Sep 242016

Lord God, heavenly Father, I ask and would be assured that my petitions shall and must be nothing less than yea and amen. 

Otherwise I will not pray nor have intercession made for me. 

Not that I am righteous or worthy, for I know very well and confess that I am unworthy. 

I have earned Thine eternal wrath and hell fire with my great and many sins. 

But in this that Thou dost command and constrain me to pray in the Name of Thy dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, I am still somewhat obedient. 

Upon this challenge and consolation of Thine infinite goodness, not on account of my own righteousness, do I kneel or stand before Thee, and pray what is upon my heart concerning those who are in need of Thy help. 

If Thou dost not help us, O Lord, Thou wilt offend and dishonor Thy Name. 

Thou wilt surely spare Thyself, lest the world would say Thou wert an ungracious and dreadful God.

Preserve us from such a misfortune. 

Remember, dear heavenly Father, how Thou hast at all times supported and helped Thy people.

I will not cease to knock but will continue to cry aloud and to plead to the end of my life.  Amen.


  12 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. In the spirit of the above prayer, I add the following petitions:

    For civilians, especially children, caught in war zones, Lord have mercy!

    For refugees from war, famine or drought, Lord have mercy!

    For families grieving the loss of a family member or friend, Lord have mercy!

    For our governing authorities, grant them wisdom to protect us and allow us to live in freedom and peace. Lord, have mercy!

    For first responders, we thank you for the work they do; protect them and use them to provide safety to all citizens. Lord, have mercy!

    For churches and pastors, give them wisdom, knowledge and grace to proclaim the love of God in Christ. Lord, have mercy!

    Lord, for all people according to their needs, Lord have mercy!

  2. Luther praying in the King’s English – quite the treat.

    I love Luther’s boldness as he hold’s even God’s feet to the fire (holds God to his promises)
    “If Thou dost not help us, O Lord, Thou wilt offend and dishonor Thy Name.”

  3. Remember mercy o Lord, remember Your mercy

  4. Amen.

    Would you continue to pray for my sister, who begins daily radiation treatments tomorrow, followed by 6 months of chemotherapy? Thank you!

  5. Linnea, praying here for your sister, your family and for you.

  6. Praying for Linnea’s sister.

  7. Big brother, praying for you today.

  8. Linnea, still praying for your sister. May God’s hand be upon her today.

  9. dusty and Nonnie…thank you so much for your prayers for my sister.

    Michael, I’m keeping you in my prayers, too.

    Today, at work, I learned a good friend at work, Denise, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. A wonderful manager I work with, Rob, is in the middle stages of ALS, and is trying to work until he can’t anymore. Your prayers are coveted….

  10. Amen to Jean’s prayer.

    Joining in prayer for Linnea’s sister, friend, and co-worker – for healing, comfort and perseverance.

    Lifting a prayer for Michel this evening.

    PRAISE REPORT! – for those who have prayed for my mom, she just received the wonderful news after her cat scan that she has no active cancer!!! This after being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian 1 year ago and enduring 11 months of chemo. I’m flying to Ohio tomorrow to celebrate with my family!!! Thank you all for your prayers!

  11. Wonderful news mk. Safe travels.

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