Jan 102018

This is a mostly unmoderated place for those who are up all night…enjoy.

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  1. I’m in (occasionally)!

  2. Where are London and Erunner?

  3. Here!

  4. president and accountant fore!

  5. I’m assuming it may take a few days for folks to notice this thread/experiment/wild foray into the dark underbelly of the PP…

  6. Well, I never was and am not now part of this foray, but look forward to reading here tomorrow morn … 😀

  7. Heck, if there’s a night shift here, I’ll participate…might become part of my routine after watching Colbert.

  8. Congrats to Alabama football for winning the NCAA championship.

    that was painful to say… 🙂

  9. How about the early morning shift? 😃

  10. Arrr…the Night Crew!! Fond memories of a bygone era!! Spinning lively yarns and singing shanties from the topsail!!

    Life takes unexpected turns. Nowadays I’m in bed most nights by 8:30, praying for the meds to kick in quickly.

  11. AA,

    Night Shift and/or early morning shift..I’m all for it!

    filbertz…as a non-native Georgian, I can say the same thing…but for me it would be tough to congratulate the Crimson Tide…like congratulating the Yankees or Patriots! I have no emotional investment in Georgia, but would have loved to see them win last night.

    I’m only invested in the Minnesota Twins and a life-long suffering Minnesota Vikings fan.

  12. CK,

    Are you usually up early? East/West coast? Midwest or Rockies?

  13. aah the night shift……

  14. Man the night shift got me through some dark days

  15. Eric, are you “ear ache”. ? One of the original crew?

  16. That would be me yes, haven’t been to PP in quite a stretch and came back to see a night crew post. Serendipity

  17. I am not familiar with the night shift. Is it like the night train?

  18. Didn’t the Commodores sing about this…

    “Gonna be some sweet sounds
    Coming down on the nightshift”

  19. Hey,
    Did someone say “Night Shift”?

    ( |o )====:::

  20. (Posted on linkathon by mistake)
    Ahh, the night shift. Seriously was a life raft during my last days at the mothership behind the orange curtain. Friendships made those nights continue to this day.

  21. We’ll see if it gets any traction…I’ll be asleep if it does. 🙂

  22. “This is a mostly unmoderated place…” 🙂

    It reminds me of the classic “He’s only mostly dead…” from the Princess Bride.

    Nice to see all who’ve shown so far. Delighted.

  23. Jean, the night crew is the stuff of legend around the PP–a rollicking free for all when we were all a bit younger, edgier, angrier, and more brazen. Have hardly laughed so hard as some of the comments, up-man-ships, jokes, insights, and insults traded here. Moderation was not in our vocabulary. I doubt we’ll be that again, but perhaps down a notch is in order

  24. A yes, memories of days gone by.

  25. Missed it. I actually got a partial nights sleep. But heck yah I’m up at night. I hurt way too much to sleep. I’m in.

  26. Anne,
    “Ahh, the night shift. Seriously was a life raft during my last days at the mothership behind the orange curtain. Friendships made those nights continue to this day.”


  27. Listening to the Swirling Eddies while doing some writing tonight. Yes, I’ve got quirky tastes. For some reason I still enjoy their album The Berry Vest of the Swirling Eddies.

    Here’s a discussion question for you, does their song Outdoor Elvis reflect society’s “spirituality”?



  28. The Night Shift of yore was the Wild West. I remember a certain person who attempted to school me on US History.

    That was a time that started to guide me towards a clearer vision of theology, and how far down the rabbit hole I gone.

    As The Grateful Dead said, “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

  29. EricL,
    Interesting song you cite–don’t think it gauges our ‘spirituality’ very well, but perhaps our cynicism. In Oregon, there is definitely a class of city folks who think they are outdoor guardians and stewards yet don’t have a clue about an outdoor lifestyle. They have the votes and the lawyers, so they are the tail wagging the dog.
    Thanks for the song, though–heard of the band but haven’t heard the band. Like the name, too.

  30. Filbrtrtz,
    You’re welcome for the song 🙂
    They have even odder songs, like “Hide the Beer, the Pastor’s Here”. They were the alternative band of an old Christian group, Daniel Amos. You gotta be in the right mood to enjoy the Swirling Eddies.

