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  1. Em says:

    amen, Martyn Lloyd…
    well, some, most, will say we were lucky over here – but they’re wrong… even tho God didn’t still the windstorm, He bent the trajectory and we were spared a holocaust – that wind would have carried burning debris for miles – literally … a burning pinecone can travel in a 30 mph wind for 2 -3 miles … just the thought of thousands of pieces of debris starting spot fires all over these dry mountains!
    by God’s grace we were spared a true nightmare – of Biblical proportions? … maybe

    i think, myself, that Christians up here were praying hard and i wish there were a way to give God the glory as well and our gratitude

    prayers continue for those in the fires, both literal and figurative now

  2. sarah says:

    Em….I had been wondering about you and praying. Praying for many we know up in that area. Possibly some day we will see all the things God has spared us from, and we will be stunned.

    We have had just a moment of the chill of Fall here, which has me desiring more routine and rhythm. Summer has been wonderful, but I need some pattern again. Hoping to have a little time online as well….I’ve been missing this community!

  3. Em says:

    thank you, Sarah

    i have no doubt that what happened here over the weekend was a miracle of God, of Divine intervention… the weather bureau said we’d have lightening and record breaking winds and we are powder dry over here and we knew what that would do and it would be fast, faster than we could outrun if we had to load up and go, so folks had taken their horses to safety, rented uhauls and borrowed vans and waited… what we woke up to Saturday morning was light rain, virtually no wind and no lightening, it rained sporadically all weekend and is unseasonably cool and cloudy today and dead calm … everyone is very tired, of course, emotionally and physically and feeling lucky… but that’s not right, unless you consider the fact that there were serious pray-ers at work luck

    that record windstorm bent just enough to hit Seattle and surrounds with a vengeance, tho – so i guess our pray-ers were stronger than theirs? 🙂

    Lord, thank You, thank You so very much

  4. sarah says:

    That is amazing, Em. Amazing.

  5. Em says:

    thanking God, tonight – we’ve been taken off of the evacuation list here completely and, barring a drastic weather event or some dumb hunter playing with fire, for us the fire danger is past… adding to that we have their attention and the Forest Service is up there with all kinds of manpower and equipment (bulldozers) building what they intend to be a looong overdue brush clearing permanent firebreak

  6. Scott says:

    Em, we received some more much needed rain here today in S. Oregon. Very thankful for it.

  7. Em says:

    so dry and so hot and so many fires and threats of fire this year, so tiring for all … thank You, Lord for the rains wherever they fall and every sustaining mercy

    thank You for the mercies of healing in Linnea’s home

    God keep all of us close and trusting Yoo

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