Dec 302012

thumbnail.aspxYou are the God from whom no secret can be hid, and we are a people with many secrets, that we want to tell for the sake of our lives, that we dare not tell because they are deep and painful.

But they are our secrets… and they count for much; they are our truth… rooted deep in our lives.

You are the God of all truth, and now we bid you heed our truth, about which we will not bear false witness…

The truth of grief unresolved,

the truth of pain unacknowledged,

the truth of fear too child-like,

the truth of hate, as powerful as it is deep,

the truth of being taken advantage of, and being used, and manipulated, and slandered.

We trust the great truth of your wondrous love, but we will not sit still for it, UNTIL you hear us.

Our truth – heard by you – will make us free.

So be the God of all truth, even ours, we pray in the name of Jesus, who is your best kept secret of hurt.


Walter Brueggemann

  16 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. hmmm, truth and secrets … i believe it is possible that much of what we keep secret, or try to, is ultimately a lie … Lord, i pray for You to bring us through our secrets by Your grace to the wonder and power of the truth that You want us to live in

    praying with and God keep

  2. Would you please pray for my grandson Bennet (4 month old heart baby). He had seizure like symptoms last night and was rushed to hospital. He is staying overnight and tests are being run. Oh, Jesus touch this precious baby. Pray for his sweet mama who is staying with him and daddy home with the other 2 children. Those sweet parents (my son and daughter in law) have gone through so much these past 4 months. May God continue to strengthen them, comfort them, encourage them. Lord have mercy.

  3. praying now, Nonnie

  4. Beautiful prayer.

    Lord, please be with Bennet and touch him with your healing. Pray also for his family, that they would know your peace.

  5. Nonnie….praying for your Bennet. Praying for the parents as well. Amen to Papias’ prayer.

    Pray also for John Duncan…he has been going through quite a difficult time with Debbie…

  6. We are hoping he will be able to have the 2nd of 3 open heart surgeries to “re-wire” his 1/2 half heart. Until that 2nd surgery, he has low oxygen levels and is very weak, and susceptible to seizures and other complications. The “Glen surgery (2nd surgery) is suppose to improve the quality of life so very much. But this is flu season and a dangerous time to do surgeries. Praying for God’s perfect timing and protection. I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for praying for our precious boy. You can see photos and updates on a FB page called: Praying for Baby Bennet

  7. I’m not recovering as I should since my prostate surgery. Would appreciate prayer.

    Nonnie, I’m so sorry as a father and grandfather to read about Bennet. I’ve prayed for him and your family.

    I just left FB where DMW left a long post. I am struggling with accepting what he and Debbie are experiencing. It almost seems as if they’re being punished. I feel terrible for even stating that but some suffering is hard for me to understand. I see what scripture says but I am slow to even ask for prayer when I read of what John and Debbie are faced with. And I know that’s wrong. I can’t reconcile arguing with brothers and sisters when this type of suffering surrounds us. It’s hard for me to say “thy will be done” when I want my will to be done. When I read DMW’s words all I want is for God to totally heal John and Debbie. I want baby Bennet to be whole. I hate suffering.

  8. erunner, i really believe that God hates suffering also – we way underestimate our importance in God’s mysterious economy … praying for those in whose hand God has placed the means to help the Duncans to wake up because God sees

    praying for God’s comfort giving rest and healing this night

  9. a prayer request this Thursday afternoon – my realtor called and an agent is writing up an offer on my house for his MIL and her husband (a retired missionary) – i need to be honest, wise and harmless – and i need them to not expect a Christian worker’s discount 🙂

  10. will be praying

  11. thank you so much jlo – some big prayer guns are aimed at this one – the outcome will be what God wants it to be – on both sides on both sides, eh? 😐

  12. Praying, Em…praying that the desire to bless you rather than seek out an extra discount. Trusting that all will go well!

  13. thank you, Sarah … i mentioned it here asking for prayer because it is a $$ negotiation within The Family with some unsaved looking on … i will have to watch myself myself 🙂 … i have set some bottom line parameters, but it is difficult to be hard nosed with Family

  14. i think i’ve mentioned before that my prayer time is centered around the Our Father … the very first word reminds me that it’s not about just me … prayer continues for so many who find themselves in physical and spiritual and heart testing now …

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