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wmns_gfaBefore I started writing regularly here, Michael posted an article of mine wherein I expressed my concerns about Gospel for Asia (GFA). 

At that point in time, it had only been a month or two since Warren Throckmorton had been posting about the organization and only a few days since the GFA Diaspora website had been made public.  I had not yet come to any definitive conclusions about GFA, but saw a lot of red flags and was also concerned with the feedback I had received in personal conversation from a GFA executive who is pretty high up in the organization.

I expressed my misgivings because it sure looked like a good possibility that the evangelical church was being taken for a ride, most especially Calvary Chapels, including the very large one I attend.  And this is why I had originally written a form of the article on Facebook to my friends.  Additionally, not only did it look like many Christians were being hoodwinked into who or what they were giving to, but it appeared as if the GFA staff potentially was being abused and who knows what was happening to the poor and destitute in Asia, primarily in India, to whom the donor funds were supposed to be going to help.

After several more months of dogged reporting, mainly by Throckmorton and also some here at this blog, the answers became painfully clear that GFA, along with its convoluted association with Believers Church in India, was a thoroughly corrupt organization that deceived its donors, abused its staff, and forsook much of what it could have been doing for those they were supposed to be serving.  Not that the corruption seeped throughout the whole organization, as many on staff were faithfully serving the Lord.  But the top of the organization, and primarily Grand Imperial Kiss My Ring Poobah His Majesty K.P. Yohannan, were exposed to be exceedingly crooked.

It is now about a year and a half later since these reports first started coming to our awareness.  GFA has undoubtedly lost a good amount of its support.  We know of churches and individuals, myself included, who have pulled their support and stopped giving.  GFA appears to have lost its favored status within Calvary Chapel as a whole, and seemingly the same has occurred in others churches, too.  How much support they still receive is anybody’s guess as that would require GFA to actually release their financials, and release them in a manner that could actually be vetted and trusted.  Good luck with that ever happening.

Things have been mostly quiet on the GFA front for a little while now.  We know of a lawsuit that has been brought forth against GFA on behalf of its donors.  As far as I know, the lawsuit is still proceeding.  We know these types of things do not move quickly, but maybe it will eventually bring some semblance of legal justice upon the organization.  Whether from the suit itself or from criminal investigations and indictments that possibly could be spurred by the findings in the suit.

It seems as if GFA has holed itself up in self-defense.  K.P. Yohannan ostensibly stays in India as much as possible, leaving the U.S. executives to fend for themselves.  There never have been any signs that K.P. and/or GFA are interested in real repentance, reform, or reconciliation.  Their strategic plan to ignore and deflect does not seem to have worked out real well for them.  Yet, the organization still survives.  K.P. still lives the good life in India.  GFA still must have a significant donor base to keep going.  Plus, they have all those millions and millions of dollars in supply that they fatted up on all those previous years. Who knows how much money they generate from all those for-profit businesses that they started in India from donor giving?

At this point, I don’t know much else to do but to wait.  With my limited abilities, resources, and circle of influence, I did what I could to bring awareness to the GFA ruse.  But now, I wait.  We wait.

The best case scenario is for K.P. Yohannan and the other top executives of GFA to repent and seek serious reform and reconciliation.  Get GFA back on track to what they should have been doing all this time, and maybe even were at some point in the distant past.  But all signs and behavior from GFA point to this as being a pipe dream at best.  It sure appears as if this is a very unlikely outcome.

So beyond the best case scenario, I yearn for justice.  Yes, there is a part of me that carnally and gleefully wants to see the weights of justice crush K.P. and GFA.  But I also pine for justice because I desire for things to be made right.  For donors to receive back the money they gave under deception.  For the GFA staff, former and even current, a confirmation that they did, indeed, work and live under abusive conditions and some form of restitution for the ills they suffered under denigrating leadership.  For the poor and destitute in India and other parts of Asia to somehow be compensated with the full help and support they should have received.

What or how or when this will all happen, I cannot venture a guess.  I pray that the Lord will see justice done.  I know He will in the next life.  But I pray He also has it to happen in this life.

Some measure of justice has already come as Gospel for Asia has been exposed and has taken some serious hits.  But I pray for justice to come more fully as GFA continues to carry on.  They should be held accountable for what they have already done and I do not want them to continue taking advantage of their donors and doing harm to their staff and potentially those that they are supposed to be serving.

And so I write about GFA once again.  Maybe it will catch the attention of another soul or two who are still donating to GFA because they were unaware of their problems.  Maybe it will cause a soul or two who are still donating to GFA despite knowing of their problems, to reconsider their giving.  Perhaps maybe my writing is just simply my empty lament.

