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Well that’s one way to celebrate Reformation Day (HT)

  1. Kathy Keller – Tim Keller’s wife – wrote a critique of Rachel Held Evans’ new book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood.
  2. Justin Taylor approved of Kathy Keller’s review.
  3. Fred Clark compiled some reviews favorable towards the author.
  4. Others who have reviewed the book include Richard Beck; J.R. Daniel Kirk; Addie Zierman; Zack Hunt; Sarah Bessey; and Ed Cyzewski.
  5. Wartburg Watch says Evans and her critics are missing an opportunity.
  6. Kathy Escobar offers five ways Evans’ supporters can support her.
  7. Evans herself gives five reasons people should read her book before reviewing it.
  8. Cindy on her experience of anger in the process of forgiveness following spiritual abuse.
  9. Rob Moll reviews Ed Dobson’s book on living with a terminal illness, Seeing Through The Fog.
  10. Why Lore Ferguson is a complementarian (HT).
  11. CNN Belief bloggers look at the ‘faith journeys’ of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
  12. Dan Edelen: “…nothing could be more intellectually dishonest than to insist that one’s religious faith cannot—and should not—inform one’s politics.
  13. Kenneth Copeland Ministries will host election coverage Tuesday night.
  14. Jonathan Dudley on when – he argues – evangelicals were pro-choice. Fred Clark and Mark Galli comment.
  15. Kathy Escobar interviews David Hayward.
  16. Scot McKnight on pietism, Tim Keller and models for church engagement with culture.
  17. Why Michael Patton hates Christian movies.
  18. Bonus from Michael...further proof that I’m “misguided”.  I’ll be watching the football game, myself.
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  30 Responses to “Linkathon 10/31-11/1”

  1. I really liked Kathy Keller’s review. She was honest in her disagreement with some of RHE’s statements and conclusions,but she was gracious, loving and wanting the best for RHE. What a classy lady!

  2. I found this moving


    And then I was ashamed for having been moved emotionally, as that is not something a follower of Jesus allows to happen. An aside you know from the cheap seats as it is expressed in the modern Christian religion in America. It is not good news, it really is not. Just an aside, please stop calling it that. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for linking up and for compiling a list with so many perspectives.

  4. I liked Lore Ferguson’s article.

  5. Interesting article on a time that evangelical were pro life.
    I know that the Jewish position has always been, life begins at birth – actually when the baby takes it first breath.

    I like this definition – “Life begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies.” 🙂

  6. I am amused that this issue about women and men is such a big deal. It is fairly irrelevant in my world. It is amazing when you don’t make a bunch of rules parsing things out how smoothly they work.

    I have determined that Paul was turned into Moses by post reformation Christians. Maybe we should take bibles away from people again… just to give folks a break from trying to be their own popes. It is exhausting.

  7. “Paul was turned into Moses” Eloquently put.

    I do not see how Paul could have railed against that construction any harder, but we just need law, don’t we.

  8. Personally, I’m pretty sick of other Christians (left and right) telling me how to vote, pretending that any one issue belongs to Republicans or Democrats.

  9. Thanks For The Post!

  10. “Personally, I’m pretty sick of other Christians (left and right) telling me how to vote, pretending that any one issue belongs to Republicans or Democrats.”

    Cry me a river.

    It’s a free country still, and one of our most precious freedoms – freedom of political speech – is a wonderful thing to be celebrated and exercised. Once we go silent, tyranny is given the opportunity to overtake us.

    As for “pretending that any one issue” belongs to Republicans or Democrats – what is your point? Your comment seems to be intellectually dishonest. The platforms for each party spell out very clearly where each party stands on certain issues: Democrats made it clear during their recent convention that two main pillars of their platform are the right of a woman and her doctor to elect to end the life of her unborn child, and that marriage should not be defined as only being between a man and a woman. The Republican platform rejects both of those propositions.

  11. Totally agree with Michael Patton on hating Christian movies, theyre too cleaned up and sanitized. I do like the older ones tho, The Robe, The Radicals, Ten commandments

  12. Stillhurting – How have the republicans reduced abortions wehn in office the last 30 years?

  13. Josh:

    Your point being?

  14. You say that issue belongs to the republicans despite documented evidence to the contrary.

  15. They are lying to you, bro. They just want your vote. They care not for your concerns.

  16. Stillhurting,
    What exactly, if anything, do you know about me? What makes you assume that I do not read and research vigorously about issues, and that I ignore the Democrat platform which is blatantly pro-abortion? If you had taken the time to read the link that BrianD posted, you would have understood my comment was primarily addressed to the fallacious argument that “right-wing cares about supporting life in the womb, and left-wing cares about supporting life outside of the womb.” That kind of polarization is for the birds.

    And considering that the Republican candidate for president has blatantly said he would not oppose Roe v. Wade, that really shoots a hole in the argument.

    I know several pro-life Democrats (though I am not a Democrat), and I know several pro-choice Republicans (though I am not pro-choice).

    I also happen to think that God equipped us with enough intelligence to be able to figure out who we can vote for without the constant appeals to authority. (Another logical fallacy.)

    No tears from me to cry…thanks anyway.

  17. Let me amend my comment after some further reading this afternoon…Romney’s surrogate said Romney wouldn’t overturn Roe, but later apparently backed away from that characterization.

    I really hope Romney is as pro-life as what he currently claims to be. I have serious doubts about it, though.

  18. “They are lying to you, bro. They just want your vote. They care not for your concerns.”


  19. Watched a replay of Rachel Evans on the View… lame and pointless but you get a flavor of her… She is getting pretty famous by just being annoying within her own circles… or former circles

  20. I must say that I used to really like to peruse the link-a-thons, but they have become so lopsided that I find myself going “meh”. Tired of Rachel Held Evans too, almost half the link-a-thon is dedicated to her. Sorry, if I am coming off as grumpy.

  21. Thanks for your criticism, Derek.

    What would you like to see more of?

  22. Fascinating article on our president’s faith!

    And in one sentence (or paragraph), why should I care about Rachel Held Evans? Anyone…

  23. That question is for everyone, in addition to Derek.

  24. RHE is the biggest story right now I see on the blogs. Hence the links.

    Jtk, maybe you should care because Al Mohler and the gang at Gospel Coalition and SBTS care…?


  25. Nothing in particular, just less of RHE. I have tried reading her blog, but I cannot find myself warming to her. She just comes off as the angry feminist and her whole outlook seems skewed.
    I know ever one is ragging on her right now and I can truthfully say that I haven’t read enough of her material to come to a conclusion on her, but whenever I do read something by her I always have the nagging feeling that something isn’t right.

  26. Fair enough, Derek. I’ll look to steer away from RHE in future threads.

  27. I’m not a big RHE fan, but I really hated Kathy Keller’s review. It was so holier than thou and condescending and completely missed RHE’s point, which was simply that people shut others down by using the Bible, which is exactly what Kathy Keller did.

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