Jul 282010

Picture from Last Days Ministries.

Twenty-eight years ago today, Christian singer, evangelist and prophet Keith Green died in a plane crash, at the age of 28. Two of his children, along with another family and the pilot, also passed away.

Jon Bloom at Desiring God has written a nice tribute to Keith.

There is also a live event happening at www.keithgreen.com tonight at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT featuring his wife Melody, along with John Dawson and Loren Cunningham.

Troy Anderson’s article on Keith at Charisma Magazine’s website.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey of the Get Religion blog on tabloid coverage of an alleged affair between two well-known teleevangelists.

Ted Haggard is interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Carl Trueman comments. Scott Thomas on what repentance really means.

Tim Keller on ministry movements.

Paul Louis Metzger at Christianity Today’s Our of Ur blog critiques Mark Driscoll’s comments on the movie Avatar.

Damaris Zehner from Internet Monk on whether Christians should covet poverty.

William Black reposts the fundamentalist shorter catechism parody from the Stuff Fundies Like blog.

I discovered this parody blog, written from the view of a cool church’s “lead vision caster”.

The Orlando Sentinel profiles R.C. Sproul.

Gene Vieth on an Anglican church that served communion to a dog.

Collin Hansen on being at home in a house church.

Ben Arment: “Looking at that piece of evidence taught me two important things — 1. Keep praying! And 2. Pray specifically.”

Brad Lomenick lists 12 female church leaders under 40 you should know about.

Renee Johnson on radical grace.

What some Mars Hill Seattle women think about Mars Hill Seattle men.

Jon Acuff on pastors who read sermon notes off their iPads.

Doug Wolter on learning about community from an unlikely source.

Joe Dallas on walking away from the “gay gospel”.

Five churches David Foster could not attend.

Owen Strachan on the endless evangelical quest for ultimate transformation.

Some of the worst sermons Steven Furtick ever heard.

Lomenick’s what’s in, what’s out in leadership lists.

Michael McKinley: Maybe you deserve to be persecuted!

David Hayward on the two kinds of churchgoers.

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  1. There is no greater evangelical mythology than that which has sprung up around Keith Green.

    Emphasis on the word “myth”.

  2. I will pass on making any comments around any Keith Green discussion. I have nothing against him, but some of his followers(?)….kinda rubbed me the wrong way when I got saved. Turned me off to his music ever since. Its my problem and no one elses…. 🙁

  3. Tim Keller link doesn;t work…

  4. I teach from my iPad…it has a black cover on it so it looks like my ESV Study Bible after liposuction.

  5. Carl Trueman on the Ted Haggard article;

    “Given that religion here is often just a branch of the entertainment industry, and church leadership is all about celebrity and public performance, over-repenting is surely just one more vital part of that ecclesiastical repertoire: over-acting.”

    Carl is very astute…

  6. Keith and Melody were close friends of ours. They stayed at our house for weeks when they traveled the N.W. on concert tours. We visited them in SoCal several times.

    They nearly moved Last Days to Oregon instead of Texas….

    Perhaps things would have turned out differently if they had.
    God is Sovereign.

    To this day, I cannot listen to Keith’s music without tears.

    His death was tragic and avoidable. Several presumptuous decisions led to the crash.
    I clearly remember the phone call I received from a friend in Texan with news of the crash and my numb, dry mouthed and breath taking reaction the information.

    Keith was a formidable talent. Barry McGuire called him a “heavy roller”… He was eccentric and persuasive. I often wonder what he would be like today, if he were still alive, conditioned by life and hardships at age 56. His death certainly devastated his wife and remaining daughters (one of whom wasn’t even born at the time) and many friends,
    not to mention the extended family of the Smalley family who also died in the crash.

  7. Oops, it is moi, not MrFixit. 😀

  8. “His death was tragic and avoidable. Several presumptuous decisions led to the crash.”

    I have been told that many times…

  9. I have updated the Daily Body Count for those keeping score at home…

  10. Paps, the Tim Keller link has been fixed.

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