Nov 242012

We make a pause
amid many voices –
some innocent and some seductive,
some violent and some coercive,
some forgiven and genuine,
some not.


Amid this cacophony that pulls us
in many directions,
we have these old voices of your prophets;
these voices attest to
your fierce self,
your severe summons,
your generous promise,
your abiding presence.

Give us good ears,
perchance you have a word for us tonight;
Give us grace and courage to listen,
to answer,
to care,
and to rejoice,
that we may be more fully your people.

Walter Brueggemann

  11 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. ahh, amen, Walter, amen

  2. Michael, praying for you still…((((hugs)))) big brother.

  3. Dusty! Seeing you here just made my day. Blessings to all.

  4. Hi Dusty!!! 🙂

    My hubby & I are heading to church this morning … no hives yet … so far so good … prayer appreciated … thanks!

  5. Thank you, Dusty…I can surely use it these days.
    Good to see you here again, my friend.

  6. Back from church … all is well … no hives … Yay! 🙂

  7. Yesterday during a visit with a kidney specialist I had seen previously it turns out I have a parathyroid problem that very well has been causing my kidney stones. I am set for some tests as well as a colonoscopy (low iron) and another procedure with my urologist. If things are what they seem they may want to operate and remove one or more parathyroid glands. My anxiety is high because of how these procedures might provoke anxiety. I simply desire to have peace during this time. I am terrified of having a panic episode during one of the tests.

    Hi dusty!!

  8. erunner, praise God for expected answers and solutions – praying

  9. E, Praying.

    I’m not far from you, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  10. jlo, I deeply appreciate your offer but any help shouldn’t be necessary. Your prayers are and always have been appreciated. Thank you.

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