May 282016

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  1. Sharing, since it’s the first time in forever since I’ve gotten something posted.

  2. Dallas raises the question in my mind, am i enjoying Christ or am i enjoying my concept of Christ? a life or a fantasy? i think what we’ll end up delighting in depends on our focus… Jesus said, “learn of me,”… how far do we take that? is that the same as learning doctrines? may be, dunno … for my part grace is just a word, a handy password to inclusion in the Faith, unless i can see the light of the whole of Redemption – is there a Christian Way of Life? or is there a Life, capital ‘L’ IN Christ… nothing jelled, just pondering as i don’t much care to follow a CC conference this weekend
    (but maybe the college said, take your gathering somewhere else, Brothers? 🙂 maybe there’s some hidden fear of God there? )

  3. Braved the second to the last day of the REI sale an hour ago. Hate the lines the crowds etc…I have never understood why/how outdoors people can put up with a sardine can. Midlife schizophrenia …….hope not 😉

    I am generally happier leaving the store than with a purchase. I will pay the extra for quality as I’m hard on shoes and shorts.

  4. #4- ahhh, i remember when there was just one REI in a big old warehouse with a neat industrial wood block floor and you’d find the Whitaker brothers hanging out there – just seemed normal for the PNW of days gone by – i have to laugh because now my Raichle boots are 60 years old and are used to wade through the mud, snow and horse pucky when the weather calls for something other than sneakers – quality indeed … wonder where my late husband’s membership card is…

  5. Xenia, I enjoy the English wit.

  6. Kevin H. needs to do a follow-up to his Penn St. article from a week ago…Baylor edition.

    Some lessons just don’t seem to be learned when big money is involved…

  7. Different details, same story. And Baylor is supposed to be a Christian University.

  8. #3- my daughter can write like that – wish i could…
    don’t you know that our Lord laughs at some of our rituals? or lack of… at least, i think he does… but He judges the hearts … thank God for grace

  9. Baylor is a strange case. At best they are a university owned by the SBC. Christian?? I gave up on them in the early 90s when they went over to co 3rd dorms and refused to disiplne guys with nude posters on their walls.

  10. PP next podcast level?

    Would love to hear Em or MLD call in along with Steve W etc…


  11. Why Would God Let Trump Happen?

    Stephen Colbert asks God:

  12. Surfer51,

    That looks interesting when I get back on my feet…

  13. #11-these days i think better with my mouth shut 🙂
    but that does make me wonder… perhaps, this blog of Michael’s has fostered more reasoned interaction? it takes a little time to type – course if you come with attitude you can embarrass yourself pretty darn quick here, too

  14. MLD @ 10 – Baylor was started by SBC, but they divorced themselves from us in the 90’s. Their seminary is affiliated with CBF – The moderate / liberals who left the SBC back in the controversy days.

  15. JtB —

    Is CBF the group/denom that Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter belong to?

  16. #14, for the record, that word up there is d-a-r-n, but it looks like d-a-m … and it does matter as my dear Holiness grandfather said, don’t even use “darn” because it’s just a substitute for “damn” … kind of like PDQ and SNAFU, i guess… i’m afraid, as a child, that seemed like a stretch to me as wasn’t “darn” what you did to mend a sock? maybe we all need darning a bit … a little mending that involves a tool with a sharp point 🙂

  17. Lut – Yes – Jimmy used to be SBC, but announced that he was leaving us about ten different times. 🙂

    As far as I know, he still identifies with CBF.

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