Jan 252015

thumbnail.aspxLord, I saw the sea attacking the rocks, sombre and raging.

From afar the waves gained momentum.

High and proud, they leapt, jostling one another to be the first to strike.

When the white foam drew back, leaving the rock clear, they gathered themselves to rush forward again.

The other day I saw the sea, calm and serene.


The waves came from afar, creeping, so as not to draw attention.

Quietly holding hands, they slipped noiselessly and stretched at full length on the sand to touch the shore with the tips of their beautiful soft fingers.

The sun gently caressed them, and they generously returned streams of light.

Lord, grant that I may avoid useless quarrels that tire and wound without getting anywhere.

Keep me from these angry outbursts that draw attention but leave one uselessly weakened.

Keep me from wanting always to outstrip others in my conceit, crushing those in my way.

Wipe from my face the look of dark, dominating anger.

Rather, Lord, grant that I may live my days calmly and fully, as the sea slowly covers the whole shore.

Make me humble like the sea, as, silently and gently, it spreads out, unnoticed.

May I wait for my brothers and sisters and match my pace to theirs, that I may move upwards with them.

Grant me the triumphant perseverance of the waters.

May each of my retreats turn into an advance.

Give my face the light of clear waters.

Give my soul the whiteness of foam.

Illumine my life that it may sing like sunbeams on the surface of the sea.

But above all, Lord, may I not keep this light for myself, and may all those who come near me return home eager to bathe in your eternal grace.

Quoist, Michel (2014-09-05). Keeping Hope – Favourite Prayers for Modern Living: Selected Inspirational Prayers from World-Renowned Theologian Michel Quoist (Kindle Locations 1238-1243). Gill & Macmillan. Kindle Edition.


  9 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. Amen!

    Lord, I pray for a friend whose husband has left her. Claiming he is a Christian, he is unkind, purposefully destructive to her and their children, and leaves her with continuing attacks against the children, attacks on her faith, and her own ability to provide financially. His behavior belies something more than just someone who is vindictive. Indeed, these seem to be spiritual attacks. I pray for my friend’s and her children’s protection, spiritually, emotionally and financially. I pray that they would be delivered from the reach of this man’s grasp and that the children who are within his influence would be delivered from his and the enemy’s machinations. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  2. Linnea,

    I will always amen prayers like that…may they be delivered indeed.

  3. Thank you, Michael!

  4. Lord, have mercy.

  5. Linnea, praying for your friend.

  6. Amen, Linnea

  7. Praying for Linnea and her friend.

  8. What a wonderful prayer, Michael.

  9. Thank you Xenia, jlo, Nonnie, and Linda 🙂

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