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4. Tony Jones on how the religious voted last Tuesday.

5. “Vatican II it wasn’t, but the meeting of the two Atlanta ministers on the dais of First Baptist bridged two of the most storied religious careers in Atlanta’s history. It also demonstrated that old hurts do, in time, heal.” (HT)

6. “A new study finds that women faculty say they’re undermined and passed over for advancement because of their gender. But they’re happier than they’d be at secular schools.

7. “With no further ado, THE FUTURIST Magazine releases its top ten forecasts for 2013 and beyond.” (HT)

8. “But I think that disaster might actually be a good thing for evangelicalism as a whole.

9. “What we might need to ponder is if the modern theories of complementarianism owe more to a Victorian construct or a Victorian ideal than to the Bible.

10. Are Christians losing the culture war?

11. “While I would be happy to see the Ten Commandments back on the courthouse wall, the fight over symbolic issues is backfiring, alienating people from the truths of the gospel rather than attracting them to it.

12. “The church was already divided, you might say. It may have been, but the tear now runs deeper.

13. “But the reality of economic reconciliation is coming. Christians must be prepared to help. In doing so, the harvest will be enhanced.

14. Chuck Pierce’s vision. (HT)

15. Fried burgers!!!

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  64 Responses to “Linkathon 11/14”

  1. Great set of links overall.
    #8 “In many ways that is terrifying. Voting for your theology is a lot easier than living it out. It’s a lot easier, and a lot more comfortable, to go the polling station than it is to go to the ends of the earth to make disciples.”
    #13 So much win I don’t know where to start…

  2. oh, oh, oh! oh please somebody tell me that #3 is a joke … i pray that bleached, ironed blondes, puffed lips and false fronts go the way of avocado refrigerators soon … course, i’m not a ‘consumer’ of those blondes … refrigerators? yes and i guess i like blonde refrigerators okay

  3. #2 – propinquity |prəˈpi ng kwətē|
    1 the state of being close to someone or something; proximity : he kept his distance as though afraid propinquity might lead him into temptation.

    makes sense to me

  4. I’ve lived in Texas all my life, and I’ve been a part of a lot of pool baptisms, but that video was something completely foreign to me. I kept needing to remind myself, “This woman is actually being serious.” Yikes…

  5. Well, #1 was pretty absurd but the elegant baptism took the cake. I particularly appreciated the after Baptism gown.

  6. #1 is what drove me to see if one could flowchart the book of Revelation … folk who fixate on looking for personal, special revelations in prophecy end up like this fella … or most do

    thank you, BrianD for 3 links that didn’t require any brain matter tonight 😆

  7. my son was baptized in a swimming pool – the only thing she said that made sense was that it is the most sanitary of baptisms (now that’s funny IMHO) … please tell me this was meant to be funny – intended as a farce – in bad taste, but intended to be funny …

  8. The three videos really bother me. They demonstrate why we (the church) are seen as a bunch of dangerous nut cases to so many in our nation. There is so much good being done in the name of Jesus yet we don’t read too much about it. Feeding the homeless. First responders in the east and church groups that are still there helping the needy. The list goes on.

  9. Just watched the videos…have trouble watching youtube vids on safari which i usually use. So I usually don’t watch videos unless they look really compelling and I must say I have seen the 1st guy before and he is just anti-compelling!
    Does anyone expect any better from Pat anymore.
    The baptism one was…no words!

  10. Anyone want to tell me why the 3.2 million who voted for McCain didn’t vote for Romney in 2012?

  11. They died over that 4 year period.

  12. I’m sorry.
    I’m sure this is a sin, but my teenage son and i watched the first video and laughed till we cried
    Oh that antichrist… with all of his froth and frivolity.

  13. MLD,

    But to hear GOP friends talk about this, there’s NO WAY Romney would’ve received 3+ million fewer votes.

    I actually cussed after I saw uncle pat…

  14. All I can say is if your church has been trying to win a culture war, they have given up being the church.

    We are called to convert people to Jesus Christ so that they will come out of that culture – not change that culture.. When we try to “change the culture” we give the impression that that solves the salvation issue … look how good we now are.

    If every one of the “culture issues” were to change tomorrow – no one would be any closer to God and God’s Kingdom would be no closer to us.

  15. 13. I love this point and the material wealth has left us spiritually impoverished. I only hope that in material wealth lose would leave us in spiritual growth.

    The words of a song come to mind and I hope it’s our prayer as we face the challenges of the next years.

    “We will fight, we will be strong
    Together we’re marching on
    United, we move as one

    Our finest hour has just begun”

  16. This is the first linkathon EVER to make me consider apostasy … I mean I hope I already have fallen away from whatever this mess is.

  17. Wow BD you have a gift – thanks for a great Linkathon.

  18. Vet, thanks for the kind words.

  19. There is so much good being done in the name of Jesus yet we don’t read too much about it.
    Thought that was worth repeating tonight…

  20. #1 & 2… well, there’s 12 minutes I’ll never get back.

