Mar 132010

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  1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ouch

  2. Some really nice music this week. Feel free to drop by if you’re so inclined!

  3. great cartoon…… unity as long as I can set the parameters……….
    and yet those who set no parameters accept everything and eventually stand for nothing; they are a mile wide and an inch deep….. but sooner or later, everyone draw a line in the sand….. you just gotta push the right button….. 8)

    there are no easy answers for the day

    gotta love the church 8)

  4. centorian,”gotta love the church” – amen
    but them that comes here aint too hard to love, are they? πŸ™‚

  5. unity can develop when each individual determines that, regardless of our differences, I’m going to love and serve you as Christ would. At least on-line these days, people are more intent on highlighting differences and divisions and celebrating those as reasons not to associate or fellowship with another. As long as I invent reasons why I can push others out of my circle, I’m failing to fulfill the desire of Christ that we be one.

  6. Unity is overrated… family fights spice the place up… don’t really want to live in a church that is lockstep … let’s keep the party going… but it would be nice if we could share table fellowship… very nice.

  7. Unity is not uniformity.
    We take our orders from the head.

    As different members of the same body don’t always get together
    (my left foot and right hand) we can still be united without being under the same roof.

  8. we typically say something is over-rated when we can’t get any. πŸ˜‰

    …or don’t want to try. :mrgreen:

  9. …besides, Jesus was simply idealistic. We’re realists. πŸ™

  10. Love AEA’s comment…… (love you too filbertz!)

    Have to mention again, the Moravian Motto:
    In essentials, Unity
    In non essentials, Liberty
    In all things, Charity.

    I must say that great trials make for great patience and tolerance….
    the ability to listen, smile and say “ah” without entering the fray.
    God is in control… matter what.

  11. filbertz … that was an EPIC BLAST… made me laugh… and it is true…I don’t

    And everyone…This update was posted on facebook and it was too good to pass up.

    Bentley hasn’t went #2 since we moved in on Thursday. Trying to get him to push something out!

    Go BENTLEY … !!

  12. “great trials make for great patience and tolerance….
    the ability to listen,…”


    So very true and interesting that you say that! I recently visited a friend I have known over 20 years,
    we were separated for many long years and recently reunited. As we looked back and reminisced over the years and our walk with the Lord; after our initial agreement that
    “had we known back then what we know now, our decisions would have been far different”
    we also agreed that “things that used to unnerve us in the past, after all the trials we have gone through over the many years, dont shake us so easily these days.”

    Great trials have a way of mellowing our spirits,
    making us more patient with others and maybe even moreso with ourselves and with God.
    May God help us all to be more patient, loving and kind

  13. beard,
    evidently whatever he ate was too good to pass. πŸ˜‰

    hoping for another epic blast. πŸ˜‰

    is it wrong to be disappointed it wasn’t the other bentley…or just dis-unified? πŸ˜‰

  14. fil…

    Wrong? ….no but odd of God to nod at Todd the bod… here’s hoping that what is ailing the other Bentley will pass as well…

    trying … beard…

  15. Oh THAT Bentley. I thought you were referring to another Bentley that is full of it too.

  16. adds new meaning to BAM! doesn’t it? :mrgreen:

  17. Any of you pastors need a drummer for your worship team, take a look at this kid.

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