Apr 282010

N.T. Wright retires as a bishop to return to academia.

Daniel Fusco interviews Bryan Stupar.

Lee Grady: The Holy Spirit is God, not an “it”.

Todd Rhoades asks how your church might respond to a young lady in Mississippi who was barred from her school’s prom because she is a lesbian.

Dan Edelen: “...in a bookstore in Rhode Island, a man realized a $6.95 used book may not have been in the condition he described, so he refunded the purchaser $2.95. In contrast, on Wall Street we have morally bereft con men who knowingly sold worthless securities because they could get rich, even if their jackpot ruined other people.

Audio links for the recent 2010 Mockingbird conference, featuring Rod Rosenbladt.

Michael Patton defines evangelicalism in a (long) nutshell.

Don Miller believes doctrine is only half the message.

Todd Rhoades on Ed Young’s latest “attack” by the media.

Eric Metaxas speaks on his biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (fast forward 12 minutes or so to hear the talk).

Darryl Dash: We need gospel movements not just better churches.

Jordan Green from Burnside Writers Collective on the Arizona immigration controversy.

Jon Acuff on the 759th thing Christians like: Fearing we’ll outsin grace.

Chris Elrod’s lessons from an older pastor.

Deborah Finnamore of Ligonier interviews Sinclair Ferguson.

  No Responses to “Linkathon 4/28 part 2”

  1. Looking forward to more Wright books…

  2. Ed Young is puzzled as to why the media calls out a pastor who has a private jet, but not an entertainer or a professional athlete.

    Is that a good comparison Ed? Is that erally where Pastors deserve to be lumped?

    Thank God for Pastors who have a servant’s heart, not trying to keep up with the rockstars.

  3. Fusco and Stupar: always support your local posters 🙂

    Michael Spencer liked Mockingbird…and Rod Rosenbladt spoke there. Good enough for me. I had some trouble downloading files, so I ended up downloading all of them in a zip folder.

  4. Rhoades: “most high schoolers don’t think twice about homosexuality being negative or sinful. It’s like red or blue… pick a color.”
    he asks how would your church react? … seems like its a little late for the Church to figure this one out

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