Nov 302015


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Reader Hill is proud to announce the debut of a new non-fiction book series from Michael Newnham, a dad, cat-lover, and small-town pastor. Michael is best known for his Phoenix Preacher blog, which is one of the top 200 Christian websites in the USA.

Make Your Own Application is a series of unique 40-day devotionals that will challenge you, encourage you, and cause you to think.


In Book 2- WORK, WOES, and WISDOM– you will discover the spiritual lessons to be found in every-day life, from your job to your church community, from hard times and financial setback to experiencing intimacy with our Lord. Explore this very different devotional and, of course, make your own application…


Available in Print ($9.95) and E-book ($4.99) formats. Book sold by major retailers worldwide, including:


Barnes and Noble

Amazon UK

Also available from many independent bookstores nationwide.

Foreign Countries: Available from Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon MexicoAmazon Brazil, and Amazon Netherlands.


  8 Responses to “Make Your Own Application: Book 2 Now Available”

  1. Oh Honeeeeeeyyy…I know what I want for Christmas!!!

  2. Congratulations, Michael. This is just awesome! I ordered 3 books for Christmas gifts…should have them by the end of the week. 🙂

  3. CK, mk…thank you!

  4. My pleasure Michael…of course, one of those books will find it under my own Christmas tree hehe. 🙂

  5. That is so cool!

  6. Thank you, Paige!

  7. trying to stick with my plan to order all three at one time – does the 3rd come out in a couple weeks? if not, i may not be able to hold off… want to give them to all my 8 grandchildren

  8. Em,

    Thank you!
    Vol 3 will come out the 15th…

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