Dec 282009

Looks like the site has been redirected. Right now I have no idea what is going on but I’ve sent messages to Michael and to Axed, letting them know what is going on.

Meanwhile, set your browsers here to for updates and conversation. Tell your friends, enemies, strangers, and frenemies 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    Well, for me this means “get busy, take care of those around you, make some little kid laugh and a neighbor smile and enrich Starbucks”… not necessarily in that order.

    Best to all, praying for ya Michael.

  2. Thoughts for the day… TSA makes it more difficult for travelers when all they needed was to do their job according to guidelines? Why am I not surprised? OK, air travel is now non-electronic, no stuff on the lap Zen meditation… well, maybe that’s not so bad! =) … need to figure out the “Starbucks + time = last hour urgency” equation

    Carry on

  3. Good morning friends! Through many dangers toils and snares, we have already come. T’was GRACE that brought us safe thus far, and GRACE will lead us Home.

    I’m so thankful for God’s GRACE this morning. Blessings all!

  4. Since the door is open….. FIRST!!

    Dang!! 🙂

  5. Hi ALL!!!

  6. Request for prayer please: Pastor Chuck suffered a small stroke yesterday and is in the hospital. His prognosis for full recovery is good but little else is known at this time.

  7. I just googled Pastor Chuck and found this:
    Apparently, he is still in the hospital, contrary to what we heard yesterday.
    Prayers continuing.

  8. PP is like the Everready bunny…or a Timex watch…we take a lickin’ but still keep on tickin’ 🙂

  9. The article PM references on Chuck says, “Smith is known for training other prominent ministers”.

    In terms of training other ministers, training those who train others, and setting an example that brings others into ministry in his lifetime: Who in the history of the gospel (from what can be seen from the US at least) is in second place to Chuck Smith? As Joe Pesci said in Casino, Gimme a name.

    The man stands alone.

  10. I’m not sure why the information yesterday was erroneous, but apparently it was (I had heard the same thing through other channels). I just received info from CCCM confirming the above report in the OC newspaper. Apparently, he’s on his way to making a full recovery, but he’s still in the hospital.

  11. Yay! is back up. Frolic Frolic! :mrgreen:

  12. Waiting to frolic =(

  13. Did we get hacked again? 12/30 at 0815 hrs

  14. A pastor I know named Mike Schaeffer was just in a bad ski accident, punctured lungs, kidneys shutting down, very serious condition in the ICU. Would you pray?

  15. JTK –
    Praying here…

  16. Good morning folks.

  17. This is depressing. What is up with all these [blanks] doing this. Who do you think they are? Disgruntled CCers?

  18. Can I safely frolic now?

  19. Jessica — i like that “Disgruntled CCers” —

    Pretty soon we will have out own language instead of speaking Christianize we will be speaking PPanize about those CCers – and I guess then we would be Disgruntled PPers

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