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  1. Tomb of Jonah discovered? (HT: AV)
  2. This invitation to deception is not true or right or good. But it is very popular among evangelical Christians desperate for some way to at least briefly feel like they are heroic, good and godly.
  3. Many people conclude, as Alexander did, that their experiences revealed Ultimate Reality, God, whatever. The problem is that different people discover radically different Absolute Truths.
  4. No self-respecting dietitian or health organization would ever claim that encouraging eating out in restaurants, drinking juices containing 10.5 teaspoons of sugar per glass, and eating faux-fruit candies that contain more sugar than actual candy could possibly be good for living healthy lives. And yet that’s exactly what the Heart and Stroke Foundation is actively teaching Canadians with their disgraceful, and nutritionally unethical, Health Check program.
  5. Wright has said that his translation above is the fruit of good, solid scholarship. Well, then, it seems that we have stronger reasons every day for walking away from good, solid scholarship. If this is serious scholarship, why on earth are we taking it seriously?” (HT)
  6. It was always my contention, living with a special needs daughter who could be called home at any time, that it was not her health issues that determined when should go, but my spiritual health issues.
  7. When progressive Christians try to put an egalitarian spin on the Bible, it’s the same unconvincing argument made by corporations that claim to not be sexist because their board of directors has nineteen white men and one woman.
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  1. LOL, number 2 is so typical of what I grew up with in church, remembering all of the rock music seminars I was subjected too at church and Christian schools.

    KISS = Kids In Satan’s Service
    AC/DC = Anti-Christ/Devil’s Child
    Removing an “n” and an “a” from Santana = Satan

    …and on and on and on and on….

  2. So where does Daylight Atheism have it wrong?

    Are the base assumptions of the maleness of the Bible and of God things we should minimize?

    Certainly we know some who amplify those aspects…

  3. Re. topic #2
    We have an awesome rock radio station here in SCal, KLOS,
    that an old roommate who was a youth leader used to insist on calling K-LOST.

    He was always so impressed with how clever he was.
    He never saw the kids’ eye rolls which assured otherwise.

  4. “But it is very popular among evangelical Christians desperate for some way to at least briefly feel like they are heroic, good and godly”

    It has always struck me that all the political rhetoric I’ve heard from the pulpit and radio for the past 40 years, is pretty much the same thing.

  5. #4 – deals with an interest of mine recently – the brain is an organ with amazing influences and controls, but it is an organ that can deceive as well (the phantom pain or itch of an amputated limb is a rudimentary example) … i wouldn’t rely on it to journey beyond time, but we sure underuse it in the here and now

  6. #2 – we’ll make progress for the defense of the Faith when we quit using labels that identify components of the Christian Faith when (rightly) calling out the destructive nuts who’ve made their way into the tent – evangelicals, fundamentalists etc. are not what these people are … was Judas an Apostle? IMNSHO this a.m.

  7. Not sure Doug Wilson should be taken seriously any more.

    Women should not drive a stick shift? Three word answer to that: Cha Cha Muldowney.

  8. PP Vet…that was satire.

    A book should be written about #2…

  9. Wilsons post was spot on, as well as some of the comments – noteably Michael Huttons.

  10. I trust NT Wright’s scholarship over Doug Wilson’s. NT Wright is a much more likable character than Doug Wilson.
    However, in this case, I do think NT Wright is seeing in the Scriptures what he hopes would be in the Scriptures.

  11. My interpretation of the number 5 article.

    Someone got his panties in a twist over NT Wright.

  12. Nonnie, Doug Wilson’s panties are eternally wadded.

  13. Honest question:
    Are godly Christian women not to cut our hair, not to wear gold or pearls, get our hair styled, buy clothes over $10? These were also mentioned in Wilson’s article but he didn’t broach this subject. It seemed he was only concerned with women not remaining quiet in the church.

  14. The LOL think is great satire, love it LOL, LOL, LOL!

    The Heaven/Hell article is fascinating. I’ve read the accounts of the Neuroscientist who “died” and describes the experiences.

    As someone who is open to M Theory (11 dimensions, realms/realities that we cannot see in this current state/dimension, yet theoretical physicists believe to be “real”) and one who is also a type of Creationist (God is the uncaused Cause of whatever and however this existence came about and the Cause Who precedes anything) these sorts of experiences are fascinating.

    I think the accounts in the bible can be “true” beyond our typical interpretations of what the verses really mean. We have an extremely limited “look” into how complex our reality and Universe really is. The more glimpses I get, the more fascinating it is…and yet it still meshes with Scripture.

  15. Doug Wilson is probably “right” for his conscience, his Journey….and NT Wright is probably “right” for his.

    Remember it all boils down to Absolute/Objective vs. Relative/Subjective Truth and Authority.

    Both appeal to Scripture…the variable ends up being their conscience and the Holy Spirit’s work in them individually.

