Oct 252014

istock_000015991944mediumIt’s all yours today…

  10 Responses to “Open Blogging”

  1. What, did the rapture happen? LOL

  2. Either that or there was something good on television. Either way, I missed it.

  3. God sent the death angel to judge the gossipers .

  4. To busy cleaning house and doing 4 big loads of laundry.Everybody talked themselves out over the MD post.

  5. programmed my guitar synth module to be able to play bass & add moody textures to get our best version of Jesus Culture covers, rehearsed 5 songs for Tuesday night communion, prepped the house for a “game night” with the neighbors, and didn’t give a rip about Mars Hill, Calvary Chapel, or any other distraction from the truly enriching things

  6. An amazing song. I’ve never heard anything quite so powerful. For anyone who is dealing or has dealt with Alzheimer’s please be warned this will be very emotional to view. http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=WPLW7GNX

  7. Brian! 😀

  8. Brian, ROTFLOL!!! That Osteen meme is hilarious (and true).

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