Nov 242017

It’s all yours today…

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  1. Good morning PP family. Hope you all have a great day! (((Hugs)))

  2. Good morning Dusty. I hope that you and the rest of the PP Peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I’m reading an article taken from the Belfast Telegraph: A Roman Catholic priest in Northern Ireland calls for Christians to abandon the word Christmas … Father Desmond O’Donnell argues that “the holiday has become conflated with Santa Claus and other festive traditions which are unrelated to the birth of Jesus Christ. ”

    “I am not seeking to take anything away from anyone, I am simply asking that space be preserved for believers for whom Christmas has nothing to do with Santa and reindeer,” said O’Donnell, who worked in Australia for 28 years previously.

    “My religious experience of true Christmas, like so many others, is very deep and real – like the air I breathe.”

    Christmas in my grandparents’ big old house long ago was wonderful, all six of their children and their children gathered on Christmas eve for a large meal and gift exchange – after which, the wrappings were gathered up and burned in the inglenook fireplace as my grandfather read the Christmas story from the Bible by just the lights of the big Christmas tree (somehow we always managed to have a tree that reached the ceiling) and then all went home to celebrate Christmas morning with just their families. Even, though the close of those festivities focused on Jesus’ birth, i’m sure most of the grandchildren had one thing on their little greedy minds, “Santa Claus comes tonight!” good or bad?

  4. I would be prepared to use the term The Feast of the Nativity or perhaps Incarnation Day. If Christians would follow the church calender it would be easier. While on our cultural side we can get Santa crazy like the world – which is perfectly OK – and at the same time tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent – which is not Christmas which begins Christmas day and runs the 12 days of Christmas to Epiphany I think Jan 6. Good times both ways.

  5. Christmas seems to come from the name the Church fathers gave to it, now this RCC guy wants to abandon it after conflating every other pagan holiday with Christianity. What’s in a name? Christmas by any other name would be just as marketed.

  6. Skol Vikings!


  7. “Happy Holidays!” the friendly shopkeeper chirps .

    “Oh, which Holy Day do you mean ? Do you mean The Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ ? That’s what I’m celebrating . Will I see you at Mass ? Remember , let’s keep the Mass in Christmas !”

  8. Looking forward to all the good teachings coming from our group of teachers here on PP about Jesus….been loving them so far. picked a fine bunch of teachers for us Michael. Thank you!l

  9. Meanwhile, check out “The Star”

    Really good

  10. #7

    How bizarre.

    The article referenced from #3 has nothing to do with Christmas or Christmass per se.

    Except that The priest wants to keep the sacred holiday sacred and free of all the secular fluff — why would someone fault him for that?

    I mean, I’m not a Catholic…but I share the priest’s sentiments.

  11. Is There An Evangelical Crisis?

  12. Donner,

    That is an outstanding article…

  13. #11 Donner

    I’ll second Michael’s sentiments…

    David Nathan

    I know this is regarded by many as clap-trap but I thought this was worth the entire listen. Speaks to me right now…

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