    My most favorite of the old Christian rock albums is the Seventy-Sevens band’s Sticks and Stones Album:

  31. One of the original night crew. Present. Filbert!!

  32. The G man!!

  33. Anyone heard from London

  34. Michael–your Vikings probably gave you a heart attack today, but you would’ve died with a smile…That was one improbable, unexpected, amazing ending.


  35. fil,

    I was trying to preach…when my phone blew up.
    I’m moderately happy.. 🙂

  36. I’ll take “moderately happy” from you–that is ‘ecstatic’ for most. 😉 Actually thought about you first as the play unfolded. Didn’t imagine you preaching instead of jumping up and down & frightening the cats.

  37. …though you probably would have pulled a hamstring…

  38. …and stepped on a tail or two and written next Friday’s TGIF.

  39. Fil,

    I’m kind of happy I didn’t see it live…I might have soiled myself and the cats…and nobody wants to read that story…

    I’m trying so hard not to be ecstatic my stomach hurts…

  40. may have to take a little ‘wine’ for your stomach…I’ll match you with a little nip…to the victors.

  41. Excellent idea…biblical too… 🙂

  42. I was thinking the other day how “The Shack” was fodder for some of the best night crew banter and bluster…the more things change, the more they remain the same, huh?

  43. When ever I think of the Night Crew I always think of the lyrics of this song:
    A short order; facial reflection
    Glares back from a spot on the grill
    And the only sound that makes sense anymore
    Is the jingle of change in the till

    Coffee and conversation still the tune doesn’t feel quite right
    Like an ongoing curse things have been getting worse
    Ever since he started working the night

  44. For Vikings Fans… A friend of mine has two tickets for the 2018 Super Bowl, both box seats. He paid $2,500 each but he didn’t realize last year when he bought them, it was going to be on the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place…It’s at St Christopher’s Church, in Edina, Minnesota, at 3pm. Her name is Samantha, she’s 5’4″, about 145 lbs, good cook too…..She’ll be the one in the white dress.

  45. Theophilus….I’d THINK about taking them if I wasn’t stuck in ATL working…have the night off though to watch the game!

    Michael et al…my mouth just about hit the floor when Diggs scored the touchdown…couldn’t believe my eyes…10 seconds left on your own 39 yrd line..4 lead changes in last 3 minutes of game…ESPN tonight dissected every possible angle and story from that catch and filled nearly an hour of air time…writing this as a distraction from my overnight shift…possibly one of the top 5 NFL plays of all time IMNSHO.

  46. Theo, 44 made me laugh.

  47. Dan from Georgia
    You might want to read the entire post of #44…;-)

  48. Ahhhh….! Good one!

  49. My Jags shocked the crap out of me as well. Didnt think they were gonna beat Pittsburgh, was pleasantly surprised that Bortles showed up… and not to get the most yards rushing all be himself

  50. The Jags win was a gutsy one for sure. Great to see you here again my friend.

  51. This just in – Kurt Angle just fired Braun Strowman on Monday Night Raw (WWE)

  52. hoping for an MLD sighting on this thread…a stalwart of the night crew back in the day.

  53. Glad to see the Jags in the AFC Championship game..would love to see them upset the Pats…and so would over 200 million other people…

    Keenum…who dat?
    Bortles…who dat?
    Foles…who dat?

    (bit borrowed from ESPN).

  54. didn’t know you were a ‘rasslin fan MLD!

  55. Dan,
    Deep down, isn’t everyone?

  56. My bad…I used to love pro football. My first pro game was the Raiders vs Kansas City in Oakland. Then, I did a chapel for the Seahawks and the Jaguars up in Seattle. But in recent years, I haven’t paid much attention to it. Kinda lost interest.Love college ball though

  57. MLD…I suspect many are closet rasslin fans…I’ve been one since childhood…AWA days up in Minny….oops…I just outed myself!

  58. Theophilus…college football is like, or IS religion, here in the Deep South! The big KIA assembly plant in West Point, GA, CLOSED down last Monday for the AL-GA NCAA Championship game! Roads that evening where almost deserted.

