’s chronicle of the evil that men can do.

The first book in the trilogy was published in 1996, Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future

In that volume Bowden talked of what was already happening in Juarez and why…and he spoke back then of the future we’re seeing now.

He then spent seven years on “Down By the River” and now “Murder City” and Dreamland: The Way Out of Juarez to finish out the nightmare come to life.

Bowden is a prophet who knows not God…but there are intense spiritual truths to be gleaned from understanding this situation.

Because the American press usually only covers this holocaust when an American is murdered, I follow the Mexican papers and news blogs with the aid of Google translator in the Chrome browser.

I can’t stress enough that if you are offended or sickened by graphic images of violence that you want to avoid the following links completely.

El Universal

El Diario

La Jornada

La Polaka

Borderland Beat

Most indispensable of all is the email list sent out by Molly Molloy.

She has taken upon herself the task of chronicling the death toll and keeps on top of border issues daily.

Subscribe for a week or two…then lets talk about immigration.

For a broader Christian perspective on immigration there is much of value here…

Roy Germano has made some compelling films on the topic…

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