Oct 232009

Oden wrote:

“What we could use prayer for is: my 3 year old had a fever for two days and now has a sore throat. My 5 year old has a sore throat. Please pray for Seth’s protection. He has very little immunity against disease. Through it all, God’s love and glory shines through these mists of darkness.”

Obviously, Seth has a compromised immune system at this juncture so soon after the transplant.

Pray for healing for the whole family…and that the enemy be halted in his attacks against our brother and his family.

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  1. praying

  2. Praying too…

  3. Praying…

  4. praying for these babies, my daughter just stopped by and the cases in the hospital with this flu are in pretty serious shape
    gargle with salt water at least

  5. Umcka cold care-reduces colds to 3 days if taken immediately (Whole Foods)

    Phytolacca Decantra-homeopathic specific for sore throat. Usually improves in a day.
    Gave it to my kids thru their whole childhood.
    Common cold starts with a sore throat.
    (Boiron blue tube from Whole Foods)

    Throat coat-soothes throat (Whole Foods)

    Disclaimer: Consult with your personal physician.

  6. praying

  7. Praying here too …

  8. Always in prayer for Oden, Sam and the kids.

  9. had to post and run earlier, but these little ones have been on my heart and will be heavy in my prayers tonight
    gratefully downloading Concerned’s above input, too

  10. Praying tonight…love to all of the Fong family..

    Concerned, I too copied the above… thanks

  11. May the Lord bless you and keep you…may he make his face shine on you and be gracious unto you …may he lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace…

  12. B.D., amen

  13. Joining you all in prayer for the Fong family.

  14. Praying…

  15. adding prayers here for Sam, Oden and the children,
    May God bless and keep and show forth continued mercy on their behalf

  16. Praying here too…

  17. Just standing by, still claiming Pastor BD’s benediction/blessing for the Fong family
    Lord Jesus, make the truth real and sustaining to them.

  18. Praying God’s protection for the whole family.

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