Jul 282015

links_image1The eternal subordination of women…

Accountability for sex offenders in the church…

Boy Scouts drop ban on gay leaders…

Gay rabbi calls Planned Parenthood “God’s work”…


Millennials avoid church membership…

Driscoll moves to Phoenix, AZ…

Wenatchee the Hatchet covers the move and some Driscoll purchases…

Franklin Grahams speech could backfire…

Another convert to Orthodoxy…

The future of evangelicalism…

Can God change the past?

Science vs. God in Tennessee…again.

No right to privacy if you butt dial someone…

Third Planned Parenthood video…

The Calvary option…

Adrian Warnock on why he is still an evangelical…

More on the third PP video…

John Walton on Adam and Eve…

Interview with Nadia Bolz-Webber…

Body by God…

The roots of Christianity’s pro life stand…

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  1. Re: the Conversion to Orthodoxy link.

    It’s fairly common for someone to be desirous of a more ancient, liturgical kind of church so they become Anglican or Catholic and discover that what is preached in theory is not what happens at the parish level. But they can’t go back so they rather nervously investigate Orthodoxy, where many of them find a home.

    Rod Dreher, of “The American Conservative” blog, is an example of this.

  2. From the article:

    “It wasn’t finding the answer to all of our questions, it was more like finally figuring out that God wasn’t in the earthquake or the storm or the raging fire, but in the gentle whisper of the wind. And while I did my fair share of reading great books, and I truly fell in love with Eastern Orthodox theology, that’s not what finally convinced me that I needed to become Orthodox: it was the offer of healing. It was the slow realization that I wasn’t going to able to read my way out of the spiritual wilderness I’d thought I’d left, I was going to need to learn how to really pray and fast.”

    This was my experience as well.

  3. When the activities described in the PP videos are being defended as “legal,” I respond that the crucifixion of Christ was done under legal authority as well.

  4. Regardless of SCOTUS or the 2016 election, as long as I live I will still be baptizing the children of congregants, administering the Lord’s Supper, preaching week by week, performing marriages, rejoicing with those who rejoice, burying the dead, and grieving with those who grieve.
    Those are good words (The Calvary Option – Carl T.). I note especially the “performing marriages” inclusion….

  5. In utterly unrelated news…I just found out that the Jehovahs Witnesses will put you on a “no call” list and stay away from your house.

    I think the two that just told me are relieved that they never have to stop here again… 🙂

  6. “Jehovahs Witnesses will put you on a “no call” list”
    I only wish my iPhone would do that

  7. I live so far out in the country, NOBODY visits me.

    It’s nice.

  8. I still don’t see the need for formal membership unless a church practices closed communion concerning Christians from other denominations.

    (I am not talking about withholding communion as church discipline which can be done without membership)

  9. The “Why he is still an evangelical” link goes to the Calvary/Trueman article.

    (I guess I’m the first to click on why anyone cares about staying an evangelical) 🙂

  10. Maybe they misheard Driscoll. What if he isn’t moving to Arizona, but to Phoenix, Oregon? Can he bunk with you, Michael, until he finds a place?

  11. Steve,
    Here’s the correct link for the “Why I’m still an Evangelical” article:

  12. i’m getting old, i guess, read a few of the links and nothing seemed to edify or inspire thinking on it – if i were younger, i think i’d be inspired to write a book, tho … the hero would be the aw shucks, poor boy who got called by God to preach the gospel and became a millionaire and he and his family lived high off the hog ever after … for a time

    #10 – thank you for the food for thought 🙂

    heard that it snowed in Jackson Hole yesterday… if you promised anyone that you’d do something for them “when it snows in July,” you’re up

  13. After a car accident on 1986, I was home-bound for 6 months. I invited in JW’s and Mormons, and would spend hours in debate.

    I was placed on two “no call” lists. 🙂

  14. #11- finally, a link that is plain and simple and describes where i live… thanks

    “Evangelicalism has always rejected the pomp and ceremony seen in some other wings of the church. But we have been guilty often of glorifying our leaders. The present circumstances only make me more convinced of the vital place of that truly evangelical call:

  15. Jim,

    This morning Miss Kitty was laying on the driveway between the car and the fence.
    They had to get past her to get to the door.
    I saw them coming and saw the one guy start to make a move as if he were going to push her out of the way with his boot.
    I informed him in mid move that if leather touched the cat I would knock him out on the spot.
    They then inquired if I would like to be put on the no call list…

  16. uh oh, i may be banned here… been feeding the neighbor’s cat – yesterday she was determined to bolt out the door and wouldn’t be deterred until i picked up one of a pair of her mistress’s sneakers lying there and shoved her with it… gently, persistently, firmly – no pain inflicted

  17. Em,

    As long as you didn’t whack the cat, you’re good. 🙂

    My cat lives here…this is her home.
    We’re discussing a moat now…

  18. As I stated years ago, Driscoll has gotten what he deserves. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As I remember, I was roundly disparaged by some pastors. Maybe they’ll take notice now.

  19. Dang Michael…

    “Don’t mess with that scary old dude’s cat”

  20. If there are guys who were formerly pastors at MH with whom Driscoll has reconciled they’re welcome to swing by and confirm it.

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