  59. It’s kind of that way here. When Oregon State plays University of Oregon I-5 is a parking lot all the way from Portland to Eugene

  60. DfG
    Man, you’re up late! It’s about 1:40 am out there. You work graveyard shift? Can’t sleep? Or a night owl?

  61. Theophilus…yeah, I’m actually at work right now…working til 6am eastern…so I guess I qualify for this “Night Shift” gig! I’m actually a natural night owl too, so the only trouble I have staying awake on overnights is after 3 or 4am…but don’t let my boss know!

    I come from Minnesota and the Gophers haven’t been, shall we say, highly competitive in the last 50 or so years…college football is not that big a deal in MN, so it’s a bit of a culture shock to see observe the fandom here in Georgia. I have been kinda following the Bulldogs since moving down here.

  62. I alternated between swing and graveyard shift for about 12 years. I used to be a cop. Graves were a fun time for police officers. Lots of arrests

  63. But then I became a pastor. “Still protecting and serving” though 🙂

  64. Maybe I’ll catch you tomorrow night. I used to be a regular here and part of the original night crew. Things got wild and wooly at times. Lots of fun. Filbertz is a good friend of mine and he said the night crew was back so I thought I’d come check it out.

  65. I work an irregular work schedule, so I am on the night shift only a few times every month…does wonders for the body and soul…not. I think the night crew was before I found this blog. Sounds interesting!

  66. Good to be back Fil. DfG I was rooting so hard for Bama, but what real Gator fan would be caught dead rooting for Georgia.Hoping and praying Brady gets intimately aquinted with Campbell, Ngakoue and the astroturf.

    Theo, are you who I think you are? Pretty sure you have given enough hints as to make the question silly.

  67. Eric
    Who do you think I am. I used to be a regular PPer Sola Fide, and a night crew guy

  68. SolarFido? Sun-dog…?! Huh? ::)

  69. Just joshin’ Good to see you tonight Theo.

  70. Solarfido…ha ha! I’ve come to expect better from you Fleabertz 🙂

  71. Choir practice!!!!

  72. Hey Theophilus and filbertz! Holding down the fort here at 1am in the ATL…

  73. Dan the man in Georgia! ‘Sup dawg?

  74. Hehehe…

    I’m up…late…real…late

    Roads here in ATL are white now with snow…disaster. Scary thought of driving home at 6am…

  75. Earache! that you??!

  76. Right….well, that was a fun time in the party room….

    Good night…

  77. Theophilus,

    Yep, we had some good discussions back in 2007-2009!

    aka Ex Calvary, GW

  78. We ought to plan a night when we can all stay a wake and have a night crew reunion. In our old age we are in bed by 7:30. Don’t give up on the night crew!

    London if you were referring to me with the earache comment….Yes it me! And I am still a pain in your King James Version Donkey

    Bob, I don’t know if you heard, but I am no longer in Salem and no longer a CC pastor. After. 20 years as a senior pastor, I relocated back in Southern Oregon and and an associate pastor at a very cool church in the Rogue Valley. My wife retired afte overt 30 yeats of teaching and I felt it was best for the church and us, to hand the church over to some new blood.

    Happy to say it was a good move on both accounts. The Salem church is doing well, and I am needed here at my present position. So, it’s a good thing.

    You still teaching?

  79. I was referring to Eric.

  80. Yeah Sola you are who I thought, sup yo?

    ‘Tis me L, not sure what led me to check in but the one time I do there is a Night Crew post and I got sucked in lol

  81. Lonny–frosting on the cake to see you! Hoping you are well and check in again to the party room. I was grading papers last night…I think hell for teachers will be grading poorly written essays for eternity.

  82. Hey London
    Are you a burden on society or did you get a job…hehehe. 5 years of nocontact with L-dawg and I start out talking smack! HA!

    DfG you working Graves’s tonight?

    Filbertz, did your parole officer ever gets hold of you? He contacted me this afternoon and was looking for you. :-0

  83. Fil
    Grading poorly written middle school essays with polka music playing in the background. That would be hell!

  84. yes, polka music is piped in throughout hell for all those who liked rap…and visa versa

  85. Theophilus…nope…got the night off…of course since I am up early today (Jan 18)…it’s still overnight for some!

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