    Can they both be “right”? Doesn’t seem so from one perspective…but from a Spiritual Perspective on these sorts of non-essentials….I am increasingly considering the answer is “yes”….

  16. Thanks For the Post!

  17. Nonnie, the point of wilsons post was to address the way Wright interpretation twists the meaning of Scripture, not the role of women, per se.

    Josh, an ad homoneum attack against Wilson? You agreed that Wilson has a point here. I also think it doesn’t just apply here, as Wilson and others make that claim.

    Biscuits and fresh butter…. 😉

  18. Papias, I don’t mean to be attacking Wilson. He’s just always grumpy. One of those guys who may very well be “correct”, but that I wouldn’t want to have dinner with.

  19. The paradoxical nature of Scripture is the reason for such broad disagreement between Wilson’s and Wright’s.

    Fundies pick-and-choose all the time. Look at CC with their “we teach the bible simply” yet they discount, ignore, explain away, dodge, spin etc over verses like:

    “who am I to judge those outside the church, am I not to judge those inside?” –Apostle Paul

    “those who remain in sin are to be rebuked publicly”–Apostle Paul

    “Expose the deeds of darkness”–Apostle Paul

    “tell it unto the church”–Jesus Christ

    etc etc etc etc.

    In dealing with the hand I’ve been dealt in this existence, there are multiple layers with regards to the same set of circumstances.

    On the very philosophical layer…watching how CC responds to very “simple” interpretations of scripture is very telling and educational. It exposes the truth of how even Fundies who claim “simple interpretation” are as liberal as they come when it is scripture they don’t like.

    There is no Group that has the lock on “simple interpretation” and none that nearly practice it in real life.

  20. Josh, I hear you. I would rather have dinner with Cuzin Zeke! 🙂

    When I read or hear Wright, he seems to make these grand pronouncements that seem to be all air and little substance.

  21. the ‘evidence’ seems to point to “conscience” and interpretation of a Group and/or individuals, rather than an Absolute. It appears to be that it is what it is.

    prove me wrong (please)

  22. @ Papias # 20 – Funny you say that. I recently went through Wright’s “Paul: in Fresh Perspective” and thought basically the same as you are saying. It is a fine study. Unovers a few new gems, goes to far in some places. My main objection is that he has to package it in a way like – this is gonna turn everything you believe upside down!!! I guess that’s what it takes to keep selling books, but yeah, it is tiring.

  23. ‘It has always struck me that all the political rhetoric I’ve heard from the pulpit and radio for the past 40 years, is pretty much the same thing.’


    I agree.

    How long do you think a Christian radio program hosted by Tony Campolo or Jim Wallis would last? It wouldn’t.

    The Christian radio empire is very monolithic in its worldview.

  24. re: comment in #14 on dimensions etc. – i experienced, without seeking it in any way shape or form, the supernatural before becoming a Christian – there are absolutely dimensions outside of the time and space that is identifiable by our 5 senses, but IMO, it is a fool who courts commerce there … as to the brain, in and of itself, opening us up to other dimensions, that is so doubtful as to seem “unscientific” at best and probably dangerous … both are truly part of a religion to be avoided

  25. In reply to Nonnie at #13 – My take is that is definitely what Paul was telling the 1st century women. I don’t think it was intended to be eternal law, but the principle of modesty still remains. In the article, Wright seems to be saying that Paul wasn’t saying that, even to the 1st century women. I disagree on that count.

  26. Thanks Josh, for your reply.

  27. even this discussion illustrates how “interpretation” is the variable in determining what is “true” in Scripture. Humanism and other religions do the same/similar thing.

    We all view certain things, certain Groups, certain cult-of-personalities, gurus, prophets, “experts” etc as authoritative. We appeal to the bible, science, observations of human history and human nature etc etc in forming our World View and Belief Systems. Much of how we view things is heavily influenced by our immediate relationships, our geography, our Culture etc.

  28. Great set of links!
    1. Wonder if it is a christian tomb using the Jonah imagery like Jesus used it.
    2. Or how about the “If you love Satanas, keep scrolling. If you love Jesus, like and share.” Constant bombardment by posts like this from some on FB, almost makes me wonder just how superstitious these people are.
    3. Tired of the journey to heaven or hell books.
    5. Was sort of on the fence about Doug Wilson, liked some of his posts and others not so much, but then I learned his views of slavery and the Old South and decided he was someone who I could definitely skip reading. This coming from a southerner, the Old south is not something to romanticize. That said, he was right in that post. That is a mutilation of scripture.
    7. RHE is a flash in the pan in my opinion.

  29. Lutheran,
    Yeah, totally agree, which is why my iPhone’s music & Pandora get more time than ever

  30. Very little disagreement amongst those who have reported on trips to heaven. Less than if 40 people reported on individual trips to Paris, for example, and heaven is bigger than Paris.

  31. “Very little disagreement amongst those who have reported on trips to heaven.”

    …the same could be said about visitors to “It’s A Small World”. 😉

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