Aug 282014

galleryWe’ve written about a scandal…better word, tragedy, involving an American run orphanage in the Philippines in articles here , here, and here.

To recap briefly, in Lucena City an orphanage, the Sankey Samaritan Mission for poor children and youth, was raided by the NBI and an American, Tom Randall and orphanage manager Toto Luchavez and his son Jake Luchavez were arrested and are charged with trafficking and child abuse based on strong testimony of some of the 31 victims.

Tom Randall was eventually released but the trial for the other two defendants continues today.

The whistleblowers who reported the abuse have been subjected to everything from slander to death threats.

Tom Randall continues to tour the country raising money and featured one of the defendants in his last newsletter.

The victims and the whistleblowers, along with those who are working to do the work of Jesus and minister to the victims in this case ask for prayer today…that justice will be done and truth will win, not American money and influence.

I ask the same.

Thank you.

Updated: The case has been continued for sixty days.

  8 Responses to “Pray For Justice”

  1. I can’t even look at this.

  2. He is playing the martyr card and appears to be prospering by it.

  3. Nonnie,

    God knows…we just have to pray that all is brought to light.

  4. OK, I’ll pray, but honestly, I’d rather just take Randall and put him in a cell with Mark Driscoll and wait and see who eats who.

  5. Pray.That’s right. Don’t pass judgement. I’ve known Tom and his wife since college (and know how a caring basketball coach led him to Christ) and his enthusiasm for sharing Christ would put many Christians to shame. I also know the man who brought the charges and something of his ministry. Both Christ followers for a long time. Seems to me we need to pray against some spiritual warfare.

  6. The persons bringing charges are the victims.
    Don’t even think of spinning this here…it wont go well for you.

  7. It’s not how one starts the Christian race, but how one finishes the Christian race. I went to the Philippines 10 years ago with Tom and met Joe M. After reviewing what I consider to be the facts on both sides, I can not even image Joe M having a vendetta against Tom. That would mean Joe M would had to take these kids out of a healthy orphanage, disrupt their lives, throw them under the bus, for a vendetta against Tom? He would be consider insane with no conscious. Does Joe M act insane? And why now, they have known each other for 30 years, if he didn’t like Tom’s ministry, then he would it done this sooner than later. I just think to say Joe had a vendetta against Tom is absolutely insane, and makes no sense. I had to leave my church over this. And lately, Tom has made some statements that can be proven to be false (and other statements that seem to be false, but not sure it can be proven). And, yes, the victims of the orphanage are the braves ones. I just hope and pray that legality procedures were done correctly and the trial will continue!

  8. So well stated Paul. Just praying for the continuation of the trial and it is done totally above board with no back alley shenanigans or dismissed on a technicality covering up the truth. Praying for complete transparency for the victims sakes.

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