Aug 302014

istock_000015991944mediumIt’s all yours today…

  8 Responses to “Open Blogging”

  1. well … MH leadership is admitting they’re in a financial crunch lately

    It looks like Throckmorton has noticed this, too. Two sets of layoffs, cancelling big ticket items, and tightening the belt has happened this year but MH is still in a bind on the finances side.

  2. Anybody on here dove hunting 9/1 opener?

  3. This was very well done and the music fits it perfectly.

  4. Hi Michael

    I often drop by here to see what people are writing about, but don’t usually comment. However, today on my blog we’re looking at rather serious topic that effects most men and many women.

  5. Heard that Charles Bowden passed away today.

    My condolescences to Michael and anyone else who enjoyed his writings – I know he meant a heckuva lot to Michael.

  6. Thank you, BrianD…it’s a tough day.

  7. Sorry Michael… 🙁

  8. Thank you, Steve…

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