    Bring back hockey…

  21. The first video….oh dear. And we wonder why people think Christians are whackos.

    The second video……..Oh, Pat! 🙁 I don’t understand how a Christian man can sit there with a stupid grin on his face talking about adultery. Families have been shattered, kids are hurting, and he acts as if it is just a joke.

    The 3rd video won’t open in my country. But after reading your comments I would have loved to seen it. Sounds like a SNL skit.

  22. Hye jtk

    The popular vote takes awhile to finalize – as in weeks. California I think has only counted 81% of their votes so far.

    The most present number has Romney now about 800,000 behind McCain final numbers. Keep in mind, Obama has almost seven million less as well at present.

    But CA alone probably has 2 million more votes to count. And just about every state has 2-10% or more votes to count.

  23. Do we agree that the first three video’s William Tapley is a nutter? Some actually follow him like some followed another nutter Harold Camping who raised nutterism to a science. Not being reformed or any other form of true believerism no offense and I mean that. I cannot consign these two, to the fires of hell. Though that would be much more efficient which would be far more apologetically acceptable I would actually count it a privilege to see them in eternity. I know that adds to my apostasy as I should earnestly pray for their eternal damnation and celebrate in the torment of their eternal souls, along with my own. It was a rather telling scenario celebrating one’s own damnation. I will admit I did not fine much comfort in the eternal torment of my immortal soul.

    I will admit I am still trying to figure out why God hates, no eternally loathes people like myself, I get that he does, that is made clear, but I will admit I dont get why He does. I know this is a repeat but, from our perspective it is not good news, it really is not. And I know I am not the only one that sees it this way.

  24. Let me refine my post the top three links are nutters spewing their religious rhetoric. Do we agree with that at lease.

  25. Video #3 had me spitting out my coffee. And did she say “this is not the time to be boobalicious”?

  26. Looking back over the list from the link about the culture wars, I don’t find a single item that is the Church’s “issue”.

  27. 14. Chuck Pierce is full of crap.

  28. 5. Great article about Andy and Charles Stanley. I’m sure God has worked through those ministries in great ways, drawing people to himself. For that we should rejoice. However, I don’t think either is the proper model for the church in moving forward.

    8. I respect Mohler, but his hyperbole is sometimes a little hard to take. An evangelical disaster that a Mormon lost an election? If that doesn’t make you realize that your priorities are mixed up, nothing will. Christianity can never win through legislation. Never. The Gospel is ground up, one person at a time, or it is not the gospel at all.

    10. Yes. Christians lost the culture wars in the mid-1960’s. Let’s move on.

  29. William Tapley listens to Nate Silver.

  30. Check out my guest spot on “Where The Big Boys Play” wrestling pod cast

    Scroll down and click on the review for the Starrcade 87 reveiw Part 1 and Part 2

  31. MLD said:

    “All I can say is if your church has been trying to win a culture war, they have given up being the church.

    We are called to convert people to Jesus Christ so that they will come out of that culture – not change that culture.. When we try to “change the culture” we give the impression that that solves the salvation issue … look how good we now are.

    If every one of the “culture issues” were to change tomorrow – no one would be any closer to God and God’s Kingdom would be no closer to us.”


  32. As a crazy person, I am usually able to relate to and empathize with other crazy people.

    However I am having trouble getting my arms around William Tarpley.

    Is it that I do not get Roman Catholic crazy? I mean, some of my favorite authors and saints were crazy RCs.

    But WT I do not get, yet.

  33. I think it is William Tapley, rather.

  34. Someone needs to put a muzzle on Pat “Word of Knowledge” Robertson before he opens his mouth again.

    I wonder if he and Mittens Romney are long lost twins. They each seem to have a knack for being tone deaf and ham handed when they comment about something. .

  35. #9 -Complementarianism -McKnight asks: “How has a knowledge of history, church history, theological history, ecclesial history shaped your thinking about males and females?

    Re-shaped?” well, i don’t have much knowledge from his list of categories, but a Victorian phenomena? i am absolutely certain that i was raised in a time and place that was influenced by Victorian(ism). Like most of man’s good intentions, i’m sure it had its victims and its distorted off-shoots from practicality and common sense. However, … However, from where i sit (now) it was a good thing for the human race as, although admittedly distorted and poetic (chauvinistic, too) it actually idealized and valued womanhood.

    What is forgotten in most of today’s analysis of women’s past is that, if you were sexually active, having babies was not optional … that was not a minor hindrance to achieving equality of the sexes, let alone a lifespan long enough and free enough for “self-fulfillment.”

    Birth control has had everything to do with how we look at women today … consider the scorn that we heap on Michelle Duggar today … ( if your amazement at what Mrs Duggar has accomplished doesn’t include a tinge of admiration, i’d question your values. – now, if you envy her? dunno … ) 🙂

  36. I watched the first 36 seconds of that baptism video. When I felt my lunch starting to move upward, I quickly turned it off.

  37. Integrity, baby! Yessiree!

    “Also added to the list… Dave Matthews Band fans, and Apple consumers…”

  38. Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times. This guy is so full of himself I can’t believe people around him aren’t immediately slain from the odor.