But above all I pray that God makes things right.  That hearts would be healed, both the abused and the abusers.  That the poor and disadvantaged would receive the help due to them and would see Christ.  And that the name of Jesus Christ would not continued to be sullied by a corrupt ministry.

Lord, please hear our prayer.


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  1. Kevin.

    This is great…even though I was getting ready to write the same thing. 🙂
    You did it better than I would have and I’m grateful.

  2. yes, agreeing this is a great summation of the problem and how we should pray… God’s discipline in the here and now is far preferable to waiting to receive it in the hereafter – praying with you, Kevin

  3. Even when I believed GFA to be on the “up and up,” it was hurtful, when we would return from overseas missions, living on a shoestring budget, for a very short furlough and be told about KP preaching at churches and and saying how western missionaries were basically a waste of money and that the money would be better spent supporting him.

  4. I felt like being a sarcastic jerk for a minute, and just as I was about to start writing I remembered that someone had already done the work for me on something I posted last week:

    “I simply can’t believe you guys… it’s called judging… plain and simple. I will not stand by and let anyone twist this to make a man of God out to be wrong… shame, shame on you!!! You should [use this blog] as a positive influence. Not in bashing a Pastor.”

    Shame on you trying to attack the reputation of this man of God.

  5. Michael, for once I beat you to the punch. You’ve gotten me a few times in the past. It’s like you have some kind of advantage or something, being that this is your blog and that you post several times a week and I just once. -:)

  6. Thank you for not forgetting. Waiting is very hard, but I too am praying for justice.

    In the meantime, I worry about the little old lady who faithfully gives, but has no idea that that the ministry she saves and scrimps to give towards does not really exist. Who will make her aware?

  7. Dallas,

    That would be “Grand Imperial His Greatest and Holiest Poobah” man of God. 🙂

    Don’t forget the titles of majesty.

  8. John 20:29, thanks for praying with.

  9. Nonnie,

    Can definitely see where that kind of attitude would hurt. From a man you otherwise respected. But now you know all the other crap.

  10. Can’t believe that the radio show “Road to Reality” is still broadcast around the country – (Check to see where it is in your area http://www.roadtoreality.org/find-station/?csrfmiddlewaretoken=cdLrwViqUUZeQfyEGwxzgNaYRjMIrFHv&place=dallas )

    I guess as long as they pay to put it on Salem and other networks will gladly take their money. I cringe every time I hear K.P. come over the air on our Christian Station, clearly spouting lies.

  11. Now we know and it amazes me that some just don’t care….like so many abusive situations.
    Another point about this story that really bothered me:
    I was disgusted when I read the testimonies by former staff about the way women were treated in KP’s ministry. I was shocked that so many CC’s would support this kind of abusive ministry as I have never been treated that way in a CC church.

    I don’t believe I read about pastors who supported GFA speaking out against how women were treated in GFA,… rather it was not until the money abuse was laid out that the men started getting upset and speaking out. Money trumps people in many cases.

  12. Fixinlive, Salem is another one of those examples of the beast from Revelation as Michael was describing them Monday… or the whore riding the beast if you will.

  13. Kevin – good article. I may have missed it earlier – did your CC Philly stop giving to GFA? Would you know?

  14. MLD,

    My CC Philly hadn’t actually been giving to GFA for a while. I don’t know the reason why. However, they still had been giving K.P. and GFA a big platform to speak and promote the organization and they were regularly mentioned in a positive fashion. These things have stopped. I was told by an assistant pastor that the only way support would ever be considered again is if there was first some serious confession of sin and repentance.

  15. Kevin – very good. It sound like the responsible thing to do.

  16. Wondering,

    I missed your comment at # 6 until just now. Yes, the little old lady donors and the like who are unlikely to get their news on the internet are a concern as to who will tell them. The hope would be that her church (if they previously supported or promoted GFA) would tell her or that someone else in the know would personally tell her. The reality is that their will be some who will not know about GFA by no fault of their own. God will still honor their faithful giving and we must trust that He somehow uses it for good, even through a corrupt organization.

  17. Gospel for Asia Canada donations are down 2 million dollars in their 2015 filing from 2014 according to their Revenue Canada T3010.

    Using the rule of X10 for Canada/US – it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume US losses.

    Gospel for Asia Canada claimed $14,357,281.00 in receipted donations as compared to $16,430,334.00 in receipted donations in the 2014 filing.

    It’s entirely possible Gospel for Asia USA lost 2 X10 = $20 million in US donations. Thing is, they don’t have to disclose in the United States, like they do in Canada and the UK for example.

    You can check this out yourself at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/lstngs/menu-eng.html

  18. Here, here, Kevin! An amen from me.

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