Jul 302016

You, Lord, through your works have revealed the everlasting structure of the world.

You, Lord, created the earth.

You are faithful throughout all generations, righteous in your judgments, marvelous in strength and majesty, wise in creating and prudent in establishing what exists, good in all that is observed and faithful to those who trust in you, merciful and compassionate; forgive us our sins and our injustices, our transgressions and our shortcomings.

Do not take into account every sin of your servants, but cleanse us with the cleansing of your truth, and “direct our steps to walk in holiness and righteousness and purity of heart,” and “to do what is good and pleasing in your sight” and in the sight of our rulers.

Yes, Lord, “let your face shine upon us” in peace “for our good,” that we may be sheltered “by your mighty hand” and delivered from every sin “by your uplifted arm”; deliver us as well from those who hate us unjustly.

Give harmony and peace to us and to all who dwell on the earth, just as you did to our fathers when they reverently “called upon you in faith and trust,” that we may be saved, while we render obedience to your almighty and most excellent name, and give harmony and peace to our rulers and governors on earth.

(Clement of Rome)

  5 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. amen… it strike me this afternoon as strange to read and pray a prayer of 2,000 years ago, but amen, indeed

  2. Beautiful prayer. Thank you…. and interesting read after reading the article on the martyrs that you linked on Facebook…. yikes… I am such a wimp…. Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

  3. Amen. From everlasting to everlasting…God’s children cry out to Him, praise Him, worship Him, for He never changes.

  4. Excellent to meditate on Sunday AM & start the day. Praying for Michaels health.

  5. A praise.

    I am so thankful for today. I ended up in a worship service this morning where a good friend of mine was speaking, had some encouraging conversation, some gluten, and then spent the day with friends playing in the pool with kids. It was a really beautiful and uplifting day.

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