  39. Would somebody please just duct tape Pat Robertson’s mouth!

  40. (even though it’s a spoof) 😉

  41. actually, having worked for Apple, it :: is :: a tad cultish,
    and, yes, we DMB followers dance to Eh Hee at least once a month under the full moon

  42. This is gettin’ too easy, folks.

    Here’s John “Sweatball” Hagee about how God will punish our country for voting for BHO.

  43. And, what the heck…while you’re at it, why not authoritatively pronounce BHO;s eternal destiny…Dante would be proud.

    “Bob FitzSimmonds, Virginia GOP Official, Predicts Obama ‘Goes To Hell'”

  44. Lutheran is a good example of a sore winner – 😉

  45. Although I must admit that I don’t know why anyone would question Obama’s faith. That FitzSimmons guy is just like the 3 videos above.

    But, no one mentions guys like my pastor who leads off in prayer praying for our elected leader.

    But you know, guys like the Rev Jesse Jackson and the Rev Al Sharpton always cast aspersions on whether Bush was Christian enough.

  46. We joke in our family about having WPPs (white people problems, like, remote batteries just died and I have to either get up or watch this stupid commercial, etc.) Better than real problems, like starvation and epidemics.

    If the three videos above (a nutcase calling for prayer and fasting, an old Christian guy on TV, a lady who likes baptisms with style) are our Church problems, we have it pretty good.

  47. Remotes have batteries???? I guess my wife takes care of that.

  48. Its sharathon I have a confession I am jealous of these people, they have Unmitigated Gall and no shame what so ever. Two gifts I cannot seem to grasp. We are going to see another God ordained wealth transfer, prosperity is not accident it is a decision and obey and send money. Now a purple shirted Benny was in rare form and just went on and on. It was amazing, he puts on a show.

  49. Rant two, adds on youtube. Ug

  50. The video with the baptism ettiquette chick is a sad commentary on how many in the Church today are just religious and going through the motions but are not really saved. The ending comment about “living a better life” says it all. Pastor’s are guilty of preaching moralism and not the Gospel. A huge difference.

  51. That guy in the 1st video, what’s his name, the 3rd eagle? – he actually makes more sense than yesterday edition of Pastor’s Perspective.

    I swear if I didn’t know better, Don & Chuck are doing satire in the same way Stephanie does over at the SCCL. On yesterday’s program, these guys were absolutely giddy that war was breaking out between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

    By their words, and emotions they were rooting for escalation and trying to get their listeners to do the same.

    Yesterday’s show was non Christian at best and anti Christ at worse – I think for a while I will listen to the 3rd eagle instead.

  52. TL Said:

    “The video with the baptism ettiquette chick is a sad commentary on how many in the Church today are just religious and going through the motions but are not really saved. The ending comment about “living a better life” says it all. Pastor’s are guilty of preaching moralism and not the Gospel. A huge difference.”


  53. Jesse Duplantis bought three corporate jets and paid cash. Because he gave to God. He really has a great shtick.

  54. Jesse Duplantis is a good steward of God’s money because he paid cash and incurred no interest debt.

    There, I thought I would beat PP Vet to it. 😉

  55. Jesse Duplantis might have gotten a deal on some jets allowing some U.S. corporation to write off the difference as a donation … oh how we need a new tax system … one that knows the difference between reality and skulduggery – IMNSHO

  56. Jesse D does not work for me, he works for Somebody Else. I enjoyed his book about his trip to heaven. I am of actually of the opinion that God does not find Jesse to be as annoying as I find him to be.

    As someone here commented, we all know what it means to be blessed: have the kingdom, inherit the earth, see God, be filled, and receive mercy. Francis of Assisi found poverty to be a blessing, Jesse likes being rich, and the writer of proverbs asked to be somewhere in between.

    Personally, I’m rich, and I like it that way.

    Course, my definition of “rich” is “owns a car with a driver’s side window that rolls up and down so he doesn’t have to open the door to get his order at the McDonald’s drive-thru.”

  57. Don’t normally like to post twice in a row, but I will add my backup definition of “rich”: “Owns a refrigerator that doesn’t have to be held shut with a rope.”

  58. Jesse Duplantis should have been an actor … FWIW – i don’t know anything about his “ministry” and, to be clear (which i seldom am) i was commenting on the surfeit of riches and tax loopholes, not the man

  59. Em,
    Suggest you try an icon that people will not confuse with me,
    being the resident heretic/emergent and all.



    …that would be a great Apple-ish progressive vibe, a simple letterform logo.

  60. G., you mean you’re afraid that someone will think that you’re beginning to think like an old lady in a rocking chair? 😆

    i could use eMc squared, except i have no scientific notation on this keyboard

    don’t “fret” – i’ve retired the rocker – i agree that they’re, surprisingly, too much alike at first glance

  61. oVo
    trust me, it’s not a problem for you or me, just those who get confused

    so, “oVo” could be shorthanded as OVO, pronounced, “oh-vo”

    is that ok with you?

  62. G, okay by me 🙂

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